Saturday, March 14, 2015

This Changes Everything, Again

I was watching something on YouTube the other night.
I couldn't find it again, yesterday; so I can't reference the speaker or anything.
Basically, he was saying that there are so many dollars in circulation that printing 4 or 5 trillion more won't make any difference to inflation. He was saying that there are something like 3 or 4 hundred trillion in circulation around the world.
He also said that Vladimir Putin is behind everything that happens in the Ukraine. He said that Putin is the power behind both the separatist and the government in Kiev. He's spinning off the western part of Ukraine to leave Europe holding the bag on a bankrupt country.
If we don't go into hyper inflation, it might not make much sense to stack gold and silver.
I was thinking about getting an acreage to build a homestead on, yesterday. The land prices in northeast Iowa are just too high to make that work. Maybe I can find something in Montana or Idaho.
I'm afraid of two things in regard to homesteading. First, I know from experience that homesteading is expensive. I went bankrupt, trying to do it in the 80's. It's also labor intensive and I'm getting a little old for a lot of work.
That's also a problem with panning for gold. It's hard work. I don't know if I'm really up to it.
Well it looks like the trip to California will have to wait.
The motor home is still in the shop and I don't know what will have to be replaced, yet.
I got my income tax refund and I spent most of it on credit card bills.
The etchings are still at Luther and I'll be able to get them back, next week.
Things just aren't coming together for the move, yet.
I need to find a job and make a little more money to make the move.
Maybe I'll throw a bunch of stuff into the van and go out and find some gold. Nothing is stopping me from doing that.
Selling the etchings as a collection would break me loose from everything that's holding me back. I need to get more serious about moving the collection.
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