Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm going (Come Hell or High Water).

I'm definitely going to California this year.
I'll only have what I get back from my income tax to spend. That's a little more than $500. I'll be driving an old (forty years old) motor home. There won't be anything set aside for emergencies. I just won't have any.
I've been wanting to go prospecting for the last 30 or 40 years. I've always had some reason not to go. This year I'm not making any excuses; I'll just go. I'm getting Social Security payments; my motor home is paid off; it's time to go.
There will never be a great time to go; it's an act of faith to drop everything and go prospecting. In the 1850's people dropped everything and basically walked a couple of thousand miles to go prospecting. At least I can drive there and I'll have a place to live (other than a tent) when I get there.
I'm wondering if I can sell something. My etchings come to mind. I've got several thousand dollars tied up in them.
I might sell some silver but my whole idea of prospecting is based on the idea that the currency is worthless; therefore it doesn't make sense to sell silver.
Since I mentioned the etchings, I might as well show one now.

Malcolm named this "With Strong Backs Waning" or something like that. I have one of 50 or 60 printed. I can't remember the number. It's showing at the Luther College library right now. All of my collection is there until the middle of March.
Maybe I'll be lucky and a wealthy Luther student will just have to buy my entire collection. At least, that's my latest delusion of grandeur.
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