Saturday, February 17, 2018

Snow Day

I made some money, shoveling snow today. It didn't really snow that much but it kept at it; so at one of my places I had to shovel twice.
I figure I made about $70. Which was much needed.
I'm still working on my crypto mining farm. I've gotten 8 machines mining with their CPUs.
It would be better to use graphics cards but I'm just not that far advanced, yet. Every time I plug an additional graphics card in my monitor goes blank. I guess the new card takes over the image and it disables the on-board graphics.
I ordered an adapter for the video from China. I hope it gets here soon.
I'll also have to have appropriate software for mining. I can download something for Linux for free and I'll do that next week. I suspect that I'll need some sort of wiring adapters as well. We'll see.
I was surprised to see that people are using laptops for graphics card mining. It'll cost $100 or so to make that work but it should be worth it.
I just hope I don't end up getting into trouble for using too much electricity. My electricity is included as part of the rent and I don't want to mess with that.
By the way, I'm on Steemit, now. In my first two postings I've made over $2.00. It's taken me 5 or 6 years to make $10 on Blogger. And I have to wait until I have over $100 here to actually withdraw it.
I think I'll just transfer to Steemit and I like the idea of getting paid in crypto currency, as well.
The only machine I haven't been able to get to work says that it's limiting the memory to 256 meg. Nick said that maybe the machine is so old that it can only use 256 meg.
I don't know. I think I may simply have the wrong ram modules in it.
I can't tell much about this machine. I think it was assembled at a local computer shop. Maybe the motherboard ill have a name on it. That would help. If I can tell which motherboard it is, I should be  able to find out what kind of ram it takes. I'll do that tomorrow. It's late now so I think I'll call it a day.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

My Mining Farm

I'm setting up a mining operation for mining Monero. That's a crypto currency that stresses privacy.
I've got 4 laptops mining now. They're too slow to really make much money; so I bought some old desktops that I can add graphics card to. 
Right now I'm waiting for the cards and memory modules from Ebay. Most of the parts are coming from Asia so it will be a while before I can really get things rolling. I hope I can get them producing at a much better rate than it's going now. It's taking me several months to get $10 worth of coins.
On a similar note, I sent off some money to a guy named Troy who has a YouTube site called "The Do It yourself world". I'm going to share his production on a higher end mining rig. I should be able to make $40/month.
I'm afraid that I've been spending too much time and money on crypto mining and not enough on getting my etchings sold on Ebay. I got one of the etchings back from Tim and I need to take a few pictures and put it up on Ebay.
If anybody wants a nice etching for a man cave you'll be able to find my etching by looking for "Malcolm Childers" on Ebay. The etching I'll be trying to sell is a drawing of an old gold mine.
I can't remember the name of it but my Ebay name is Johnhan752 and I'm from Decorah, Iowa.
I'll put a picture of it here.

If you would like to buy it for crypto, I would sell it for $500 worth of Monero or Lite coin or even Bitcoin although I don't like to sell in Bitcoin because of the transaction cost. I'll pay the shipping in the U.S. Overseas cost a lot more but we could talk about it. Ebay doesn't take crypto yet so if you are interested in buying it for crypto just leave a comment. 

A Couple of Things I could do for more Crypto-money.

A couple off things I could do for more money include getting serious about selling my etchings and getting more serious about crypto-mining.
As far as selling my etchings, I need to get them back from the Game Exchange. I had them list them on Ebay for me but they didn't move. I did sell 2 or 3 of the cheaper ones there but I need the money now.
The first thing I'll do is to take one home and list it on Ebay at a much lower price than I've had it there before.
After that I'll take it out of the frame and see if having it framed was slowing down my sales. Another thing I'll do is to stress that I've got a certificate of authenticity. Good prices and a compelling add might move them.
It's not snowing again so I'm not making serious money, shoveling snow, and I need the money for expenses.
Another thing I'll do is to find some old desktop computers to mine crypto currencies with. I'll go to Goodwill and maybe I'll run an add on the internet asking to be given old computers.
My laptops are too slow and it's not worth mining with them. Maybe I could run an add asking to swap old desktop computers for my laptops.
That's all for now.

Monday, February 5, 2018

I Needed an Excuse to not Shovel Snow.

I guess I'll just blog a bit.
Some things are happening.
First, it's starting to snow in a normal pattern for this time of year. Snowfall has been very sparse this year. I need it to snow a lot to make the money I usually make at this time of year.
It's coming and I'm getting rather tired (physically). I'm just grateful that I can take frequent breaks and surf the net a bit. I'm seventy years old so I don't push myself too much.
On other news, I'm mining Monero with desk top computers. I bought a bunch of them from a place called The Game Exchange. I worked with them to sell my etchings on the internet.
That reminds me, I got one of the etchings back and I'm going to market them myself.
The first thing I'll do is to lower the price and if that doesn't work within a week; I'll take it out of the frame. It might be that people would prefer to frame it themselves. And I can ship it cheaper in a shipping tube.
My coffee got cold so I chugged it; maybe it's time to go out and finish the shoveling. It's 7:30; I think I'll finish a couple of places so I don't have to get up at 5:00 and shovel it then. It's a plan.
So long.

I needed to comment on the stock market move in the last couple of days.
I think it's good that the market moved down so much because the money the market is losing seems to be shoring up the dollar. I think a dollar collapse would be terrible; so maybe it's a good thing that this is happening. We'll see.

Friday, January 26, 2018