Monday, May 7, 2018

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Waiting for Money to Come in.

I'm just waiting for some money to come in so I can to Colorado and California to prospect for gold.
My crypto mining operation isn't working very well. I got the new graphics card but it doesn't work well with any of my computers. I think the memory and such is just too slow.
As it is, I'm making about $1.00/day with my operation. That's probably as good as it gets without spending much money on new computers and such.
On other news. My coin sold and I'll have about $7,000 from it's sale.
I'll be using the money to finance my prospecting trip. I plan on starting an "LLC" company so if I go bust again at least it will be the business that's bankrupt and not me.
That's a mistake I made in 2015. I went heavily in debt because of the trip to California.
I'm going to do things differently, this time. I'll be living out of my van instead of living in motels and apartments.
Before I go West I'll try to find gold near here.
I intend to keep my expenses down; I should do better.
We'll see.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I Need a Goal

I was reading something that was talking about how goals animate people it made me think about how goal-less I am.
I kept busy for a while, starting my crypto mining operation, but now that it's going, I don't have anything to occupy my time.
The mining farm isn't really making much money but it's going to take some real money to improve it.
It'll have to wait until after I get my money from the sale of the rare coin. That'll be after May 11th.
I bought a graphics card that should improve my mining when I thought I had money coming from the sale of the coin right away. Now, I'm wondering how I will meet my bills for this month.
I'm hoping for more snow this weekend. I'm afraid it's too late in the season for me to make much more money shoveling snow but anything will be appreciated.
Everything is on hold until I get that check.
I'm hoping to visit the East Coast and tour some Civil War battlefields.
After that, I'll go west and pan gold for a while.
Before going to California, I'm going to try to find gold around here. I'll be going to a small town named Eldorado and see if I can find rocks with gold in the and then crush the rocks to pan them out.
I doubt if I'll find much but it would be better than running all over the country to search for gold.
Maybe I'll get back to you.

Friday, March 30, 2018

I haven't been posting much so my numbers are down.

I simply haven't had much to say lately so I haven't posted much. Because of that my numbers of viewers is down as well.
I need to get off of my butt and post more often.
My expensive coin sold in Baltimore but I haven't been paid yet.
I was a bit disappointed at the price and the auction company took a lot more money than I expected but at least I'll be able to pay my bills.
I'm going to use the money to buy gold at a company named "Gold Money". I'll be able to keep it in several different vaults around the world and transfer the value to a debit card; so I'll have access to my money without having to keep it in dollars.
I'm too leary  of cryptocurrencies to buy any now. They are being manipulated by the futures traders. I'll get back into that market, later.
My crypto mining is proceeding but the declining prices in the currencies is hurting me. I'm mainly in a currency named Monero. It's big on privacy. It's also easy to mine.
I gave away one of my laptops and one broke so I'm down to 2 laptops and 6 desktops. Two of my desktops are 32 bit machines instead of 64 bit; and I haven't been able to get the 32 bit machines working with my mining software.
I did get some of my desktops working with GPU mining software.
I was disappointed with my GPUs. They are just too old and slow to be any better than the CPUs.
Newer GPUs cost at least $50 apiece.
I'm waiting for my Social Security check or payment for the expensive coin to arrive before I spend anything on Ebay.
I might just scrap my 32 bit machines and see if I can pick up some 64 bit machines at the recycling place in a small town named Freeport (that I used to live at).
Most of the machines I have now are just to old and slow to use for mining crypto.
There's a lot going on in the news, lately.
Apparently the pedos are being exposed and the "Deep State" is under attack.
I hope they all go to jail.
I'm concerned about the currency but it seems to hold together much better than I thought possible.
All I can do about the currency is to buy more freeze dried food and try to get a trailer and homestead together.
I decided to get a cargo trailer to live in while I pan for gold and set up a homestead. It's cheaper than a camper-trailer and I can modify it any way I want.
I think I'll run by "Campsite RVs" and look at some today. It would be a good use of my time.