Sunday, August 20, 2017

Scott Cahill: Collapse Risk At The Oroville Dam Is Still Unacceptably High

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Feel like I'm done with all the negative YouTube sites.

It's probably temporary, but I'm burned out on all the YouTube sites I've been watching.
David Seaman rants and raves about Pedogate and Pizzagate but nothing is ever done about the pedophiles.
H.A. Goodman goes on and on about Hilary and her emails but there are never indictments.
Mike Maloney and friends talk about how silver and gold are being manipulated; but it's been going on for at least 30 years and it continues day after day.
J.J. talks about prepping; but the end of the world as we know it never seems to happen.
I just need to face that we live in a society that is at least a corrupt as Afghanistan but it can continue for an indeterminate amount of time.
I don't know what I can do about any of this anyway. I'm too poor to even prep very well. I can't even get more than a month's worth of food together.
My dream of having my own homestead with a few goats and chickens is just that (a dream).
My only hope for getting prepared is to find my lost bitcoins. And I doubt that, that will happen. It was probably a hallucination, anyway.
On that upbeat note (I'm being sarcastic), I'll sign off for now.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I found Gold in Eldorado.

I went to Eldorado by myself, this morning.
I only panned one sample pan of gold and I found about 5 or 6 tiny specs of gold.
That showed me that gold is there. Now the problem is to process enough material to make it worth my time to actually mine it.
The next step is to find the owner of the land I found gold on and get permission to mine it.
Brian just told me that I should get a canoe and simply float down the river and be on state owned land while I mine gold.
The trouble with that is that I would have to spend money on a canoe. Maybe I could get an inflatable boat for under $100. Maybe I can make that work.
I'll ask at the Department of Natural Resources about the legalities of it all.
I need to know about the legalities of mining on state owned land.
There is an office in town here so it shouldn't be hard to find out what I need to know.
I'll keep you posted on new developments in regards to mining in Eldorado.
Brian and I might be going to a protest next Saturday in Madison, WI. If we go we'll be protesting the censorship that Google and YouTube are doing against the Alt-right.
We're the only conservatives that I know in Decorah so it will probably just be him and I who go.

Friday, August 11, 2017

I shared a video about Youtube censorship and my numbers collapse.

The last thing I did on my blog was to share a video about Youtube censorship and my numbers went down like crazy. So, do you think there is a relationship? I do.
I still haven't gotten back to Eldorado to look for gold. I'm kind of waiting for Brian to go with me. I guess that, that will not happen. He's got some sort of mental problem (I think bi-polar) so he's pretty unreliable.
I just have to take off on my own.
There are three places I want to go to, there.
I'll be using the sample pan and just try to find a few specks of gold. I just want to see if there is any gold to be found at all, there.
I would have gone there this morning but I had a sick computer I was working on. I got it working by re-flowing the solder on the display chip. That works on most of the computers that have display problems. I now have three computers to sell or give away.
I mentioned that I have a computer that I'm mining a crypto coin with. I'm about ready to give up. I've had it running day and night mining. After a week I have about 3/1000s of a coin. It just doesn't pay enough to bother with. I'll either sell or give away that computer.
I worked for 3 days last week. I made good money for me ($11/hr.).
That will pay some bills this week.
That reminds me, I need to get some checks in the mail, yet today. With that I think I'll run home and get that done.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

I've got Three Things I'm Thinking about today.

T. Harv Eker has a program to help people determine what is their true goal in life.
I feel that having a goal is what is missing in my life. Most people have a family and simply raising kids and providing for them gives them a major goal for their life.
I don't have that and I tend to go from one "get rich quick'' scheme to another. I always lose because these schemes (like options, precious metals, art and crypto-currencies) turn out to be just something that the rich people set up to scam the poor.
A guy named Jordan Peterson was interviewed on Stefan Moleneux the other day on the same topic. He said that he has a program to help people (Sort Themselves out).
I may use Harv's program because I met him at Luther College and I will probably be loyal to him.
Of course, I'll probably go with whichever program is cheaper since that's all I can afford; if I can afford that.
I'm also thinking about going panning for gold in Eldorado, Iowa. It's about 30 miles from here.
I was thinking about riding my bicycle there to get more exercise and save gas money. It would be terrific exercise and I need to do something to keep in shape.
The third thing I'm thinking about today is mining for Monero. That's a crypto-currency that a person can use their normal computer to mine and get some coins.
My power is paid as part of the rent so it wouldn't cost me anything. It's worth trying to make some money and I like the encryption involved with Monero.

Monday, July 31, 2017

I can't seem to Hold onto a Job Any more.

I worked for a half an hour this morning. I was getting winded and sweating a lot so I quit.
I'm just getting too old to do manual labor anymore. I told the girls at Mampower to not find me any more manual labor job; I'm just not up to it any more. I'm too fat and old.
I worked the sign-holding job for 3 days this weekend. That's bad enough.
I'm trying to get Brian to go with me to Eldorado and look for gold.
He wants to go later in the season. It's a bit hot, right now. Sometime in September or October it will be cooler and the water level should be down a lot.
I've got gas in the car so I might go tomorrow. I also should go begging for food at the church pantry.
I would also like to go to church this coming Wednesday. They have a noon service in Onalaska on the first Wednesday of the month.
I think I'll go to church and leave the panning for gold for the weekend.
All sorts of things are happening, politically. I hope it means that the ruling class is being overthrown. It looks like a cesspool to me.
I don't have much to say today.