Sunday, March 30, 2014

Borrowing for the Move

I'm hoping to borrow more money for the move to California, tomorrow. A company called "One Main Financial" keeps sending me something that says I am pre-approved for a loan for $6,000. I think I'll take them up on it. It would give me plenty of money to buy the motor home and fix it up. I should be out in California by this summer.
I'm waiting for my computers to be fixed. I sent two old Mac Book Pros to be fixed, I hope I get at least one of them working.
I need to sell the etchings but they aren't moving. I guess I'll just keep them. I would like to get bitcoins for them. I would use the bitcoins to buy silver. I have faith in silver; bitcoins, not so much.
The snow is melting but we are supposed to get more, this week,
The motor home is still stuck in a snow bank. I'll try to buy it, next week.
I need to sell the Mosin Nagant. It's a Russian rifle. I bought it when I was totally paranoid about the currency collapse.
I still think the currency will collapse but I doubt that society will go down with it. According to Hernando the (Modern Survivalist) on YouTube, a currency collapse will not bring down society. There may be a few riots but the cities won't burn and you won't have hordes descending on the countryside. That is just fear-mongering that a few people are profiting from.
Well, I'm trying to get one or more of my old Mac G4 laptops working. I'm trying to re solder the memory chips and restore them. So far, I've failed. I think I just have a bunch of useless parts to throw away.
I need to make more postings. I notice that my viewer numbers go up the more that I post. My excuse is that I've been relatively busy, this week. That still doesn't stop me from eating too many chips and dip. I always find time for that.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Haven't Posted in a Week

I haven't posted anything in the last week so I guess it's time.
I'm still waiting for the snowbank that is enclosing the motor home that I want to buy to melt. I went to buy it last Thursday but nobody was at home. I'll run by there today as well. Everybody I've told about the motor home says that I should drive it before I buy it. I'm afraid that they will sell it to somebody else before it comes out of the snowbank. I'm going to offer them $800 and see if they will take it.
I've also been trying to find a gunsmith to work on my Mosin Nagant. It needs a muzzle brake installed and it needs to be sighted in. I've called a man named Fern of "Fern's Fire arms" three times. I always get an answering machine. Maybe I have to find a different gunsmith.
I bought 15 ounces of silver yesterday. Two five ounce coins were from China and I'm concerned about possible forgeries. That seems to be common in China. I'll weigh them and measure the diameter and height. I don't want to damage them in the process of determining their value.
I have to send a couple of my old MacIntosh laptops off for repair. I prefer laptops to Nooks anyway. It will cost a couple of hundred dollars but it will be worth it. I have to get one together enough to send it off.
I think I'll send off for a membership in the Gold Prospector's Association of America. It only costs $38 and will be good for a year. I can afford it; although I keep spending money on silver.
I'm taking Loula to church tomorrow. I think she is trying to get away from religion but she wants to go to get out of Decorah for a while. I would rather take an atheist to church than a "born again" Christian. At least I won't have to deal with their brainwashing.
Well, I think I'll run by the motor home and see if anyone is there.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The motor home is still in a snowbank.

The motor home that I'm hoping to buy for my trip to California is still stuck in a snowbank. I'll go back next week and see if I can drive it. I would like to drive it before I pay for it. I want to make sure that it works.
Everything else is falling into place. I borrowed $2500 from the bank for the motor home. I'm sending $1700 to a metal sales place in Colorado for silver coins. I'll spend $800 for the motor home and some for solar panels. I'll have to fix it up some as well. I should be ready to go in a couple of months.
I'm trying to get my Mosin Nagant ready as well. I'm trying to get it to a gunsmith to put on the muzzle brake. I would also like to get it sighted in. I don't want to spend much on that old POS but if I encounter a bear in California it would be good to have a high powered rifle. A Mosin will take down any animal that you are likely to encounter in North America.
The next thing I need to take care of is to send my MacBook laptops off to be repaired. They have monitor problems as well as USB port problems. There are some places that will repair them. It will cost some money but I would like to have 1 or 2 working. I don't really like the Nook.
Monday I'm taking a hard drive to work to see if I can get the Bitcoins that might be on it, off. I remember doing something involving Bitcoins back in 2010. I hope that I stored some Bitcoins on that drive. If I did I might be rich and not even know it. I remember doing something that the Internet told me about. I don't know if I went thru the whole procedure. I can't remember if I transferred money from my bank account. All I can do is to search the hard drive. I'm not really very hopeful but it's worth my time to try to find Bitcoins.
I need to sell some of my etchings. Someone is trying to sell an obvious forgery on EBay. The numbers on the signed, numbered etching is wrong. I told EBay but they ignored me.
I started watching something on YouTube called the Do it Yourself homestead project. It's about a guy in upper New York homesteading in the mountains. He has an old motor home and a few trailers. He's going thru all sorts of difficulties. I really relate to him. He's an ordinary man who is making homesteading work. I feel that I'll be doing a similar thing with living in a motor home and prospecting. I'm just grateful that I have Social Security that makes it possible.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lite coin is down and I'm in the Ruble

I think crypto currencies are going down because they always do on the weekend. I'll buy back in on Monday. I bought the ruble with my Lite coin money. I don't trust the dollar and I think the ruble has been hammered due to the Ukraine crisis.
I looked at a motor home, today. It looks like my new home. It's old (1976), but it's in good shape. Maybe they stored it indoors.
It's snowbound so I couldn't drive it. I'll have to wait for the snow to melt before I can drive it. It will probably need a new refrigerator. They said that it needs the coolant to be recharged. I think if it's that old I'll need the old type of coolant and that stuff is illegal, now.
They're only asking $1000 for it so maybe I shouldn't quibble. I have about $800 worth of gold and silver that I could use for it. Maybe they'll take it.
If I get a motor home there won't be much stopping me from going to California and panning for gold. The membership papers for the "New 49"s" club came yesterday. I have to fill them out and get insurance for accidents related to mining and pay a transfer fee. Then I'll have a membership to pan for gold on any of 60 claims in California and Arizona.
The biggest thing stopping me from going is waiting for my tax refund. I'll file my taxes next Tuesday. It should take about 6 weeks to get the refund. I also need to sell my etchings. I'll get one listed on EBay today, yet.
I'm thinking of selling them at a charity auction. I would see if I can get the first $150 and let the charity keep the rest. Maybe I could get rid of all of them. That would be a load off of my mind.
I have to make a list of things that I need to do before I head out. I should also make a list of things that I should have before I head out. The first thing is a good refrigerator. Then I should get solar panels for the RV as well. Sturdy clothes would be a good idea, as well. I'll be lucky to get out of here before next winter. Maybe, I'll stay until next year. I could make a lot of money, shoveling snow. It looks like that is over for this year but I could clean up next year.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

LTC to da Moon

My cryto currency (Lite Coin) took off this morning. I bought in at 12.8 and it's now 18.5. At one time it was almost 22. I had the feeling that the Ukrainian crisis would drive it up. It was surprising how low the manipulators drove the price before it took off. I figure that I made $120 in about 4 hrs. Of course, it was in the middle of the night. I don't know how I'm ever going to get any sleep and trade crypto currencies.
On other news, I haven't heard about my gold coins getting to the "New 49ers" gold prospecting club. I'll have to call them today.
I'm thinking of only going out there for a couple of weeks, this summer. That way I won't have to quit my job. Next winter I might quit my job and make money, shoveling snow. I can make a lot more money at that then working at the Peace Center. I'm tired of being around all of those liberals anyway.
Gold prospecting on the Klamath River is a seasonal thing. It snows and freezes the river and ground around it. Apparently the snow gets deep as well. I'll figure on coming back here in the winter.
Maybe I'll join another gold prospecting club and go to Arizona in the winter. There is one called the "Gold Prospectors Association of America". They have the rights to hunt for gold on hundreds of claims across America. I could just go south in the winter.
I have to say that if I wanted to I could make a lot of money shoveling snow, right here. People with snow blades on their pickups are charging $35 for about 5 minutes of plowing. I could do the same job with a scoop shovel and charge $15. I could make over $100/day. I could go door to door most every day and pick up a ton of money. I used to do that when I was a teenager. Nothing changes. Well, I've got to take a shower and go to a thing at the VA clinic for weight loss. I think the snow shoveling does me more good than they do.