Saturday, December 12, 2015

Catherine Austin Fitts Come out Against "Fear Porn" .

I was watching a lady named Catherine Austin Fitts being interviewed on one of the channels I watch on YouTube, tonight.
She came out strongly against "fear porn". She made the point that if everybody who watches that stuff just takes off to the mountains of Idaho to hide out, they are not being a threat to the establishment. We are just avoiding standing up to the evil which confronts us.
Not only that but we are using our money and energy just avoiding the fight rather than being involved in it.
In fact that might be just what our rulers would like us to do.
I think she might have a good point but I see little choice in the matter. Over 95% of the people are oblivious to what is going on and there is no way to get them to see things differently than how things are portrayed on mainstream media. I feel we are just beating a dead horse when we try to tell people the truth about what is going on. It's not worth the effort.
I'll still collect gold and silver and I'll stockpile food but I feel that a lot of my money and energy has been wasted in trying to get ready for something I just can't get ready for anyway.
I have a tendency to buy Bitcoins. It turns out that, that market is just as manipulated as any other market. I saw that today when Bitcoins gave up a day and a half worth of upward movement in just 5 minutes. I can't play that game.
Gold and silver keep going down in spite of a surge in demand for precious metals.
I'll keep buying them but I have to get my bills paid down, first.
I went deep into debt to go to California and then deeper into debt to come back.
I just can't afford being a prepper.
Of course, I'm fearful of the coming currency collapse but I can't afford to get ready for it in a meaningful way. All I can do is to get a month's worth of food and hope for the best.
I can't even afford a gun. I'll just have to hope that laws will be enforced during a collapse.
I've had it with spending all of my money trying to get ready for something that there is no way to prepare for anyway.
I have to spend the next 2 years or so just paying down debt.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

No Excuse

I have no excuse for not posting more often on my blog.
Maybe I'm a little despondent for not succeeding in my search for gold.
Maybe I'm a little concerned about my finances; or lack thereof.
For some reason I just haven't been keeping up the blog. I'm sorry.
Things are going pretty well. I made over $150 last week, shoveling snow.
This week there is nothing but good weather on the way. Darn it.
I'm moved into the new apartment. My stuff is stacked up but it's there.
The car is working. I had to replace the fuel pump but it's up, now.
There is work being done on the motor home. At least I got my stuff out and maybe Dan will get around to doing something with it.
I decided to keep the motor home. It fits with my survivalist thinking. And I may make another trip to California to look for gold.  That might take a year and a half.
On a different topic, I sent some pictures of my etchings off to a company named Bonham Auctions. They are in California. I'm waiting for an appraisal of my collection. Maybe I can have them auction them off. I might hear by next week. If they sell, that would solve my financial problems.
There are 2 other things I might sell:

  1. The motor home. I think it fits with being a survivalist so I don't think I'll sell it.
  2. The membership to the "New 49er's". That's the club I belong to to pan for gold. I could go elsewhere so it might make sense to sell it. Chris in Yreka might buy it on a time basis. 

I'm concerned about my finances after April. The snow will be gone but my bills won't be.
Later, I'll try to get back more often. Thanks

Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm in Decorah

I'm back in Decorah.
Now I need to find a place to live. I'm staying at my friend, Gary's place for tonight. 
Tomorrow I might be at a shelter for homeless veterans in Waverly, IA. 
I'm big on taking advantage of any public assistance I can get.
A week has gone by since I started this posting.
I got an apartment with some assistance from an agency called FAVA. It has something to do with homeless vets.
My car broke but I had to fix that on my own. It was a bad fuel pump and they are getting expensive. I'm just grateful that I got to Decorah before the fuel pump crapped out.
I'm glad that I left when I did. It snowed up to a foot deep at some of the places I just zipped through, last week. If I stayed a day or two longer I might have been caught in that.
The weather, here, is rainy. We're catching the tail end of the storm that I missed in Nevada.
I only wish that we were getting some snow with this storm. That's not happening. Maybe next week.
I got moved into my new apartment. It's probably the worst place that I've ever lived. It's small and cold and inconvenient. It doesn't have enough electric outlets, the shower fills up with water, and the refrigerator makes a loud noise. I'm sleeping on a mattress on the floor and I've seen mice. It's the pits but it will do, for now.
I got a safe deposit box at the credit union. I didn't know that they had them. That will save me from having to go to LaCrosse to use the box at Chase Bank. I can get that for free but it's very inconvenient. I go to LaCrosse on  Sundays to go to church but I don't, normally, go there during the week.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Should I Leave from Ashland this coming Sunday?

I'm debating whether I want to leave for Iowa as I leave church in Ashland this coming Sunday. I would be wasting some daylight since the church gets out at 11:00. But I would avoid driving into the Sun. It's hard enough driving through the mountains but to do it with the Sun in your eyes is really bad.
I expect to be packed up and ready to go by Saturday. If I really set my mind to, it I could be out of here tomorrow. There isn't much keeping me here. I need to pay a couple of bills and sell my gold prospecting gear and just leave.
I could wait until Wednesday; when I'll have my check from Social Security in the bank. I don't think I'll wait. I'll need that money in Iowa, anyway.
It's time to get out of here and get back home. I'll hate being around all of those liberals but there is a downside to everything.
I think I'll have so much room that I'll have to car top carrier on top of my bins in the back of the van instead of on top of the car.
Well, I should get back to the apartment and load up another bin.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I may be Heading out Sunday

There really isn't much keeping me here so I may leave Sunday, after church.
I'm selling my prospecting gear to Chris. That will help with the gas for the trip back.
Tomorrow, I'll also be selling some gold. I hate to do that because I know I'll buy it back, later.
I think I'll have plenty of room in the van for what I have to take with me. I've been getting rid of a lot of stuff. Anything that weighs a lot or takes up a lot of room just has to go. Especially if I haven't used it for a couple of years. I even sold a couple of guns.
I may be wrong but I don't feel the financial reset will cause violence in the streets. At least I still have a .22 rifle for that.
I was thinking that I would rather have a pump action 12 gauge and a semi-automatic rifle.
The Russian SVT would work with the ammo that I have but I might have to go to Canada to get one.
When they were on the market, the Brady bill was in effect. So they weren't sold here, very much. They're easy to find in Canada but hard to find here. I'll have to see what I get into to import one.
Of course that all depends on getting a lot of money to work with. That's unlikely.
On the topic of money, it looks like Bitcoin is taking off again. I have a way to buy them using margin. But I'm unhappy with the company that I have to deal with. It seems that my money just vanishes whenever I send them some more. I made a complaint (it's called making a ticket) but I'm not getting a satisfactory answer.
I've got to make a couple of calls, tomorrow, to find an apartment in Decorah. I think it will work out.
I've got to get home and start packing.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Once Again One of my Strongly Held Beliefs Turns out to be a Delusion

I was holding the belief that I had encountered a bank loan officer, here, in a time travel experience.
I asked her about it today and it turned out that it was false.
I guess you never get over these delusions and hallucinations when you are schizophrenic. I try to keep quiet about it but it still disrupts my life.
I suppose looking for gold was a symptom of my disease. I suppose I wouldn't be traipsing all over the country, looking for gold, if I wasn't sick.
Maybe that's why I watch all the "gloom and doomer" websites. I like to believe that I'm aware of something that others aren't aware of (mainly the collapse of the economy). I wonder what percentage of the viewers of those websites are either bi-polar or schizophrenic. Oh well.
I might be going back to Decorah earlier than I thought. I got my car top carrier today. I wasn't expecting it for a couple of weeks. After paying a couple of bills I have nothing keeping me here. The earlier I get back the sooner I can get an apartment. I'm looking forward to getting out of here. There is nothing keeping me here but delusions of grandeur.
I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff. Anything that takes up weight and space that I haven't used in a couple of years just has to go. I don't have the room for it. I lost the utility trailer and now I have to fit everything into the van. At least I have a water-proof carrier to put on the top of the van.
I've got to get Chris to help me load up either tomorrow or Wednesday and get on the road. I don't feel as overwhelmed as I did when I came out here. I guess I don't have as much to do. Maybe I can get rid of more stuff.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

So, Will Hurricane Patricia Drive Silver Prices Up?

I've got a ton of silver options so I'm hoping that Hurricane Patricia drives the price up.
Mexico is one of the largest silver producing areas in the world. I think they are at the 2nd or 3rd place. Therefor it's not out of the realm of possibilities that it will drive silver prices up.
Even if the mines aren't damaged; the roads to and from the mines may be blocked.
I'll get up early tomorrow and check the prices.
It looks like the Asian stock market prices are doing well so maybe my Russell 2000 options will do well. There is some hope. Tomorrow might be a big day for me.
I sold my generator. I never used; it so it's taking up space and weight for the move. I'll get a bigger one if my options do well. That's presuming that I'll come out here again, next year.
Tomorrow I'll do more towards packing for the move. Getting rid of the generator is a good move for now. Tomorrow I'll throw out some of my clothes and bedding. I'm not using that stuff anyway. Maybe I'll get rid of some of my extra towels as well. Everything that takes up room counts.
I'm getting to the point where I don't have much to get rid of. It's good to get rid of clutter.
I've got a couple of silver coins coming in the mail and a car top carrier, as well. That might not get here for a while but I hope it gets here soon. I want to get out of here. I'm anxious to get home and find an apartment.
I miss all of my old friends and places where I drank coffee. I don't miss the liberal attitudes that comes from living in a college town. I just have to avoid talking politics and economics with most of the people from Decorah. I guess everywhere has it's pluses and minuses.
One thing I won't miss is Starbucks coffee. Even the blond roast is too strong for me. I miss the coffee at Java John's. I'll be getting my fill, soon.
I heard back from the VA about the spot on my arm. It's just some "old age" thing. It will flake off on it's own and it's not cancer. At least that is good news. I was worried.

Friday, October 23, 2015

So far Jim Willie is Right

He said that the market would go up because the Chinese wanted more time to buy gold.
Everybody else has been wrong. Mannerino and someone else were predicting a major crash.
Bix Weir keeps saying that there is a major deposit of gold in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Maybe that is why gold prices don't go through the roof like everybody expects.
On a different topic, I'm hanging up my gold pan for the season. I didn't find enough to make it worth the effort. I came up with about 5 little specs the whole season. I'm too old and out-of-shape for this stuff. Just getting to the various claims is beyond me. I might try finding my own claim out in the woods of Idaho, next year. We'll see.
My efforts now are geared up towards getting back to Iowa so I can shovel snow. That's bad enough.
I'm making some progress on packing up. I got rid of my chemicals for car repair, today.  I gave away waxes and oils that a mechanic might need. I'm no longer a mechanic. I don't need that stuff and it takes up space and weight for the move back.
I might get back to this blog later, tonight.
That's all for now.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Today, I'm Winging it.

I normally have something planned out for my blog before I sit down and start writing. Today i have no plan so we'll see how it works out. 
I bought a car top carrier from Sportsman's Guide. I buy a lot from them because it saves money. I saved about $20 over Wal-Mart and it looks like a better carrier. The only problem is that I will have to wait a couple of weeks to get it. 
I read a Yahoo news article that said schizophrenia is caused by inflammation in the brain. Apparently it can be treated with Ibuprofen. I'm going to get some at the Dollar Store and give it a try. 
One of my hallucinations was that I was shot in the head back in 1970. If there is a bullet lodged in my head it might explain my mental illness for the last 45 or so years. 
I don't have any money and nobody pays any attention to my beliefs anyway so I've never been checked for that. If I make money on my options I'll go to a hospital and simply pay them to x-ray me. 
I've got a new idea of where to find gold. I was watching a video by Jeff Williams the other night. He showed how to find gold in bed rocks. I saw a lot of them at Sawyers Bar last week. I'm going there this Wednesday with Chris. I hope we find some gold. 
I've got a spot on my arm that I'm having a VA doctor look at this coming Tuesday. Other wise I would head out to Sawyers Bar before Chris gets off of work. 
I's raining, finally. Maybe I won't have to wash my car.
That's all for now.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Mannerino says it's going down.

All of the experts that I listen to have different opinions on what the market is going to do. Mannerino and Dent say it's going down while Jim Willie says it's going up.
I'm leaning towards the up side.
Tomorrow is options expiration date for October. Most of my silver options will expire, worthless. My only hope for them is if it becomes official that there is no silver for delivery, anywhere. That won't happen so soon. Oh Well.
I've been seeing some bad news about Ebola recently. A nurse who had it a year ago is having a relapse and she might die. Also, some people  are saying that men who had it will have to  wait up to 9 months before they have sex. Apparently it lingers in the body. We're not out of the woods, yet.
I'm too tired to do any prospecting. It's time to get ready for my move back to Iowa. I think I can get it all into the back of the van. If not I'll get a rooftop carrier and load the overflow there. If I have to I can get a hitch carrier and put a few bins on the outside of the van as well.
I've just got to get busy and get loaded up. It's time to go.
I know I can make money, shoveling snow; the gold prospecting didn't work out. I only found a few flakes. It wasn't enough to justify the expense.
I'll get back to Iowa and keep my expenses down. It doesn't look like I'll be able to find a room from out here so the sooner I get back the better. I just have to get out and start loading things up. I think I'll get a few more bins from Wal-Mart and load everything into them.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Harry Dent Says the Market is going Down.

I saw an interview of Harry Dent (an analyst who uses demographics) where he said the market was going down, this week. I respect Dent's opinion so I placed an order for some put options on the Russell 2000.
I already had options on the Russell but I was leaning towards the buy side per Jim Willie. He said that the "reset" will be delayed by a year so the Chinese can buy more gold.
They'll need that to back their new currency.
It was too late in the day for me to get my order filled so I'll have to wait until Monday. The best thing for me is to have the market go up which would simultaneously make my call options go up; while it would make it more likely for my put options to have the order filled at a good price.
On a different topic, I went to Sawyer's Bar yesterday. It's way up in the mountains.
It's so hard to get to and hard to find that I feel not many prospectors have been  there.
It looks like a good place to dowse. There is a large, rocky, flatland. I feel that I should be able to find nuggets there since I talked with a person who found 2 large nuggets there in the sixties.
I may go there tomorrow: but I'll definitely take Chris there Monday.
I'll have to get my camera working because the scenery around Sawyer's Bar is gorgeous. Maybe I'll use the camera.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

I'm "All In".

I spent Friday buying stock and ETF options. I guess that all I have are ETF options.
I have a major position in silver calls. That's betting that silver will go up. Not only are all of the "gloom and doomer" Youtube videos saying that they are running out of silver; but it's getting hard to buy silver on the internet (like Ebay).
I have some good positions on the Russell 2000 index (IWN). I'm betting both ways on that. I figure that there will be a big move but I'm not sure which way it will go. Either way it goes some of my options will be worthless but the others will multiply by 100's of percent.
I'm also long (meaning that I'm betting it goes up) on oil. I figure that they will have to save oil in order to drive up the stock market.
I only spent $1500. I've got a couple of orders in for more Russell 2000 options that might or might not fill tomorrow when I'm on the road to Redding.
The first day of trading could't have been better. I bought when the market was down and after I bought it went up. I couldn't have timed it better if I tried.
After my appointment at the Redding VA clinic I won't have anything keeping me here except panning for gold.
I might jump into my car or take a bus and go back to Decorah for snow shoveling.
I still need to find a place to live back there but I'm working on it.
That's all I have for now.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jim Willie says that the "reset" will be delayed by a year.

That changes everything as far as my investing is concerned.
I was thinking that the markets will collapse in a few weeks at the direction of the group commonly referred to as "the club".
Willie said that he heard that the Chinese don't have enough gold to make a new currency yet. Therefore they are delaying the reset.
I watched a CNBC video about oil prices. It seems to me that if they are delaying the reset they will have to prop up oil prices. Bankrupting oil companies will bring about the collapse quicker than anything else; so now might be the time to buy oil ETFs, particularly USO. When my money hits E-trade tomorrow that will be the first thing that I will buy.
After that I'll buy call options on IWN. That means I'll be betting that the Russell 2000 index will go up.
I'm going to leave my silver options alone since I still feel that they are running out of silver.
The big thing is that I'm not going to jump in with both feet since I don't know what is really happening.
In fact I might use my borrowed money to go back to Decorah. I just need to find a place to park the motor home.
Jim Willie is a very persuasive speaker; I hope he's right about the reset.
So many times, I base my financial decisions on what I heard from the last person I listened to on YouTube. They can be very persuasive.
Oh well, I'll invest small amount and have the rest for my move back to Iowa.
Well, tomorrow will be a big day for me.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I Did it.

I borrowed $3,875 at over 100% interest to gamble on stock options. I feel so sure that the market will collapse that I'm putting my money (which I didn't even have at the time) on "put" stock options. Puts are a way to bet that things are going down.
I have to wait until Friday or Monday for the money to be transferred to my e-Trade account. I just hope that the markets will keep going up until then so I can get good prices.
I did buy some put options on the Russell 2000 which is an index of 2000, American stocks.
Gregory Mannorino advised doing that a week or so ago on YouTube. I'm taking his advice. I think I'll start with put options on the various stock markets and if I'm successful I'll move more into buying silver and gold.
On a different topic, I got a haircut today. I was really getting shaggy. I went to Wal-Mart and it cost me over $15. I didn't tip at all; maybe I'll start doing that when my options go through the roof. I just don't feel rich enough to tip anyone. I'm half a step away from being homeless and if these options don't take off I very well might end up living in my motor home and parking it where I can for free.
That is one of the reasons that I got it; it will make homelessness much more palatable. I think they could eliminate most of the government programs to help the homeless and just get them old motor homes. Oh well.
I contacted Mary (the owner of Java Johns, in Decorah, Iowa) about getting my old, snow shoveling job back. She is all for it; but I have to find a place to live in Decorah this Winter. My motor home is still there so maybe I could park it in someone's driveway.
I called Jim and Sherry and Gary and I don't have any takers yet. I'll have to keep at it. I rather miss all of my old friends from Decorah. It would be good to get back for a while.
That's all I have for now.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Delayed

I delayed borrowing money to buy silver options but I'm still going to do it.
I was fooled by the retail price going down a bit. It turned out that  people are buying 1000 ounce bars and turning them into rounds and 1 ounce bars. This temporally drove the retail price down.
I was looking at silver on Ebay today and it's higher than it was last week. Everything is selling for at least twice the spot price. It looks to me like we are running out of silver for good.
Tomorrow, after coming back from prospecting, I'm going shopping for money. I hope that more than one place will lend me some.
On a different topic, a young man named Chris is going prospecting with me tomorrow. I'll teach him what I've learned so far; but I feel that I really limited myself by coming to Yreka instead of Happy Camp.
I'm rather isolated here, from the rest of the prospectors at the "New 49er's" mining club. I would be much farther along in my mining efforts if I were a member of a team. The club has mining events and potlucks where I could have learned a lot more about mining than I picked up watching Youtube videos and reading. My energy levels would be more easily maintained by associating with other miners. That's one of the things I'm going to teach Chris. There is no sense in going it alone if you don't have to.
I'll keep you posted on how prospecting and borrowing money goes, tomorrow.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

So, Should I go Deeply into Debt to Gamble on Gold and Silver?

The answer is "of course". Even though I'll have to pay absurd interest rates it looks like it's time to buy gold and silver options. I think I'll get GDX for gold miners and I might expand what I already have for the silver options.
I've got something like 4 pre-approved letters asking me to get loans at high interest rates. If I didn't think that gold and silver are beginning a major breakout I wouldn't bother.
Today, the stock market went down and the dollar went up. Either of those should have driven metals down; but they went up instead. That shows the strength of both metals. It's time to buy.
It will take some time for the money to show up on my E-Trade account so I'll probably miss a lot of the move. That just makes it more imperative to get the money "asap". I'll get spiffed up and go shopping for money tomorrow.
Fortunately I already have some silver options and a little "physical" gold and silver. Physical means the real stuff in my safe deposit box. I'm as ready as I can be.
On a different topic, I went prospecting this morning.
I found a place that I thought there was Limonite (a mineral containing gold). I was wrong. It didn't break up like Limonite would but I ran a sample pan of it anyway. I was disappointed to not find gold. Oh well; you have to try.
That's all I have for now.

Making Progress on Finding Gold

I am making good progress on my search for gold, lately.
There are two, new developments.
First I spotted what looks like a Limonite deposit on the side of a road. Limonite is a dark colored mineral that often contains gold. It crumbles easily so it shouldn't be hard to dig out.
I was driving back from one of the claims on Highway 96 and I noticed it. I'm going to dig out a bucket full and pan out the bucket. If there is gold there I'll go back for more. I might have legal problems since it is on the side of a road but first I'll find out if it contains gold.
The next thing is that I found a young, energetic man to help me search for gold. We are meeting next Monday morning and I'll take him out to the claim. By then I'll know if there is gold in the Limonite.
I also made some progress on figuring out what is happening with regard to my schizophrenia.
Something that triggered my hallucinatory thoughts is that a young woman in Decorah was obviously pregnant and she said that I was the father. Believing in time travel I thought that my future self might have fathered the child. She's a fox and it seemed like it would be a good idea to me.
While I was looking for her phone number I found that she is into improvisational theatre. Apparently she was playing a trick on me and it worked. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. I think it shows how people believe what they want to believe.
Anyway it shows me that my delusional beliefs are just that; and it's time to forget that stuff. It's really been messing me up.
So it's back to finding gold and arranging my trip back to Iowa to shovel snow and bring out the motor home.
On the topic of going back to Iowa; I was turned down for a place to stay in Iowa. I was hoping to stay at Jim and Sherry's so I could leave the van here. It looks like I'll have to stay at Gary's place if he'll take me in. I've got to call him today and find out. After that I'll have to arrange for my snow shoveling jobs. I think it will come together.
That's all for now.

Friday, September 18, 2015

I Actually did Something Todays; and I'm Stiff and Sore.

I went to a couple of claims today. I mostly metal detected and climbed around the hills. I'm paying for it now in the form of being stiff and sore. At least I'm trying to find gold. At the first place I went to  I got to thinking about how hopeless, finding gold, seems to me.
I got to thinking about what a fellow prospector told me "If you want gold you are better off getting a job and just paying for it."
That spurred me into going to Ashland, Oregon to look for a job. I checked out Craigslist on the computer. There seems to be plenty of jobs to be had  in Southern Oregon. '
I know that the thing that got me to Oregon looking for a job was that a young lady smiled at me and said "hello" to me last Wednesday night, there.
I'm a very impressional dirty, old man. She'll have me hanging out at the Ashland Starbucks every chance I get.
I suppose it has a lot to do with my delusions of grandeur and schizophrenia. I've been off in my dreamworld lately. Maybe I need a different medication. The stuff I'm using (Risperdal) doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. It also might have something to do with the isolation that I'm going through. I have too much time to daydream which is bad for us mentally ill folks.
A job would keep my mind occupied. I was thinking that prospecting would do that as well as bring in income. I do think most of my daydreaming happens in my apartment so maybe I just need to get  more serious about finding gold.
I sold most of my gold and silver and a couple of my guns last week. I had to to keep ahead of the bills.
I really need to sell some of my etchings because that would bring in serious money. That doesn't seem to be happening.
I called Tim at Game Exchange a couple of days ago. I wasn't able to get to Tim but the girl I talked to took a message. I hope the etchings move. They haven't been on Ebay lately but I can understand that since it might make sense to move them on and off Ebay to make people think that they aren't available, anymore.
That's all I have for now.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm Down in the Dumps

My finances are hurting and I'm depressed, today.
I forgot about a loan I had from a bank back in Decorah. They had an automatic payment and now I have even $200 less than I thought that I had.
I'm going to have to sell guns and gold tomorrow. I hate doing that but I don't think the guns are that important since we'll have a "reset" rather than an economic collapse. I'll hang on to my .22 and air rifle in case I have to eat squirrels. If there is a total collapse, I'll rely on getting out of town on my motor home, somehow.
Maybe I should wait for a few weeks since people are saying that the collapse will come on the 23rd of September. That's only a couple of weeks away.
I have doubts about all of what those people are saying. They've been saying these things since the early 1970's and they've been wrong so far.
I think the main reason I was in such a hurry to get the motor home was to hide out during the Ebola epidemic. It turned out that it was a false alarm.
I doubt that the collapse will be as bad as people say and I have doubts that it will happen at all. After all, they've held things together for years by simply printing more money and throwing it at the stock market. Why wouldn't that work again?
I've got to find gold. I went to a different claim, this morning. There are plenty of places to metal detect and dowse, there. I'm going there, early tomorrow morning. I intend to give it a good go and get out and dig places that I feel there is gold. I might throw the air mattress into the van and camp out there; since it costs so much to drive around. The claims are between 11 and 15 miles from my apartment. The gas costs add up over time.
Just to remind myself: I was thinking about getting a loan from Mary at Java John's in Decorah. If I can find a cheap place to stay; I could make some money there shoveling snow. That should enable me to pay back the loan and I could see about getting the motor home out here for the next gold panning season. Maybe I could stay at Gary's or Jim and Sherry's.
Well, I'll look into it tomorrow.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Dug Up a Beer Can

I went back to the spot on the claim on the South side of the claim. I was digging there last week. I still had a signal even though I went down over a foot through rocks.
I finally found a beer can. It turned out that my metal detector was seeing a target that was actually to the right of where I was digging. There is probably something wrong with the head of the detector. Maybe it's just my inexperience.
I think I'll give up on the claims on the Upper Klamath River. I think I'm more likely to find gold near Happy  Camp which is about 1 1/2 hours away from here. The big reason I'm here in Yreka is that there is a Christian Science Church here.
I'm not finding any gold. I have to go where people are actually finding it.
At least I'm doing a better job of actually finding my targets and I'm getting around the river banks and hills better than I was.
I think the real reason that I'm doing so badly physically is that I'm carrying about 50 extra pounds in the form of a big belly. I've let myself go physically and now I'm paying for it. I don't know of any way to lose it quickly so I'll just have to live with it for a while.
That's all for now. The Chinese stock market is down.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting Things Done

I didn't find any gold today but at least i tried. I spent over an hour digging at a spot that my metal detector said there was something there. I got worn out and when I came back from the claim a light came on that said there was something wrong with the engine.
I took the car to a dealership (Ford) and they found that the computer code said that I had a misfire on cylinder 6.  I went to a car parts place and bought a spark plug and a set of wires for the spark plugs.
Since I haven't had the oil changed for a long time; I took it back. They changed the oil and lubricated the car at a reasonable price. Then they told me that I needed new rear brakes.
I told them that I couldn't afford the over $300 that they wanted.
I went home and bought a kit for the rear brakes for around $80 on Ebay.
I then went to Craigslist and E-mailed a mechanic and asked him if he would take a computer or a gold coin in exchange for installing the brakes.
It looks like something I could do. I looked it up on Youtube and it really doesn't look that hard. The problem is that since I don't have power wrenches; it would be a lot harder than it looks like on Youtube. I would also need a few specialized tools.
I figure that it would make sense to hire a mechanic.
At least the light didn't come back on, but I do need to fix the brakes. I wish I had found that before I left Decorah.
Oh Well,

Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Decided Against the Loan

It turned out that the people who wanted to loan me $2300 are getting between 100 and 300% APR. They are doing some sort of short-term loans that only last a few months and the get atrocious interest in return.
I was almost tempted since I might be able to make a ton of money on the financial collapse ( or what I'm starting to call the Reset). I could use put options and inverse ETFs to make a bunch of money. The trouble is that everything is pretty much time sensitive and I could be off, by I don't know how much.
It did get me thinking about another loan that might actually work for me. I could refinance the car. Then I could go back to Iowa and get my stuff out of the motor home; and junk it or give it away. I have a good relationship with a loan officer so maybe I'll do that.
I think the trip out here is just too far for that old motor home. Fifty miles is as far as I would like to go with it.
Maybe I could give it to Brian or Nate. Neither of them would be likely to take it so maybe I could junk it. I would feel guilty selling it to some unsuspecting person. I hate to think about how much I put into it, financially. It's just pouring in good money after bad.
The sensible thing to do is to save up for a nice, new trailer that I can tow with my van.
On a different topic, it rained this morning. I was so nice to have clear air for a while. We could see blue skies and actually see the mountains. The smoke is coming back so the mountains are obscured again. I hope we get a little more rain tonight.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Somebody Wants to Lend Me Money.

I've been spinning my wheels, trying to come up with money for both the car and RV registration and the payment for the real estate workshop. Somebody sent me a pre-approved letter for a loan of $2300. I could use it for getting the motor home out here or maybe I'll just junk the motor home and haul the stuff in it out to here in my van.
I'll have to think about it. Maybe, I'll call Gary and ask his advice. I don't know what to do; but I think I'll fill out the application. No matter what, a little more money would help out, now. Maybe I'll buy a few more silver options.
The stock market went crazy, today. When it opened it went down by 1000 pts. I was expecting a big down move on the open because it closed on a low point last Friday. By moving down at the close it signaled that there was more downtrend still in the market.
After a terrible open, it moved up and down all day. It didn't close at the day's low but it was moving down at the close. I think tomorrow it will open down again. I don't know what it will do after that. The manipulators might be able to save it again. They just print fresh money and throw it at the market. Maybe that will work.
Ted Williams (the homeless guy with the golden voice) is running for president. It probably is just a source of income for him but he might be the most qualified person for the job. At least he hasn't taken a bribe yet. I like that he has experience with drug abuse and homelessness. I can relate more to him than any of the other candidates. Maybe he'll work hard and make himself aware of the real issues like illegal immigration and bailing out the bankers and wealthy. Maybe I'll vote for him as a protest vote.
I've been out to the claim a couple of times recently.
The first time, I walked up the hill where I feel that the old 49er's might have dropped some coins. I used the walking stick my sister bought me. It helped a lot. The closer I got to the top of the hill the steeper it got. The thing that stopped me was that I realized that there was hardly any over-hang to the cliff. It became clear as I got to the top that the over-hang was only a few inches.Without an over-hang there was no reason for the 49er's to shelter there. You just couldn't see that from below.
Oh well, I had to try.
The second time I walked to a place on the downstream end of the claim. I wasn't able to get down to the river from the road; it was too steep for me. Maybe I should have used the walking stick. It was getting hot and I was feeling a little dizzy so I left.

Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm Fired Up About Real Estate

I went to a workshop put out by Robert Kiyosaki last night. Basically, it was a pitch for more training in wheeling and dealing in real estate.
I bought the program which includes more training, this coming October. I still owe $200 for that training. I think it will be worth it.
I'm too out-of-shape for gold panning. I'm too broke to get my motor home out here.
If I'm successful with real estate those things won't matter.
The trouble is getting other people to invest at my behalf. That probably won't happen since I'm labeled as schizophrenic. At least, I'm away from a town where everybody knows that I'm nuts. Maybe I can find investors out here.
I'm going to be selling things to make this happen. I might sell all of my guns. I don't think I need them anyway. In an economic collapse, an air rifle would probably be all that I would really need to hunt squirrels. A shotgun and rifle would probably not be necessary.
Mentioning the collapse, I'm beginning to call it "The Reset". I am beginning to think it won't be as bad as everyone is making it out to be. We'll probably just replace the dollar with Bitcoins. I'll be ready for that. At least, as ready as most people will be.
I'll be heading out to the claim, this morning. I'll try to be hydrated since that might be part of the physical problems that I'm having. If I get dizzy I'll just give up and sell my membership. It's not the first time that I've failed at something. The heat and air quality might have something to do with it as well. There is a lot of smoke in the air but it's not keeping the heat down. I've got a good notion to sell my membership simply because I'm not up to the work involved with prospecting.
That would bring in some needed money. Maybe I'll go back and live in Iowa but I'm so glad to get away from all of those liberals.
Well, the sun is coming up and it's time to get out to the claim.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

How I'm Messing Up.

Since I made my move from Iowa to here in Yreka I've done nothing but mess up. I've been spending way too much of my hard-earned and saved-up money.

  1. When I moved out here I was going to sleep in my van until I got my motor home out here. Instead I got a motel room that cost me $53/day for almost a month.
  2. I was going to live in my motor home either at the claim or a cheap trailer park. Instead I got an apartment that costs $507/month. 
  3. I was going to save money by cooking my own food. I have cut down on eating out but I still spend too much at Starbucks and getting ice cream. 
  4. I was going to work hard at the claim and get into shape for the winter. Instead I only go to the claim 2 or 3 times a week; and then I only work there for maybe an hour each time. 
A lot of my problems have been physical. It turns out that I have a deficiency of vitamin D. My schizophrenia has also been a problem. Entire days have gone by while I've been delusional. It's hard to explain but I've been in my dream world quite a bit. Increasing the medications seems to help.
Changing the topic; I'm getting discouraged about finding any gold on the claim that I've been working. I thought I found a good place for gold to be found but this morning I metal detected and dowsed where I felt I would find gold. The only thing I found was an old fishing lure.
Months ago I did find a trace of gold on the South end of the claim; I guess I'll go back there. The North end doesn't seem at all productive. Maybe I should just go to another claim.
On that note, I'll sign off.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Sister Came By.

I've been visiting with my sister. She was here for a while. She had to go back to Southern California. It was good  to see her. We had dinner at a local diner and she showed me some pictures.
I asked her about something that I thought was a hallucination. It turned out that it was one.
My psychologist doubled my medications and I seem to be back on track. I've been pretty sick, lately.
This only seems to happen every 3rd or 4th year but it can mess me up for up to 6 months.
It's impossible to explain how real the hallucinations are. I can't tell them apart from reality. I guess that if it's outlandish and it seems that I really have large sums of money that it's a hallucination.
Talking about my schizophrenia; my psychologist wants me to appy for a pension from the VA. I'll need to show that my schizophrenia was started in the Marine Corps. It was; but I'll have to prove it. I
need to find some of my Marine Corps buddies to vouch for me.
Talking about the VA; I had a sonic scan of my abdomen today. The technician said that I shouldn't worry about the results. I take that as good news.
My blood test for vitamin D came back and I need to buy supplements. My vitamin D is low. Maybe that explains my depression and low energy.
I haven't done much about finding gold, lately. I found my pin-pointer. That is used to pin-point nuggets when you are using a metal detector. My sister bought me a hiking pole; basically
it's a high tech cane. I'll use that to see if I can get to the place that I think the old 49er's might have dropped a coin or two.
I went out to the claim a few days ago and got dizzy just climbing the hill; I did pan out a couple of pans. I didn't find anything.
I would like to pry a few rocks out of a cliff wall and see if there is gold underneath them. I lost my pry bar when the utility trailer was stolen. It was expensive so I can't see spending more money on that. Maybe I'll find a used one, somewhere.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I went to a place called r-Ranch, today. It's similar to a timeshare but you own a piece of the ranch if you buy in. There is an annual assessment but it's not to bad. I could keep my motor home there and it wouldn't cost as much as it would to store it somewhere.
I like the place. It has:

  1. An Olympic sized swimming pool.
  2. Plenty of RV parking spaces.
  3. A place to pan gold where people have found nuggets.
  4. Internet access. 
  5. A small restaurant.
  6. It's close to my mining claim and Yreka.
I just need to find some gold for the membership costs. I'm going to keep it in mind.
I went to the claim today and went north along the river instead of south. I found a place that I feel is hopeful to find gold. I did a little dowsing but I didn't break out the shovel, yet. I'll do that tomorrow.
Lite coin has been pretty stable at $4.30; I need it to get to $5.00 for me to either get out or start making money. I don't have much invested.
Friday, I go to a psychologist in Redding. I have been quite symptomatic, lately. It'll be good to talk to  someone about it and maybe change my meds. I would like to get back to talking to Holly at least every other week. It's taken forever to get my address changed to here with the VA.
Well, that's all I have for now.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's Been a While.

I haven't posted a blog for around a week, now.
My schizophrenia has been acting up. I've been fantasying about things that never happened and I've also been having rather sexual fantasies.
I'm getting over it. My energy is up from where it's been and I got out to the claim yesterday. Mostly I just looked for the missing utility trailer. I didn't get down to the river.
I intend to simply get on a swim suit and walk around the river, dowsing. I need to find out if there is any gold to be found in the river.
I'm giving up on climbing the hill where I feel some 49ers might have dropped some coins. It's just too steep for me. I went shopping for a walking stick, today. It was $70 and I might get it later. That will help me get up the hill. I feel there might be coins up there because it would have made a good place to get out of a downpour. There is an overhang where people could have taken shelter. Maybe someone dropped a coin there. We'll see.
I'm still trading Lite Coin. I don't think the crisis in Greece is over, yet.
I keep buying gold and silver. I can't really afford it but I want to get to where I was with metals before I came out here. I had to sell everything but at least I had something to sell. When I'm trading options or stocks I lose it all.
I need to get serious about prepping. I've got all sorts of cabinet space but I haven't put anything in them yet.
I also need to get serious about getting a job. I've got the forms and college transcripts for the social work job. I need to get that filled out tonight.
It looks like I'll be shoveling snow this winter. I'll have to find places to do that, as well.
The temperature has gone down, here. It's cloudy and we are getting some smoke from a fire north of here. Maybe that is moderating the temperature. It's been so hot that it has discouraged me from prospecting.
Well, that's all for now.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Not Much is Going Right, Now

Last week I started buying Litecoin, on margin. Litecoin is a cryto-currency and margin means borrowing money. I had hallucinations where I had convinced the finance minister of Greece to use Litecoin as his currency. Well, I jumped in with both feet.
The first thing that happened is that the trading platform I'm using will not let me sell to close my position. Therefore I could only buy.
That worked fine for a while; I ran $180 into $1200 right off the bat. Then I went to bed one night and found that I was down to $106.
I was still convinced that I was right about Greece so I transferred more money into the account even though I couldn't sell. It went up and then down when it became obvious that Greece wasn't going to do anything with crypto-currency.
I've tried to get a hold of the support for the trading platform but I've had no luck with that. I'm still locked up with trading but at least it isn't crashing.
More bad news is that my trailer (small Harbor Freight) has vanished. I had left it at the claim since it costs $55/month to store. I didn't lose much mining gear (only a couple of buckets a shovel and a small gold pan). There might be some other things gone but I can't remember just what was in the trailer. I still have a metal detector and a large pan so I can still mine gold. I'll have to pick up a bucket tomorrow.
Oh well, enough grousing. Shit happens, but I'm not out too much. I was thinking about getting rid of the trailer, anyway. I can still mine; I just have to get up the energy to actually do it. At least Litecoins seems to have found a bottom.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Been Trading Crypto-Currency

When the Greek crisis started I started trading crypto-currencies. I started with Lite Coin and branched out to NMC and PPC.
Crypto-currencies are digital currencies; they are only on the Internet, as in virtual. I feel that they are more real than the regular or (fiat) currencies. You can only make so many of them; fiat currencies can be printed into eternity.
I transferred some money into a leveraged trading platform. It's stuck in a mode where I can only buy more coins. I haven't been able to sell or transfer any money out of that platform. The good thing is that I'm multiplying my money.
The bad thing is that if anything goes wrong I'll lose everything before I can get it out.
I made a support ticket and I'm waiting to hear back from them. I hope to leave the money in there at least until the Greek crisis is over.
I'm trading 24 hrs. a day all week long but I'm multiplying my money by 2 or 3 times over every day. It's hard to get too angry about it.
I haven't done much about hunting for gold. I'm trying to climb a hill  where I feel that some coins may have been dropped by some of the old 49er's. I want to metal detect up there. It's just too steep for this "old fogy" to climb.
I've got some boots for walking out into the river with. I don't want to cut up my feet by walking out there with nothing on my feet. The whole area is full of sharp rocks.
Tomorrow I'm going out on the river. Wish me luck with finding gold

Friday, June 26, 2015

I Can't Find my Car Titles

I was going to transfer my cars and license to California, today. I couldn't find the titles to the car and trailer; not to mention the motor home. I guess that I'll have to get copies.
I've still been too tired to go looking for gold. It't hotter than heck, here. It's hot but I think my not going after gold has more to do with schizophrenia than anything else. I've been spending a lot of my time fantasying about things that never happened. That's me.
I was also going to look for a job; but that didn't happen either. I'm afraid that if I find a job I'll lose my nice apartment. It's subsidized and I can't make too much money or I'll lose it.
I did get signed up for Bitgold today. So I guess I got something done. You can Google Bitgold; but it's Bitcoin backed up with gold. It seems like the best of crypto-currency and gold. I'll be able to store my gold in Zurich and transfer it easily.
I haven't had much to say lately. I'll see about uploading a picture of Mt. Shasta on my next blog. I took it with my phone camera the other day. I need to get it to Google Drive.
I succeeded. Here is Mt. Shasta.


Friday, June 12, 2015

View from My New Apartment

I'm uploading a picture from the balcony of my new apartment. I really like it here. The scenery is awesome and it's a pleasant place to be.

You can see why I liked this place.
I applied for a job at the local VA office, today. I think I'm qualified; I hope I get the job. 
If I were employed I could look for gold on the weekends. 
Well, that's all that is happening for now. I'm busy with my move and panning for gold.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Found Gold; Then I Lost it.

I went to the claim that I've been digging at this morning. I'm still dowsing; and I noticed that the target moved from the hole to the pile of dirt.
I couldn't find a nugget but I noticed that a lot of the grains of sand were quite shiny. Therefor I panned out a pan of the dirt.
While I was panning I saw a streak of gold that was on the bottom of the pan. I should have taken it out right then and there but I thought I could pan out more gold by keeping on panning. Of course, I'm new at this and I washed out the gold.
There were two things I learned:

  1. Always pan into a tub so if something washes out you can repan it and retrieve it again.
  2. When you see gold, collect it right then. 
The important thing is that there is gold where I'm looking for it. Dowsing seems to be working; if it's not, then there is plenty of gold to be found on that claim.
I'm having trouble with my diabetes. I know that a Christian Scientist would basically say to ignore it or pray it away.
I was watching something on PBS today that recommended a diet change. I will go with what they were recommending. I've already cut out a lot of sugar from my diet by not drinking sodas. I'm afraid I'll have to quit eating ice cream as well. That is a major thing to me. I already feel better. Of course I'll call a practitioner as well.
Well that's all for today.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting an Apartment

I haven't given up on finding gold; but I have given up on moving my motor home out here to live in.
It's just too expensive to bring out the motor home, right now.
I'm debating going back and picking up the stuff that's in the motor home with my van and maybe bringing it out, later.
I don't know what I'll do with the motor home; but for now I'm getting an apartment. It's a subsidized thing. So I'll be limited on my income or I'll lose the apartment.
I don't know why I decided to get an apartment; it probably has something to do with always taking the path of least resistance. Getting the motor home out here would not only be expensive but it would be a hassle to travel to and from Iowa as well. It would cost at least $800 in gas alone to bring the motor home out here. I would also have to spend $200 to $300 in bus fare to get back to Iowa. That is not even considering the difficulty of driving a motor home through the mountains. I had a hard enough time driving a van with a small trailer over all of the mountain roads.
The apartment that I'm applying for is really nice. It has free internet access, a pool, and a community center as well.
I'm a little disappointed with myself for not getting out and looking for gold more often. I'm spending more time filling out forms for the apartment and such.
I'm listening to Jesse Ventura on RT right now. I think I'll sign off.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Still Haven't found any Gold

I'm rather disappointed with my self. I haven't found any gold. I went to two places this morning.
The first place (Fort Jones) I went to because of a rumor that gold had been found there recently.
I asked about it at a coffee house. They had good coffee and cinnamon rolls but hadn't heard anything about gold.
The other place is the same one that I've been going to. I hoped to improve my dowsing technique. I decided to use a pendulum for closing in on gold nuggets.
It didn't work. It turned out that the pendulum doesn't have the range that I thought it did.
The dowsing rods get me over the gold but I don't know how deep I have to go for it. The penulum only picks up on the gold if it's within 6 inches. I experimented with my gold coin at Starbucks.
I feel that the dowsing rods are getting me over the gold but it might be 6 ft. deep for all that I know.
The metal detector is worthless since there is so much wire and metal garbage in the soil. With the metal detector I end up spending all of my time digging up junk.
I'm doing research on going back to Iowa to bring out the motor home. I'll go by bus. It's cheaper. Dan isn't done with the motor home, yet, so there is no hurry. I'm having troubles with the Greyhound website. You have to figure out how to get to where you are going by yourself.
Apparently Greyhound doesn't travel on Interstate 90; I'll have ;to go on Interstae 80 instead.
Starbucks is closing.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I'm in Yreka

I pulled into Yreka last night. I got a motel room for a week; so much for sleeping in the van.
I'll be on my way to Happy Camp this morning. I hope to do some prospecting today, yet.
The roads to get here last night were terrible. I couldn't go faster than 55 most of the night. I've never driven through so  many mountain roads. It was pretty while there was light but I can see how it would discourage most people from coming here.
Well, I've got to watch Troy on Do it Yourself World and drive to Happy Camp.

This morning, I went to Happy Camp.
I picked up a replacement membership card and a gold pan. I also picked up a map of the claims.
I'm hoping to get out to the claims today. Maybe I can find some gold.
The trip to Happy Camp is a very long and tiring effort. I'm having a hard time getting used to driving in the mountains.
Twenty years ago I was used to travailing on mountain roads; now I have to get used to them again.
I've got a motel room for a week so I'll be here at least that long. I hope to fly back and then, drive the motor home out here.
If I don't find any gold I'll just drive the van and trailer back. If that happens I'll have my tail between my legs; like a licked dog.
Now I can't find my dowsing rods. I tried to keep the things I needed for actual gold prospecting separate from my other stuff. Apparently I did too good of a job of it. Now I can't find the box that I had my gold hunting stuff in. I had two sets of dowsing rods; now I can't find either one. Maybe I can find a pair to buy, here. I'll have to shop around. Maybe I'll take everything out of the van and go through all of the boxes. I'll need that stuff.
On a more positive note; it looks like some of the best claims are near Yreka. I just need to get my dowsing rods.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

I'm Halfway Through Nebraska

I'm making my sojourn to California. I'm at some little town east of Grand Island. I'm making  good time; but I got tired.
I don't know how long I've been up; but it's over a day.
I saw some of my old classmates from 50 years ago, this morning.
I got there early and ended up driving all over the place looking for Internet and decent coffee. I finally found it at Storm Lake.
The Harbor Freight trailer and the van are both running great. I might push through tomorrow and the next day and complete the move without stopping much.
Well, I've got a comfy bed and I'll get up tomorrow and hit it hard again.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Found a Different Mechanic

I took my motor home to Dan in Mabel, MN. He's going to fix it while I'm taking the van and Harbor Freight trailer to California.
I'm  now thinking about living in Yreka, CA. It has a Christian Science society. That might mean that they have their Sunday meetings in people's home.
It's the closest town to Happy Camp. It's near the Klamath River so there is gold there and I think we'll have some claims that the  "New 49ers" have rights to. That's the club that I have a membership to.
I'm almost done with the moving. I mostly have to clean up the place. I traded a computer and some computer help for cash and help with moving. I'm glad to get rid of another computer. I've still got about 4 too many.
I had to replace the battery in the car, this morning. It wasn't holding a charge. They said that it looked like an original part. That means that it was about 7 or 8 years old. That's old for a battery.
At least the van is ready for the move. I'm heading out early Saturday morning; probably about 2:00 A.M.
I'll keep my readers informed about the move whilst I'm on the road.

Friday, May 15, 2015

A Dark Cloud has Descended Upon Me

My motor home appears to be un-repairable. The wires to the clearance lights are simply falling apart. This portends that all the wires in the motor home are fragile and will crumble.
The mechanic says that it's not worth repairing since I will have one problem after another.
Apparently it will cost an arm and leg to even junk it. All the propane stuff will have to be taken out before a junk yard will take it. A tire is flat; even though it's new.
My plans for going to California are falling apart. I don't know what to do.
I think I'll go ahead and leave for California; I'll just have to live in a tent. I've done that for a while in the service.
I need to talk with Danny about fixing it; maybe he can get it going. I'll see him at the co-op, sooner or later.
I was in the middle of moving and now I don't know what to do. I need to get a storage locker and get most of my stuff moved into it. Then I can take a few things to California and leave most of the stuff in the locker. I've got too much stuff anyway.
Maybe I can find an apartment out there. I'll never find anything as cheap as the apartment I have now but maybe I can find gold or a job out there. Here, finding a job is hopeless because everyone here knows that I'm crazy.
The only jobs I've had for the last 15 years or so were government subsidized  jobs. My being crazy actually works to my advantage for those jobs since I'm a protected minority.
The trouble is that those jobs never pay more than minimum wage.
Maybe if I get a few thousand miles away from here I'll be able to get a real job. Of course that won't happen because all of the real jobs went to China, anyway.
I still hope to be able to find gold on the Klamath River. I've got to overcome my obstacles and get out there to give it a try.
They are starting to have a Karaoke bar here, so I'll sign off for now.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

I'm Leaving on May 23.

I received a letter from one of my old high school buddies. The 50th class reunion is this May on the 23rd. There will be some things going on for the rest of that weekend.
I figure that as long as I'll be going past my home town of Galva, Iowa anyway; I might as well take in the reunion. After all I was the home-coming king for that year.
It will be good to see all my old classmates; at least some of them.
Concerning the move, I might get my motor home fixed in time to run it out to California. The mechanic said that he could get the clearance lights working and he might be able to get the transmission working right.
I would like to take it to Cresco and get the furnace and water heater working as well. Maybe it will work out.
I'm trying to get Brian move into my apartment. I'll leave the furniture and he wouldn't have to move his into town. Getting furniture up or down those stairs is a real hassle.
Maybe I could get him to help drive the van out to California. It would be great to have someone drive out the van whilst I drive the motor home.
I'm still trying to find my Bitcoins. I remember buying some (maybe as many as 900) in the Summer of 2010.
I haven't been able to check my statements from the Visa card that I had, then. I've checked my statements on my PayPal and my debit card. There is no sign of a payment of $45. That's what I remember spending.
That many Bitcoins would be worth over $100,000; in 2010 they were selling for a nickel a piece. Now they sell for $233 each.
I found a company that was having a grand opening in Bitcoin sales at that time.
They went bankrupt since then.
They are trying to settle with their depositors and creditor for the next month. I only have a few days to find my Bitcoins there. I can only hope that they are there. There really aren't that many places for them to be; so maybe the odds are improving for me to find my Bitcoins.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Financial Rant

I haven't talked about financial affairs for a while; at least not macro ones.
There is a debate going on about whether we will have a massive depression or will it be hyper inflation.
I say "why not have both at the same time".
Harry Dent says that we are in for a massive depression because most of the debt is caused by banks lending out 10 time of what comes in in the form of deposits and such.  He feels that enough people will default on their loans from banks that it will cause a cascading event leading to a massive depression.
Some of the things that might lead to massive defaults are:

  1. Greece defaulting to the European Union.
  2. Detroit defaulting on it's bonds.
  3. Puerto Rico  defaulting on it's bonds.
  4. Massive student loan defaults.
  5. Another real estate collapse.
  6. Stock market collapse.
  7. Low oil prices bankrupting oil companies.
There could also be a black swan event which, by it's definition, is unforeseen.
Of course the government is trying to avoid all of these events and even some others that I've forgotten by printing incredible  sums  of money.
This is why so many of Harry Dent's detractors feel that we are going into hyper inflation. They feel that we will print so much money to avoid massive defaults that the money will become worthless.
It may seem to be contradictory to say that we can have inflation at the same time we have deflation but it happened in the 1970's when we had "stagflation". I feel that if the government pursues the path that it's on now that we will have more stagflation.
That's just my take, for now.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fleeced on Ebay, again.

Well, my greed got the best of me on Ebay again.
I saw some coins from Zambia that apparently were silver. It turned out that they were only silver plated. I was bidding on several auctions but by the time it was over I only had to pay on one. That was bad enough; I'm out $45 for what I consider to be garbage.
They are pretty coins so I'll give them to my sister. She might appreciate them.
I'm also bidding on a "year of the horse" coin. It is 3 ounces of silver so I probably won't get it. It also has an amber carving of a couple of horses on the front. It's really fancy. I hope I get it.
On other news, I'm getting a small trailer from Harbor Freight. It'll be for hauling my belongings out to California. It only costs $230; since it's on sale.
That raises the question of where will I assemble it. I live in a downtown apartment. I simply don't have a place to put it together.
It will also need a floor and sides put on it; that's more assembly and costs.
I'll have to ask around and see if someone  will let me use their yard or garage.
I was thinking about hiring someone but that would be too expensive.
The move is coming along. I got the financing together.
Now I just need to get out there and find some gold.
Taking one step at a time; it will come together.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Everything's up in the Air.

Although I'm certain that I will be going to California, soon, I'm still wondering what I'll take with me.
I've been approved for a loan to buy a new trailer. I think I'll refuse the loan.
 Although it would be nice to have a new trailer of my own; now that my sister has offered to loan me her's I feel that it would make more sense to use her's.
My motor home is taking too long to repair to be usable; so I'll just go out in my van and live in the
 van and a tent.
I can borrow my sister's trailer some time in the latter part of June. That would be nice.
I'm getting a trailer hitch put on my van, next week. I would have had it done by now but they sent the wrong hitch.
I'm thinking about getting a small trailer for hauling my possessions from Harbor Freight. It will cost less than $400 but I'll have to  put walls and a floor on it. Then I could pack all of my belongings to California. Maybe  I'll get the motor home out there to live in or just find an apartment.
I could probably shovel snow in the Winter and fix old laptops as well. I hope that I'll find enough gold to not have to worry about all of that.
I'm getting the financing together for the trip. I sold a bunch of silver and transferred balances to different credit cards. I'm as ready to go as I'll ever be.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

I Should just Drop Everything and Go

I'm tired of waiting for the stars to align before I head out to California.
I think I'll just throw a tent in to the van and drive out there. I can sleep in the back of the van or in the tent. That way I can find out if there is really any gold to be found in the Klamath River without making a major outlay of money. I might find out that it's all  a delusion of grandeur, after all.
I'll have to make a list of camping supplies that I'll need and make a trip to Wal-Mart and Gander Mountain.
I'll have the money from the sale of my silver by the end of next week. I think I'll go then. There is really nothing keeping me back but my own feeling that I have to have the comforts of home. Since I'll have the van I'll always be able to go to a motel room if it gets too rainy for me.
Maybe I'll be able to get Brian to stay at my apartment and forward my mail to me.
If I find a lot of gold I can get a trailer there and set up a permanent address at a trailer park, there.
I could also take a bus back here and pick up the motor home to drive out there.
I need to get a trailer hitch put on the van so I would be able to load a bicycle on the rear as well as be able to tow a trailer. I'll get that done this week.
If I wait a year before buying a trailer maybe I'll be able to get it at the prices a depression will cause.
It might go for a fraction of the cost, now.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Slow Day

I didn't accomplish much today.
I contacted and made sure that the money from the sale of my silver to them was on it's way to me. It turned out that because my phone didn't work right it was delayed. It's on it's way, now. It'll be here by some time next week.
I sold some more of my silver, last night. I now don't have much more to sell.
I'll have to down payment for the trailer but I need more to make the move to California.
I need to sell the etchings. That would really free me up for the move.
I'm waiting to hear about a "pre-approved" credit card balance transfer. The trouble with that is that I'll be taking on more debt.
If I find tons of gold in California it would make sense to take on more debt.
But that's not the way anything has ever worked for me. If I repeat my pattern I'll end up deep in debt with no income. That's the way it has always worked out before. I always take big risks and end up with nothing gained by it.
Maybe I should just stay in town and get a job. I could try prospecting for gold next year; when I'll have a lot less debt.
Of course, I have a dim view of finding a job. I haven't been able to find a non-subsidized job for the last 15 years. Of course, anything that paid minimum wage would look good to me.
I think I'll go to LaCrosse tomorrow. I'll try to sell the etchings and maybe I'll ask around the church to see if anyone knows of a job I could do. Maybe I could live in either the trailer or the motor home.
It would be good to hang out at Starbucks anyway.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

We're in for a Major Depression

In keeping with my policy of being influenced by the last person I saw on YouTube, I'm going to talk about the major depression that Harry Dent is predicting.
He was interviewed by Greg Hunter today.
He uses demographics for his study of cycles in the market and geo-political predictions.
I've been thinking that gold and silver will go through the roof because of hyper inflation.
Harry says that instead of hyper inflating, everyone will simply default on their debt.
He pointed out that the banks are the ones who are producing most of the money due to "fractional reserve banking".That means that for every dollar the banks get they loan out ten. The banks will be defaulted on; causing a major depression.
Of course, all the spending that has been going on since the 2008 crisis has only made things worse.
This brings into doubt, my idea of panning for gold since that would be used for bartering.
Not only will it be doubtful that people will have any use for gold to barter with but it may go down in value to a fraction of it's value, now.
I think I'll still go prospecting but I'll be more likely to try to find a job if the prospecting doesn't work out. I'll be in California and maybe there are more jobs there.
 I'll be able to find something with computers. For the last 15 years I've only been able to find jobs that were government subsidized. Like work-study at schools and Experience Works ( a government program).
Nick came here to the Co-op so I'll sign off for now.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

I was Approved for the Loan

I was approved for the loan to get a new trailer. I just have to come up with the down-payment. That's around $1100.
I could sell some silver or gold for that much.
After I got my approval I went to the other trailer dealer to see if I can sell him my motor home. He said that he would take the motor home as a trade if I bought a trailer from him.
Since I want to get rid of the motor home, it's tempting. I'll see him next Monday to see what he comes up with.
I'm trying to sell things but nothing is moving. I couldn't sell my etchings. I may be stuck with them for the rest of my life. There really doesn't seem to be a market for art except at the "Van Gogh" level. Art for the common people doesn't seem to move.
Raymundo will help me move. I'm going to fix a couple of computers for him and maybe give him some things like a vacuum cleaner. At least I don't have to face moving by myself.
I was watching something on the Internet, last night.
I think the "powers that be" are trying to infiltrate the alternative media. There was something about the global currency reset that tried to make the case that it wouldn't happen.
He was saying that it was too big of a thing to happen. That several countries use the dollar rather than have their own currency.
The way I see it, just because something would be terrible if it happens doesn't mean that it won't happen. Remember Hurricane Sandy.
I'm still going for gold and I'll be trying to get set up for a currency collapse.
I hope to find enough gold to finance getting my own homestead, a long ways south of here.
I don't consider the northern part of the U.S.A. to be habitable in a currency collapse. I don't think it makes much sense to be cutting wood for most of my day. And that's what a person would do here if there wasn't money for natural gas.
Oh well, I've got to get packing for the move and I've been putting off washing the dishes for weeks, now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Now I've got a lot of Viewers from Russia.

I don't know why but I suddenly have a lot of viewers from Russia.
A few months ago I had a lot of viewers from Moldova. They went away and now the Russians have appeared.
I'm going to talk to a couple of bankers, today. I'm trying to finance an new trailer.
The old motor home is taking too much to get it ready for the trip to California. I'm probably better off with something new, anyway.
I might be able to combine it with other loans and get a better rate.
I got to looking at a new trailer at "Camp Site RV" in Cresco, IA. It's a 2014 model so they are giving me a heck of a discount.
I saw one that I liked better on Ebay but it didn't reach the reserve price, yet. I don't know what it will sell for but I'll have to have my banker OK me to bid on it.
Maybe I should just get the old motor home running. I'm getting impatient.
I have to get my etchings sold. I have about 3 places I need to call about that, today. That would really get me moving.
I need to talk to Raymundo about helping me get packed up and ready to go. I'm hoping that he will take ounces of silver for payment.
I've got another old laptop to work on. Teresa at Java Johns gave me one with a bad display to look at.
I've got to get home and make some calls

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Thoughts on Financing my Move to California

I recently received a pre-approved loan application in the mail for $5,000. It's at a high interest rate; but for the following reasons, I might take them up.
Apple Watches are selling out. Even the solid gold ones are selling faster than Apple can keep up. This should drive gold prices up, sharply.
I could not only use the money for the move but I could buy options for gold and crude oil. If I'm right about those I could generate plenty of money for the move.
Of course, I've never made any money on my other "get rich quick" schemes. A lot of times things start of like gang-busters but I always lose everything in a month or two.
It's kind of like my buying 'junk drawers" on Ebay. I always think that the seller overlooked a gold coin and is accidentally trying to sell something of great value.
It always turns out that it is a silver colored coin that was photographed in a yellow light. I guess that I meet Einstein's definition of insane because I keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.
The last time, I saw a picture of a coin that was in a bevel (a ring the enables the coin to be hung from a chain). It looked like a British Sovereign. I even had the date right. It turned out to be a half-penny from the same time period. One time, I saw a gold colored coin that I took to be a 1/10 ounce gold coin. It was a Hong Kong nickel. I never learn from my mistakes.
There is a good case to be made for staying here and getting a job. In another year I would have 2 loans paid off. That would free up about $450/month. Maybe I could make enough money to make the move quicker if I had a job.
Well, I've got to get busy trying to sell the etchings. Selling those would free up a lot of money and make the move much more possible.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Waiting to Hear About a Credit Card

I'm in a waiting mode. I sent off an application  for a credit card. It seems legit. I'm trying to transfer balances from another card to this one since the first year of interest will be free and then the interest is lower than my first card.  
Moving to California is dependent on getting this card.
Of course, I'm engaging in the old "pay off a credit card with another card" gambit. It reminds me of what the U.S. government is doing with quantitative easing.
My only other hope to get out of here is to sell my etchings. 
I was disappointed with the appraisal last week. They said that none of my etchings were worth more than $500 and they don't deal with things that cheap. Maybe I can find someone who values my etchings more leniently. I'm still waiting to hear from an art gallery in LaCrosse.  
My stock options are going down since both oil and silver are going down. 
I still expect Saudi Arabia to be invaded; it's just taking longer than I thought. I think that's why they are selling so much oil; they're accumulating money for the war. 
I may have to go out and get a job. I hate to think about it since it has always been so futile, anyway.
I priced a trailer a couple of days ago. 
I was thinking I could junk the motor home and tow a trailer out to California.  
It turned out that I might be able to swing that, financially. I just don't want to tie my money up for the next 5 years and I would have to spend another $500 installing a tow hitch on the van. The loan officer at the credit union said that it would work better if I could keep the cost of the trailer to below $7,000.
Maybe I should be spending my time looking for used trailers. 
I sold some silver, last night. I was hoping to sell the gold rings as well but they didn't move. 
At least I have some money for the move; but I keep buying more silver on E bay on impulse. 
I think I'll look for a trailer, online.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mental Progress on the Move

I'm not making any material progress on my move but I am making some mental progress:

  1. I decided to get Brian to help me pack up and get ready for the move; he wants my apartment since it's the cheapest one in Decorah. 
  2. I decided to sell my gold coins and rings at the Coin Club. They are serious about coins and such and I feel that I can get good prices, there. I didn't want to part with the gold but it's necessary. 
  3. I contacted Jackson Auctions in Cedar Falls, IA to sell my etchings. They are going to give me a free appraisal so at least I know where I stand with the etchings. 
  4. My oil options are going up. If they keep going I'll have plenty of money for the move. Maybe gambling will pay off. 
The motor home is still a problem, as well. Nothing is being done with it. It has been sitting in the shop for a couple of weeks, now. The clearance lights need to be replaced, and the transmission needs work.
I think that once the work on the vehicle gets done; I'll take it to Cresco, Iowa to have the work done on the furnace and water heater. It might fall together quicker than I think.
Shoveling snow has been a waste of time. I always end up dining out when I'm shoveling. I end up spending more for food than I make by shoveling snow.
I just need to start cooking at home and getting free food from the Lutheran Church. Once I'm out in the wilderness I'll have no alternative but to cook for myself.
As it stands now, I think I'll leave in about a month. I'll take the motor home out and somehow get back for the van.
I haven't talked about the world situations, lately.
The Yemeni rebels will probably team up with ISIS to divide up Saudi Arabia. That is similar to what Hitler and Stalin did at the start of WWII. All of this is being manipulated to drive oil prices up. Low oil prices will destroy the U.S. quicker than anything else.
I saw something on the Internet. I believe someone named Bix Weir was being interviewed. He said that there are mines in the United States (hidden in parks and military reservations) that could produce more gold than is known to be in the world, now. If he's right, that might explain why gold never seems to go up much. I still think that silver will go up due to usage in solar panels.
Oh well,

Friday, March 20, 2015

Credit Cards are Killing Me.

I want to rant about how credit cards (with their high interest rates) are killing me financially.
I'm paying over 20% on some of my credit cards. That is just too high to get the principle down, over time.
I've used them for sensible things like buying silver and gold and buying my motor home. I also use them a bit too much for buying food at restaurants and coffee shops.
The problem is that they are impossible to pay off because they increase so fast that I can never get ahead.
Years ago, financial advisers would say to pay twice the minimum payment to get them paid off. That was when the interest was around 10%. Now I think you have to pay 3 or 4 times the minimum payment to make any headway.
I woke up this morning thinking about my credit cards and I just don't see any way out. I'll have to get a good price for my etchings. That would release the road block that is stifling my move to California.
That reminds me, I have to pick up my etchings from Luther, today. I have to call David and go pick them up. Maybe someone saw them and just has to buy the whole bunch. I hope so.
I'm selling a couple of my computers; but I'll still have 5 or 6 left.
I've got a lot to do today so I better get going.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

This Changes Everything, Again

I was watching something on YouTube the other night.
I couldn't find it again, yesterday; so I can't reference the speaker or anything.
Basically, he was saying that there are so many dollars in circulation that printing 4 or 5 trillion more won't make any difference to inflation. He was saying that there are something like 3 or 4 hundred trillion in circulation around the world.
He also said that Vladimir Putin is behind everything that happens in the Ukraine. He said that Putin is the power behind both the separatist and the government in Kiev. He's spinning off the western part of Ukraine to leave Europe holding the bag on a bankrupt country.
If we don't go into hyper inflation, it might not make much sense to stack gold and silver.
I was thinking about getting an acreage to build a homestead on, yesterday. The land prices in northeast Iowa are just too high to make that work. Maybe I can find something in Montana or Idaho.
I'm afraid of two things in regard to homesteading. First, I know from experience that homesteading is expensive. I went bankrupt, trying to do it in the 80's. It's also labor intensive and I'm getting a little old for a lot of work.
That's also a problem with panning for gold. It's hard work. I don't know if I'm really up to it.
Well it looks like the trip to California will have to wait.
The motor home is still in the shop and I don't know what will have to be replaced, yet.
I got my income tax refund and I spent most of it on credit card bills.
The etchings are still at Luther and I'll be able to get them back, next week.
Things just aren't coming together for the move, yet.
I need to find a job and make a little more money to make the move.
Maybe I'll throw a bunch of stuff into the van and go out and find some gold. Nothing is stopping me from doing that.
Selling the etchings as a collection would break me loose from everything that's holding me back. I need to get more serious about moving the collection.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm Sick

I've been sick for a couple of weeks, now. I've got a pain in my chest and I'm blowing my nose fairly often.
I suppose it's just a cold or maybe a seasonal allergy. It might have something to do with mold, since I live in an old building.
I was thinking, today, that it might have something to do with using too much bleach on my bed sheets. It actually seems to get worse when I stay in bed.
It seems to be lingering for weeks. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. That's a quote that I heard when I was in AA, years ago.
I'm going to use more colloidal silver and a medicine that I got from the co-op. When I go to bed; I think I'll take an aspirin.
My finances are so bad that I think I'll have to stay here and get a part-time job. I was thinking that I'll save over $300/month by moving out; but that doesn't leave any lee way for vehicle breakdowns and such.
This week, my etchings will be done with being shown at Luther. Maybe I can sell them. That would be the thing that would make my dream of panning for gold in California, do-able.
I'm going to see if I can get some work done on my motor home, this week. I pretty much just want to button it up and run out to California. I can get work done out there just as easily as I can here. If I was there I would be able to find some gold.
I was thinking I could sell some of the 5 or 6 laptop computers that I have. Last night, I got really discouraged when I offered to give Brian a laptop and he didn't want it. He has a smart phone that he is happy with. How do you compete with that? The phone was given to him and he surfs the net just fine with it. My idea of loading Linux on old laptops is probably outdated. Technology has left me behind.
Well I think I'll show one of my etchings; if anyone wants to they can contact me and I'll be glad to sell them one or more.

I can't remember the name of this one; but it's an old tumble-down gold mine. I had to pay a lot for this one so I think I'll start the negotiations at $3000.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm going (Come Hell or High Water).

I'm definitely going to California this year.
I'll only have what I get back from my income tax to spend. That's a little more than $500. I'll be driving an old (forty years old) motor home. There won't be anything set aside for emergencies. I just won't have any.
I've been wanting to go prospecting for the last 30 or 40 years. I've always had some reason not to go. This year I'm not making any excuses; I'll just go. I'm getting Social Security payments; my motor home is paid off; it's time to go.
There will never be a great time to go; it's an act of faith to drop everything and go prospecting. In the 1850's people dropped everything and basically walked a couple of thousand miles to go prospecting. At least I can drive there and I'll have a place to live (other than a tent) when I get there.
I'm wondering if I can sell something. My etchings come to mind. I've got several thousand dollars tied up in them.
I might sell some silver but my whole idea of prospecting is based on the idea that the currency is worthless; therefore it doesn't make sense to sell silver.
Since I mentioned the etchings, I might as well show one now.

Malcolm named this "With Strong Backs Waning" or something like that. I have one of 50 or 60 printed. I can't remember the number. It's showing at the Luther College library right now. All of my collection is there until the middle of March.
Maybe I'll be lucky and a wealthy Luther student will just have to buy my entire collection. At least, that's my latest delusion of grandeur.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

My Take on Oil Prices

I haven't discussed the price of oil in this blog, before now.
I think oil (like everything else) has a totally manipulated price. It's a commodity like metals and grains; therefore it's traded on the commodity markets. There are around 100 paper ounces for every physical ounce that's actually moved. Hence the market manipulators are setting it's price just like everything else.
I think they drove it down to punish Russia for their involvement in the Ukraine. This is done, primarily by manipulating the commodity market; but also by having the Saudis keep their production up.
This is backfiring on the U.S. It's risking collapsing the bond market and hence driving the stock market into freefall.
I expect the U.S. to reverse itself, soon. I think they will have ISIS invade Saudi Arabia. That will drive oil through the roof and save the stock market without having to blame the U.S.
I'm using stock options to bet that this will happen.
I was first alerted to a change in the price of oil by watching Jim Cramer on CNBC. He was talking about the predictions by an analyst who uses Fibonacci progressions. This is similar to technical analysis, but it uses Fibonacci numbers instead. That was something developed in Italy a long time ago.
It seems to be working but I think it is preceding the news of a war in the Middle East, again.
Anyway, I have a few options that will take advantage of that and on Tuesday I hope to buy some more. I could be right; in which case I'll have plenty of money for my move to California.
If I'm wrong, I may have to stay in Iowa until I can more easily afford the move.
I'm thinking about working at Luther or NICC as a work-study student, this Summer. In the Summer a person can work as a work-study student for  30 hours a week. That means I could make around $2000 in the Summer. If I stayed on another semester,I might get some more work-study time in.
That would go a long way towards financing my trip to California.
If I could sell my etchings I would have no trouble financing my move. Therefore, I'll start showing pictures of the etchings (done by Malcolm Childers) on my blog. The first one I'll show is Frenchy's Flathead Flyer.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back to Normal

Well, I'm  back to trading options again. I just don't feel right without risking credit card money on options or Bitcoins.
The thing that I miss when I'm not gambling is the feeling of hope.
Of course, it is probably a delusion. After all, I've never really succeeded with any form of gambling.
All the markets are rigged and it's practically impossible to really make anything by trading.
I feel that I have to try, anyway.
Maybe one of my problems is that I tend to base my trading decisions on what I last saw on the Internet.
That's why I'm into silver options; Harvey Organ said that the world is running out of silver.
Last night I was watching Jim Cramer. He said that oil was due for a massive move up; so this morning I bought oil options.
I moved my money out of Rubles, yesterday, when I saw the minor crypto-coins move up. So I bought Litecoins. That hadn't moved yet.
So I'm all in. That's my usual condition. Basically, I'm using credit card money for my investing.
If I win I'll have plenty of money for my move to California; which is probably betting that I'll be able to find gold.
Everything I do is a gamble; but isn't that true of everyone?
Life is a gamble. If you don't take chances you condemn yourself to a life of boredom and complacency.
I don't think I could stand it. At least I have hope when I'm gambling.
Working for a living certainly didn't work. I feel that I'll have to get lucky and actually win a little money for a change.
At least, I'm trying.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

jsnip4 and vaccines

This afternoon, I watched a Youtube video by someone called jsnip4. I like his vlogs.
Today he was talking about the brainwashing that the Mainstream-Media is doing to us about vaccines.
He pretty much focused on the measles vaccine. He pointed out that somewhere around 100 people have died as a result of getting the vaccine. This was for a disease that is not fatal.
It shows you that the press is in the pockets of the Pharma industry.
He also made some points about how Ebola. I disagree with him about Ebola. In fact, I have the feeling that the real news about Ebola is being suppressed to keep the stock market from collapsing.
It got me thinking about all the news I watch on Youtube. I feel that I'm being influenced by what I'm seeing on the Internet a bit too much.
Prepping is probably the biggest business going on in the United States. Sportsman's Guide and Harbor Freight are probably doing great business; selling to us people who are trying to prepare for the end of the financial world. We're also buying all sorts of gold and silver. Land is being sold for homesteads.
All this spending is caused by fear and panic being spread on Youtube.
I like think that I can discern the truth when I hear it but that is probably a delusion. I spent over $200 betting that the world would run out of silver. I could still win that bet but I only have 2 months to go on it.
I'm now thinking about getting a generator from Harbor Freight. It would only cost $100. But would I have a need for it if I didn't think that I'll be living off the land in the woods in the near future? I doubt it.
I've got over 200 ounces of silver. I bought that because I feel that the currency will soon be worthless.
I'm trying to get an old motor home working. Would I bother with that if I had any hope for the future? Hell no!
Anyway, I feel that I've been walking into yet another way that someone has to get me to spend money.
I still feel that the house of cards that is the American financial system is coming apart.
Some of my favorite Youtube channels that discuss this are:

  1. David Morgan
  2. The Corbett Report
  3. G4Tnews
  4. Max Keiser
  5. Greg Hunter
  6. Chris Martenson
I also watch some other channels that promote prepping and simple living. I'll talk about them some other time.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Finally, some snow money

I finally made some money shoveling snow. We had a storm on Sunday and it drifted overnight.
I made almost as much as I would have made at the Peace Center for a week.
I just need to keep from spending it on silver and spend it towards getting my motor home working instead.
I also got my passport. I can now go to Canada or the Bahamas. I got the cheap passport since I doubt that I'll go anywhere except for Canada. The one that permits air travel costs over $100 more than the cheap one.
Nothing is getting done on the motor home but I think I'll use the van instead. That will be much cheaper and I can always come back for the motor home.
I figure on leaving for California by the end of March. The season at the mining claims really doesn't open until April anyhow.
I gave Mary at Java Johns a laptop, today. She gave me $50 for a Christmas gift so it was nice to give her something back. It has a missing key on the keyboard but it's the "insert" key so I doubt that she'll ever miss it.
Yesterday a young man named Ken helped me with shoveling a sidewalk by snow-blowing it. I was at the point of exhaustion. I was glad to pay him $15 to do it. I'll be talking about how someone came through for me for years to come.
I'm still wondering how long the financial world can keep it's act together. I was watching Gregory Mannerino on Youtube. He said that we are already collapsing financially. It's just that other places such as Europe and Latin America are where the collapse is starting. Apparently it won't be a massive collapse that closes down all the banks at once. It's shaping up as a long series of events that will cumulate in a major world-wide collapse.
Today it's Europe, next year the US.
All I can do is to try to get as ready for the inevitable collapse.