Thursday, December 29, 2016

I'm Applying for Social Work jobs.

I applied for a skills trainer job today at a place called Opportunity Homes. I've applied there several times, before.
It's working with people with mental disabilities. I guess I would be a glorified babysitter. Oh well, it's a job and it simply isn't snowing enough for me to make my bills with snow shoveling.
I borrowed some money today to buy a Bitcoin. I'll trade it on margin so I should be able to make a lot of money if it keeps going up. It tripled in the last 6 months or so and I don't see any reason to think it won't continue. I feel that the reason it's going up is that Bitcoin is acting as the last "safe haven" for the currency collapse. People in India and China are buying Bitcoins heavily, now. I expect that to happen with the dollar as well.
I sent in a "pre-approved" application for another credit card, today. I don't like getting even deeper into debt but I don't see much choice. If the Bitcoin continues to go up, there might be a way out.
I was tempted to invest in gold mining options but that market is so manipulated that I avoided it. Bitcoin, at least, has the appearance of being a fair market. Nothing else does, anymore.
If I can get a full-time job I may be able to get out of debt. The trip to California really crippled me financially.
I'm not making any progress on buying an acreage or starting a prepper store. It's all I can do to keep my head above water, financially.
If I could live on my acreage or live in the store, I could get out of the apartment rent. That would help make it all doable.
Well, Tom is getting ready for some live music at Java John's. I think I'll sign off and listen.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I don't feel that I'm making enough just shoveling snow.

I made about $140 last weekend. I just don't feel that it's enough per week to make ends meet.
I went by Manpower, today. They might have a job for me at a kosher pizza place in a town 20 miles from here. It sounds good to me. I need more money, not only to pay loans and credit cards but to buy silver, computers, and prepper items as well. I would like to buy land from Jim and Sherry as well as a trailer to live in on my own land.
That may sound like a delusion but with the money I save on rent I could afford to buy their land. One step at a time, I could end up with my own acreage/homestead.
I feel a little old to be starting something like that,now; but a person has to start sometime. And if I'm right about the currency collapse, a homestead might be the only thing that makes sense in a Post-Apocalyptic world.
Right after doing my bible lesson the other day I asked myself how I could get started with a prepper store and a homestead. It came to me to do crowd-funding. The idea of using GoFundMe came to mind. If I can get a team together maybe we could do some videos about prepping and building a homestead. Maybe that's the way to get my homestead and store off the ground.
I borrowed $1000, today, to invest in Bitcoin. I was tempted to buy some gold mining options but I feel that the precious metals prices are so manipulated that it's a bad risk.
I feel good about Bitcoins. Every day it's becoming more apparent that Bitcoins will replace the rest of the currencies in a few years. Bitcoin went up over 300% this year. I can margin it at 3 to 1 and it doesn't move so much that I'll get wiped out overnight. I feel good about it.
It took 3 days to get my money to the bank and then it's another 3 to 8 days to actually buy a Bitcoin. I'll keep you posted on how it works out.
There is snow predicted for this Monday. I hope we get a lot of snow even though I have a hard time physically keeping up with it.
I bought two old laptops on Ebay for $40 each. I also bought some items for my new shotgun. Now I'm back to being broke.
Well that's usual.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tomorrow is a Snow Day.

It's predicted to snow tomorrow afternoon. That's a Friday so I probably won't get paid until Monday.
Maybe I can track the guy who owns the bed and breakfast place and get paid this weekend. He now owes me $20 and by Saturday he'll owe me at least $30.
I owe Jim the barber $10 for a haircut, tonight. I was pretty shaggy.
I asked him if I could pay him in coffee and donuts at Java John's; but he said to just pay him when I've got the money.
I'm hoping that it snows Sunday; but they are predicting rain for that day. That's Christmas day but I might be busy shoveling. Oh well.
Not much is happening, tonight. I think I'll dress up a bit and go watch Tom play the piano at Java Johns.
I'm hoping to see Brian there and I'll give him a book by Jim Rickards about the coming collapse. I got it for the price of shipping and handling. In fact I got two books from him.
The book I just finished reading was one of the best I've read about the coming collapse.
All I can do to get ready is to stockpile food and buy silver. I should have bought more Bitcoin; it's going through the roof. It gained $50/coin, today. I've got 1/20 of a coin. I'm just too poor to really get ready for the coming currency collapse.
At least it keeps snowing enough for me to make my bills which are massive due to all the money I spent last year going to California to pan for gold. I never learn.
I just got home from Java John's and Bitcoin is up to $870; so should I borrow $1000 at an absurd interest rate and buy 1?
I don't know; I'll think about it tomorrow. Knowing me I'll probably do it and Bitcoin will go down from there. Greed and fear always taint my decisions about trading and I do the wrong things.
Maybe I should buy the gold miners ETF named GDX. I could get options. T. Harv Eker would tell me to do both. I probably should.  Decisions.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Long-term Goals

I was just watching a video by someone named Brian Tracy.
He made the point that people need long-term goals in order to move towards a vision.
It helps us keep pointed and focused on what we do in our everyday life.
Since I failed to find any gold in California, I need to get refocused on something that will keep me going in a long-term basis.
There are two things that interest me; and they are not mutually exclusive.
The first is to start a small business selling prepper items. One of the main advantages is that I'll be stockpiling items I could use during a currency collapse or something similar.
The second is to have a small acreage to become self-sufficient. At least I would have a source of food and such during an emergency.
The trouble with having a store is that it would take financing and nobody, here, has any faith in me. I am an acknowledged schizophrenic and everyone see whatever I do as a symptom of my disease. Coming up with hundreds of thousands of dollars is probably out of the question. I also have no experience with business.
Maybe I could combine things and have a store on my acreage.
I have two friends who have acreages that they would like to sell. Maybe I could swing something with one of them; like asking them to write the mortgage.
The next step would be to get a camper to live in.
My old motor home didn't work out since it cost too much to repair; a new camper would be better. I could make payments on it and it would work out.
Tomorrow I should be busy, shoveling snow.

Banner Snow Year.

The snow shoveling seasons is starting out with a bang.
I made as much this weekend as I normally make in 3/4ths of a week working for someone.
It looks like this week will be even better; by the weather report.
Last year was a bust; I hardly made enough to pay my bills. I had to sell precious metals to keep up.
This year, too, I'm working harder to get into shape to work at Seed Savers. In the Spring we'll be planting things so it will require a lot of stooping over. Last year I couldn't  handle bending down to the ground to harvest things. Maybe I'll be flexible enough to do that work this year.
I haven't commented on Trump winning the election. I'm all for him but it worries me that some of his cabinet members seem to be " swamp creatures" that he was supposed to get rid of.
Well, that's all I have for now.
I'll  probably update this later on today.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Once again Things are Looking Up.

I got a new job today.
It only lasts for a couple of weeks but it will help me get through a time when I can't expect much money from shoveling snow.
If everybody who owes me money actually pays me, I should be doing rather well during the Christmas season.
I sold one laptop and actually got paid for it. I'm waiting to get paid for another one.
I could sell yet another one but I'm having trouble with the video driver and a battery is almost dead.
I think I've got the video problem fixed but the battery is in the mail.
I've got a debt that I want to pay and my windshield is cracked and needs to be replaced. Maybe I'll do both if we get a lot of snow.
In another six months I'll be in relatively good financial condition.
Maybe I'll head back to California and look for gold again. Only this time I'll live in a tent and keep the expenses down.
I now have a good idea of how and where to find gold, so it might not be such a fool's errand, this time.
Failing that, I have a good idea to get a metal detector and look for coins here in Iowa. There are a lot of abandoned farm homesteads where coins may have been dropped.
The trouble is that there is a lot of junk that will show up as well. That includes nails from re-roofing houses and barns.
The trick is to find where gardens used to be because people used to bury coins in their gardens before there were banks available.
Finding a few of those caches would pay for the metal detector and the gas to get to the farms.
Oh well, the music is about to start here at Java Johns.
I think the music tonight is from a guy that I don't really like much. He seems to just play disjointed riffs on the piano with no rhythm to it at all. He tries to be a jazz player but even those need something to tie things together.
I think I'll go home and work on my sick laptop.

Monday, November 21, 2016

It's about time I posted something.

For once, things are looking pretty good, financially.
I sold 2 laptops recently; and got paid for one. I could sell another one but the ac adapter went bad.
I got my bank account caught up with the money I made working at Iowa RotoCast.
I put in my last day there last Friday, so I'll get a check this Friday.
With the money I made working at the poll and the last payment for my motor home I'll be all set for my bills this month.
On top of all that, it looks like it's going to start snowing this week. It already snowed north of us and maybe we'll get some from the next storm that comes in tomorrow. After that it might snow Thanksgiving day; and I make money shoveling snow.
Right now, I'm too poor to go to Onalaska, WI. to go to church on Thanksgiving. Most of my money is yet to arrive.
I will miss church; which is a big thing for Christian Scientist on Thanksgiving. We have a testimonial meeting, that day, where people express their thanks for things that happened that year. I was going to say something about how grateful I am just to be able to make my bills.
When I came back from California things were looking rather grim.
Now, a year later, I'm within a few months of getting my biggest bills paid off. A couple of months after the snow shoveling season, I'll have most of my most costly bills paid off. That will amount to a reduction in my monthly expenses of around $1000. I'll be able to simply live cheaply and pay down everything without having to work.
I think a little work is good for me so I'll probably go to Manpower and get some sort of job anyway.
On a totally different topic, Ebola may be back.
It turns out that some people get Ebola and don't show any signs of it. So there may be all sorts of people spreading it throughout Africa without knowing it.
I read an article in Yahoo about that. I'll watch for more and keep my faithful readers informed of any new developments in that regard.
I would like to go back to California and look for gold. I would live in a tent and have my car for my home. It would help if I could get someone to go with me; but I think the main thing is to just avoid motels and apartments. I could keep my expenses down out there.
I would have to get some equipment but that expense could be kept down as well. If I make enough, shoveling snow, I'll be tempted to go back.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

I've been Busy

I put in a 16 hour day (working at a poll), Tuesday. I wasn't too surprised to see Trump win; the only reason it was close in my opinion was that the Democrats cheated and tried to rig the election.
I hope we hear more about that later.
Then I got a job at a place called RotoCast. We make coolers and cup holders.
I'm working on changing some tags for cups that were mislabeled. Maybe someone just wanted to change things, I don't know.
It looks like I'll be there for a week or two. It should help me get through the time of year that doesn't have enough snow to make any money shoveling.
I've got an over draft on my checking account but I'll make that good next week.
Talking about politics, I was happy to see that Trump is considering Trey Gowdy for Attorney General. I hope he prosecutes Loretta Lynch and that Comey guy at the FBI for obstruction of justice. They were obviously shielding Clinton from being put in jail.
I also saw that Obama is shooting down the TPP. That is just a crooked trade deal that the Clinton's set up to benefit their donors to the Clinton Foundation. That came out in the Wikileaks emails.
There was enough in those and other email leaks to keep the FBI and the Justice Department busy for years if they really want to start enforcing laws in this country.
In other news, it looks like George Soros is behind all the anti-Trump protests in this country. With his record of toppling other governments I suppose that isn't too surprising.
Tom is at the piano so I think I'll sign off for now.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Another Thursday Night and I'm Listening to Tom on the Piano.

I'm at Java Johns and Tom comes in almost every Thursday night to play the piano. He's really good.
I ran an ad on about the laptop and finding my Bitcoins. There were two reply's.
One person wanted a laptop but he couldn't use a Linux machine; the other one was asking about the Bitcoins. It sounded like he only knew about Bitcoin wallets after about 2013. I don't know if he could help me with my old form of Bitcoin Core. I'm waiting to hear from him again. I sent him an email.
On the job front, I'm applying for a job as someone running a computer at Community Action. I'll be working with Family Planning. I suppose I'll be doing the paperwork for women getting abortions or something like that. Oh, Well. It'll be better than telemarketing. I don't have the job yet so we'll see.
I'm still waiting to get paid for my motor home. The guy made the first payment of $250; but now he is behind by about a month on the second payment.
I really need the money. Last month I had to pay over $100 due to overdrafts and late charges.
It's getting harder to hold onto a job and to find new ones because of my age and my difficulty in getting around.
Fixing laptops rarely pays anything and when I do sell one it takes forever to get paid. It's just a bad habit I need to quit.
I guess I'm competing with the Chinese when I fix old laptops. They can make new ones cheaper than I can fix old ones. Now that I think about it, I can do everything that I do with my laptop on my phone. And I got that for free.
I think I'll get off the computer and listen to Tom.

Friday, October 21, 2016

I put in my last day at Seed Savers.

Tuesday was the last day I worked at Seed Savers. We ran out of garlic to package and ship; so that's it for me this year. They asked if I could come back next year and I told them that I would.
Now I have to get serious about finding my lost Bitcoins.
I know that nobody who reads my blog will have any idea what I'm talking about. But I found both my public and private codes; I just have to figure out how to enter them into the wallet.
Nobody in Decorah has any idea of what I'm talking about. I found one guy who does at least know what I'm trying to do but he hasn't been much help, yet.
I don't know if I can get my Bitcoins without the file wallet.dat. I lost that; it's gone for good even though it was on both a hard drive and a flash drive.
I'm going to go with a religious track with finding my Bitcoins. I found a Christian Science practitioner in Florida who I like. Good things started happening when I sent him an email. He wants $40 for a treatment but I figure that he understands how inflation has devalued the currency. I found him in the Journal so I know that he is legit.
No sooner did I have a couple of tires put on the van than the guy who put them on said I should replace the other two before the snow flies. Maybe I'll find a way to do that; but I'm figuring on driving on them though the Winter. I won't be going very far.
While I have the time, maybe I'll get serious about finding an IT job. After all, I was an IT tech for the Peace Center for a couple of years. I don't have a degree but I have the feeling that I can do the job as well or better than most of the college educated IT techs.
Well, back to my YouTube videos.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm Losing my Job a bit Early

I was hoping to hang on to my job at Seed Savers until the end of October. At the end of November I should be able to make a lot of money, shoveling snow.
I asked the boss about how much longer I could hope to stay on and he said a couple of days.
We're almost done packaging garlic and I'm too old and infirm to work in the fields. I have a hard time stooping over and actually picking fruits and vegetables. I get winded and my large belly gets in the way. If I could work in the fields I could extend the job for a couple of more weeks.
I'm taking a day off tomorrow to talk with my counselor at the VA. After that I'll look for a new job.
I've got trouble with my banks. I had a series of overdrafts at one of them over the weekend. I checked my balance before I bought anything but the online account was misleading. Now my other account will be giving me an overdraft for an automatic payment of car insurace. I can't get ahead of my finances. I've got too many credit cards and loans outstanding.
I'm thinking about giving up on fixing old laptop computers. I spend too much doing that and I can't get them sold; I have to give them away. I consider it to be a form of tithing but I can't afford it; maybe I could find someone to pay for the parts. I'll ask Joan Nelson if she knows someone who would help me with that.
Well, I'm listening to Tom at the piano at Java Johns. He's a lot better than the guy they had here last night. I think I'll sign off.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Still Hanging on to the SeedSavers Job.

I worked my second week at Seed Savers, today.
I got paid for my first week and spent most of it paying a credit card. At least I have money to live on this week.
Next week I hope to get my windshield replaced. It's had a large crack for the last couple of months.
I got the motor home sold but I have to take payments for a few months. Not only is it good to have some income from that, but I feel good to be out from under it.
It just took too many repairs and it never did run good. Now it's someone else's problem. I hope it works out for him.
I'm stiff and tired from working; yesterday I had to carry several fifty pound sacks of seed from one end of a building to another. It wore on my back and I had to sit down as much as I could, yesterday.
Well, I only have 4 or 5 more weeks at Seed Saver's; I should be able to handle it.
At the end of November I'll be shoveling snow. That will be harder, anyway, since we are expecting a bad year for snowfall. Of course, that means I'll be making a lot of money.
I need to get back to time travel and make all sorts of money with Bitcoins. I don't know if I mentioned it here but I have memories of encountering a future me back in the year 2010. He spent a lot of time messing with computers and he had a car with a license plate from 2017. I think he ended up with a lot of Bitcoins. He told me that I shouldn't invest since it was all rigged, but he knew that I wouldn't listen, anyway.
I've got to change my intro since I wiped out at panning gold, I sold my motor home and they never called me to do any driving for the VA. I just need to eliminate those things as well as any mention of Ebola since that sizzled out.
Conner is playing the piano here at Java John's so I think I'll clean up my intro and start listening to him.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Started my new Job at Seed Savers.

I took the job at Seed Savers. They are an internationally known heirloom seed producer.
My first few days I worked in shipping and processing garlic. 
It wasn't that hard. I was tired but I felt that I could get used to it.
Today was different. I went out to the field with a crew to harvest tomatoes. I almost passed out. I was out of breath and sweating profusely. There were several times that I was dizzy. 
I worked an hour and a half and took the rest of the day off.
I think part of my problem is that I've had pneumonia several time and my lungs have a lot of scar tissues. I also had to do a lot of squats to get to the tomatoes on or near the ground. I don't have the strength in my legs that I used to. 
I'm going back to work tomorrow. I hope they keep me; I need the money.
Talking about money; I sold one of my etchings on Ebay today. I sell them through a place called The Game Exchange. I'll get a little more than $30. I really need it now. 
With the few days that I've worked, and payment for my motor home, I should be able to make my bills for this month. After that, I'll have to find another job. 
If I can get through to the end of November, I'll make plenty of money, shoveling snow. 
We'll see what happens.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Waiting to hear about Two Jobs

Tomorrow I'll hear about whether I get one of two jobs I applied for.
The first one is a computer tech job I've been trying to get for the last month or so; the second is at a place called "Seedsavers exchange". They ship heirloom seeds throughout the world.
I would like to get either of the jobs.
The Seedsavers job only lasts a couple of months but that would get me through a rough patch for me. By the end of November I should be able to make enough money, shoveling snow, to pay my bills for the next 3 or 4 months.
I think the computer tech job is part-time which is great for me.
Last week I applied for a manufacturing job.
I blew it by asking if I could work part-time.
I'm kind of glad that I didn't get the job. It sounded too physical to me; and the plant gets rather hot since there is no air conditioning. I don't think I would be up to it.
I sold some of my precious metals yesterday to keep up with my credit cards. I hated to do it but I figured that the metals would  be taken from me if I had to declare bankruptcy anyway.
I'm trying to sell everything I have just to keep up with my credit card payments.
That's just one of the problems of being poor. Even if you get ahead a bit it will be taken away from you. It always works that way.
I'd like to break that cycle. I just don't know how.
I've tried investing but I always lose since I'm not a Rothschild or Rockefeller. I'm just a poor schmuck who gets cleaned out every time I invest in anything.

Friday, August 26, 2016

I'm Reaching out to a Christian Science Practitioner.

I'm trying to find a Christian Science practitioner to help me time travel.
At the time that I was time traveling in the early 1980's, I was going to church a lot. I consider myself to be a Christian Scientist. Religion seemed to be a part of the experience. So I'm trying to find a practitioner who'll help me go back in time and get some Bitcoins.
To me, it makes sense.
I'm trying to sell most every thing that I have, just to pay bills. Nothing is moving.
The guy who expressed interest in my motor home never showed up.
I reduced the prices on my etchings, but none of them are moving.
I've had my membership to the gold prospecting club on sale for the last 6 months or more.
I suppose I could sell gold and silver but I wouldn't get much for that and I'll need it for the currency collapse.
I don't know what I'll do.
It reminds me of a woman I know who, last week, laid down in a driveway in the hopes of getting run over by a car; thereby committing suicide.
If she had talked with me I'm sure I would have come up with a better way to get the job done. I'm not one to talk anyone out of suicide. I know of at least 3 people who talked with me about suicide and they all succeeded. I'm not sure that it was a bad decision. At least they missed the economic collapse.
On that cheerful note I'll sign off for now.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

It Turns out that I'm Diabetic.

I had a physical and a blood test last week. My glucose levels are way too high.
I looked up the symptoms on the Internet; maybe that explains why I'm so tired, lately.
It seems like I have most of the symptoms that were listed.
Maybe diabetes and schizophrenia are why I don't get much done.
At least I now know what to do to counteract my disease. I need to get more exercise and not eat so much sweets. I'll cut out my snacks and I have to get on my bicycle a lot more.
I'm having financial difficulties so I'll head back to work. I put in for a manufacturing job last week. If I have to I'll go back to telemarketing. I hate to think about it but it's only for a couple of months. By the end of November I can make more than enough money, shoveling snow, to make my bills.
I need to get out to the community college and see if I can find the hard drive (with the Bitcoins on it) that I donated years ago.
The only alternative to finding that involves time travel. I'm crazy enough to believe that it's possible.
I just need to see myself in 2010. I'll buy a lot of Bitcoins. I just need to put them on my laptop which I'll take with me.
The way I see it; time travel is my only hope for a retirement. Hard work and investing are nothing but delusions. The ruling class has everything worked out so there is no way to make any money other than travel back in time and buy Bitcoins. I'll have to give it a shot.
I've gotten several computers working, all laptops. I guess I'll donate them to Community Action. They usually find homes for them.
That's all for now.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I've been thinking about opening my own prepper store.

Actually it's more like day-dreaming; but it seems like a good idea.
Right now, I don't know where the money for such an endeavor would come from. I think we'll be able to get loans for almost any purpose when it is obvious that quantitative easing isn't working. There is talk about "helicopter money". That is just money that is loaned out for almost any purpose.
They'll probably use it to build roads and such; but maybe I could get some as well.
It's worth a shot. Maybe I can make some money at that and take that money and go prospect for gold.
I had an application for an IT job today. I didn't fill it out because I felt that my qualifications weren't up to the job. For someone with no college degree they wanted 8 years of experience. I just forgot about it.
I got water on my good laptop, yesterday. I spilled about half a glass of water on the keyboard. I tried drying it out by leaving it upside down for a day and leaving it in a dry room. It's going to take more of a fix than that. The space key, the enter key and the shift keys aren't working.
Tomorrow, I'll take it apart and find a fan or heat gun to put on it. I don't think I have a heat gun. It may be beyond repair. I'm afraid I may have damaged a chip on the motherboard. The keyboard itself would be pretty hard to really damage but it goes to the motherboard which would be easy to destroy.
Silver went crazy today. There were 2 or 3 swings of over 60 cents each. CNBC tried to blame moves in the dollar for silver's move but the dollar never moves that much. Maybe there will be a better explanation tomorrow.
That's all I have for now.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What I'm Up to Lately.

I haven't blogged for a while.
I'm still looking for my missing Bitcoins.
I found an account of someone named Lazslo who sold thousands of Bitcoins in 2010. Of course, I'm writing myself into that scenario since there is so much money to be made if I did buy Bitcoins that early. I sent him a letter to see if he remembers me.
So far, I haven't had a reply. I'm probably just being schizophrenic when I think about any of this stuff.
I need to find a job and pay off some of my debts. This being off into my dream world doesn't pay any of my bills. It's not too hopeful.
I finally got my bicycle out and pumped up the tires. I got tired just riding it to Java Johns; it's probably only three blocks from my home. I think I'll just leave the van at home and ride the bike.
I forgot that there is an auction involving coins, tonight.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I Started my Business

I started my business of installing Linux and working with Bitcoin, today.
I went to the Chamber of Commerce to see if I need a business license.
I also printed up a few business cards. I'll see if I can get signs made for the van. I already priced it; it will cost around $250 for a couple of magnetic signs.
I'm using the image of the Linux penguin along with my phone number.
All it cost for the business cards was a little more than $5.00 for the card paper. It went right through my printer with no troubles. I had to use my scissors to cut them and they didn't come out perfectly, but it was good enough for me.
I've been meaning to get this off the ground for a couple of years, now; and it feels good to be making headway on it.
On other news, the Brexit hasn't destroyed the world's stock markets as was feared. In fact, I think it was a good thing. The precious metals went up strongly but they seem to be settling down, now.
Maybe they'll do the right thing and raise interest rates but I doubt it. It would bankrupt the government to actually pay interest on it's debt. Therefore they will probably run the currency into a hole in the ground before raising rates.
That's just my opinion.
The end of the financial world seems to be taking a lot longer than I thought it would. I hope it lasts a couple of more years so I can get my preparations in order.
That's all I have for tonight.
I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging more but my schizophrenia has been acting up since I'm trying to cut back on my medications. It's against my religion to be taking any medications but I feel that I need it.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit and Such

 I haven't written anything in my blog for over a week; so it's time.
I stayed up late Thursday night to watch the vote returns in England for the Brexit. I was shocked that Brexit won.
I figured that it would be fixed and therefor there was no way it would win.
I'm glad for the English people. This might portend the breakup of the European Union and maybe even NATO.
Maybe it will be like the breakup of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. hope so, because it turned out that America is as totalitarian as Russia was when it ran the Soviet Union. We're constantly getting involved in wars and basically bossing people around.
So far, I've lost $250 by betting on crypto currencies. I don't know how I could lose but I did.
Monday, I'm going to apply for a job as a computer repair man. I need the money.
I haven't been able to sell the motor home or the etchings. I'm running low on funds and I have to do something.
I went to a hypnotist last week to help me find my Bitcoins. It didn't work.
I couldn't get into a deep enough of a hypnotic state to put myself into my old apartment where I misplaced my bitcoins.
The way I see it I could just a well teleport and time-travel back to 2010 and bring back that number on my own.
It seems to me that if I get to a state where I see myself back in 2010, why not simply go back there and do what I need to do.
I used to time-travel quite a bit; but I'm taking medication for those beliefs, now. I just have to give myself permission to go back there and get that number.
I think I'll dig up Richard Bach's book (Illusions) and go back in time and find that number. At least that's what I'm going to try.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Well, I did it and I'm up $100

I borrowed $2,000 and put it in Bitcoins and Ethereum coins. I'm already up about $100.
It would be more but I accidentally locked up most of my money in Bitcoins. Bitcoins went up as well so I'm still doing well.
I'm glad I didn't buy any more gold and silver since that is being manipulated down. It has something to do with shooting a politician in England and halting the Brexit vote. That helped stocks and drove metals down. I don't think that will last.
My hypnotist canceled my appointment yesterday. He has car troubles and his car is hundreds of miles away from him. I rescheduled it for next week. I hope it goes well. I'm getting too old to be shoveling snow this Winter.
I need to make some money without a lot of manual labor.
The keyboard on this laptop is giving me fits. Last week the "o" key would stick; now it's the "b" key.
Maybe I should replace it. I think I've got some keyboards that would work.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

So, should I do it Again

Einstein's definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
That's the way I am with commodities and options. I don't know how much I've lost betting on commodities and options.
I'm tempted to do it again. Silver and Bitcoins are going through the roof. I expect both to continue to rise and I would like to profit from it.
I could borrow $3500 from a flakey, high interest loan company.
As long as I keep doubling my money on a monthly basis, I would come out ahead.
I think I'll do it with Bitcoins. I can use leverage to buy more coins and I feel that it is more certain than silver.
Of course, I've chased (pie in the sky) schemes before. Always with disastrous results. If any of them would have worked I would be rich right now.
Nothing ever seems to work because the criminal cartel that runs things always rigs the markets that I am playing in.
That's one of the reasons I don't think I'll play silver. That market is rigged. Deutsche bank admitted to rigging it; so why wouldn't someone else rig it?
When you get down to it; everything is rigged. We live in a totally corrupt society. Every market is rigged and only the upper 1% can hope to make any money, playing their game.
I think I'll try, anyway.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Not much is Happening, Lately

I'm at Java John's; listening to a cello player. He's really rocking out.
I was going to watch some of my favorite gloom and doomers on Youtube; but the music is too good to ignore, tonight.
Not much is going on in my life. I might get the motor home sold next week. One guy wants to give me $750 for it if it runs. Another guy might give me $500 as is. I hope to get it moved next week.
I'm going to a hypnotist next Wednesday. I still hope to find my Bitcoins. I'm tired of working and being poor as well. It's time that some good things happen to me.
I gave away a computer to the guy who wants to buy my motor home. I've still got 3 more working and one I'm waiting for parts.
I bought another (parts machine). I hope that I can't get it running because I'm tired of accumulating computers and needing parts for another one. I've got to get out of the computer repair hobby.
I end up putting $50 or more into each machine and then I give them away because there is no market for old laptops. It's a bad habit like drinking or something.
Well, that's all that I have for now.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Might Have Another Job Lined Up

I went to Manpower, today; and they might have another job for me. It would be a manufacturing job with a lot of heavy lifting.
It pays $11.00/hr which is more than I've made in the last 15 years.
I should be able to get out of debt in about six months. I might quit after that. I can make a lot of money shoveling snow by then.
I rather enjoy shoveling snow. I can take a lot of coffee breaks between jobs and I don't knock myself out at it.
I'll be working the graveyard shift which is fine with me. At least I can run around in the daytime and get things done. That was a problem with the telemarketing job. I couldn't get things done during the day since I was always working or driving to and from work.
Tomorrow I'm going to the VA clinic for a teleconference with a therapist and I'm also going to a class for working at the poll for the primary towards the end of June.
Well, Java John's is closing so I'll be going.

Friday, May 27, 2016

My Last Day at the Call Center.

Today I put in my last day at the call center. I hated that job. I'm just not cut out for telemarketing.
Last week there was mention about serving two masters in my bible lesson. It also mentioned the "Lilies of the Field" and how they are cared for. I took that as a sign to quit my job. I was only into it for the money and now, I'm pretty well set up for a while.
I'll still have to get a job but maybe I can get an IT job or maybe something in social work.
Of course I have car troubles as soon as I quit my job. A rock hit the windshield and put a large crack in it. Maybe insurance will cover some of it.
I'm still wondering why the economy hasn't collapsed yet. People are saying that tomorrow the world's economy will collapse.
It was supposed to collapse last September 15th. I'm beginning to doubt the gloom and doomers. Everything seems to hold together better than I expect. Maybe I should just forget about all the doom talk and get on with life.
On a different topic, I have a couple of computers I could give away or sell. I've got another one coming from Ebay next week. It's stripped down but I have all the parts to get it running good. When I do I'll have three computers I could sell. I can only hope to get $50 a piece for them but that's money when I need it. I might just give them away. We'll see.
I've got to get serious about finding a job. Raymundo is quitting his job here at Java Johns. I've never been a barista but I could learn. I think there is a future in it and I'm here all the time any way. In the Winter I shovel snow for food, here. Maybe I can get hired to brew coffee. It's worth asking about.
In a couple of weeks I'll try to find my bitcoins through hypnosis. I hope it works because I'm tired of poverty. I'll keep everyone posted on how that works. I was thinking I should keep quiet about it but I'll just pay my taxes if I have any to pay. I don't think I owe taxes until I sell them and now I don't even have them because I forgot the number that I need to access my bitcoins.
Well, not much is happening.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Piano Player is Setting up but I Think I'll Keep on Blogging

Last week I signed off when the piano player started setting up at Java Johns; this week I'll just blog on.
I'm still telemarketing and there doesn't seem to be any end to it. I keep looking for other jobs but nothing is showing up.
I decided to keep on shoveling snow this Winter. I'll just take a lot of days off from the telemarketing. I make more money at snow shoveling and I don't want to travel in bad weather, anyway.
I'm going to be working at the polls as well. The first time is a couple of weeks from now. I make more money doing that than telemarketing as well. I'm registered as a Democrat but think I'll vote for Trump. I doubt if Sanders will be nominated and I can't see voting for Hilary since it would just be a continuation of the crime families running the U.S. I think a lot of Democrats will end up voting for Trump.
On a different topic, gold and silver went down this week.
There's talk about raising interest rates in June. It looks like a repeat of what happened last December when they raised rates.
Just before the rates went up precious metals went down.
After raising rates, the stock market collapsed and metals went through the roof. Gold might go up another $100 and silver could go up another $2.00. That's what I think will happen.
I think I've got Gary convinced to buy some silver, finally. When told him that it went down, the first words out of his mouth was that "now is the time to buy it".
I hope he does because when the currency collapses at least I'll have one friend who still has some money.
I'm too poor to make any significant money so I'll be like a deer in the headlights when the currency collapses; but maybe some of my friends will be ahead of the game. I doubt that anyone I know will be at all prepared for it as well, since no one believes me when I tell them about what is coming. We'll all be caught with our pants down.
At least we live in a small, farming community. We'll be better of than city dwellers in California.
Well, I think I'll listen to the piano player.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Still Hanging on to Telemarketing Job

I'm still working as a telemarketer. I hate the job but it helps me financially.
I don't know what I would have done without that job. Apparently I've made over $2,000 there. I spent over $600 on repairs for the van. The rest just went to normal bills. It shows me how deep in the hole I am financially. I can't hope to leave there until I find something else.
I applied for a couple of jobs at Luther College, today. They're janitor jobs and involve shoveling snow as well. I hope I get one. All I can do is to keep applying for jobs. Here I am, 68 years old and trying to get any job I can.
I sent in some forms for a class-action law suit the other day. It involved a silver company that kept important information from it's investors. I don't think I'll get anything since I made money on that trade. The same thing happened with Enron. I wasn't eligible for compensation since I didn't lose anything.
I have hopes that there will be more lawsuits over silver. I've invested heavily in it over the years and I mostly lose money on those investments. After Deutsche Bank admitted to manipulating the gold and silver markets the road is opened to filing class action lawsuits against the manipulators.
Gold and silver have been moving a lot, recently.  At one point silver was over $18/ounce and gold was around $1300/ounce. They both fell from those highs but they seem to be coming back.
I applied for and got a line of credit for over $3,000 today. At least I'll have some money to bet on gold and silver options if they go through the roof.
Before I do that I'll get some currency for the collapse. If the banks close, it will be important to have currency for daily needs.
Well, the piano player is getting set up at Java John's so I'll sign off for now.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I Tried to Find My Bitcoins

Last Wednesday I went to a hypnotist in Minneapolis to try to find my bitcoins.
I bought them in the Summer of 2010. They are worth a lot of money; but I forgot the number that transfers them. I need to remember that number. It was on both a computer and a flash drive but they both died; and I have no record of them.
I had my hopes built up when the hypnotist said that my subconscious would remember everything.
Then I blew it by mentioning that I'm schizophrenic. She decided that it was too dangerous to hypnotize me. It was a wasted trip.
I'll try again with a different hypnotist and this time I won't mention being schizophrenic.
I'm still working as a telemarketer. I hate this job and I keep looking for another job. Nothing has shown up yet. Being old and mentally ill doesn't help anything.
I should be grateful for what I have going.
I was watching something on YouTube about the economic collapse and the person being interviewed said that we should accumulate currency. He said that when the banks lock their doors we'll have to use what currency we have to get by for a while. He put it ahead of saving silver and gold.
I think he has a point. I'll try to save some dollar bills as well as gold and silver.
I got the van fixed. That set me back about a month as far as accumulating assets.
Well, every thing else is proceeding as normal. I'm poor and trying to get ready for the collapse. It's a lost cause; it takes too much money to be a decent prepper. I'll just do what I can and hope for the best.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Still Looking for a New Job

I haven't heard anything from McDonald's about the graveyard shift job. I guess I didn't get it.
I was also turned down for an IT job at the local college.
I really wanted that job but I guess I didn't have the education for it. They required degrees; unlike California where they are only concerned about whether you can do the job.
I applied for two jobs so far today.
The first was at the Co-op. They have a lot of job openings; including accounting (which I did at the Peace Center).
The second was at Java Johns. I don't know anything about being a barista but I could learn. It's only for weekends and it's part time. I would take it over the telemarketing job since there is a future in it.
On a different topic, Silver is going through the roof. It went from around $15/ounce to over $17 in less than two weeks. At one time it was over $17.60. Right now it's just shy of $17.
I think it's moving so much because it was made easier to buy it in China. The Shanghai exchange now accepts Yuan as well as the dollar. More Chinese people can buy it, now.
I expect it to keep moving and my options will explode in value.
Bitcoins are also moving up; and I bought Ethereum. Ethereum had a better rate of transactions. Bitcoins were only able to process 7 transactions a second.
Well Bitcoin improved their rate and then it went up in value; then Ehereum went down. I'm out about $10.
I'm paying over $600 to get my parking brake fixed. Since I owe so much for the car, I'm paying to have it fixed. If it was an old beater I would just take the bulb out of the dashboard and forget about it. I might have to sell the car in a year or so, so I had it fixed. I feel like a fool for caring about it. I probably paid more than the car was worth. It really fouls me up when it comes to getting my finances in order. Cars are just too expensive. I would be better off just riding a bicycle.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Three Jobs in Three Months?

I had an interview for a custodial job at McDonald's yesterday. I hope I get it; I really don't like telemarketing. 
I would be working in the middle of the night but that's alright by me since I could watch the markets in the daytime. 
If I get the job, it will be my third one in under three months. 
I might not get as many hours in but it pays better per hour and I won't have to travel an hour and a half a day to get to work. In fact I could ride my bicycle to work. I could stay in Decorah.
I don't look forward to moving since all of my friends and favorite coffee shops are here. 
I'm getting turned down when I apply for credit card credit limit raises and loans. I'm going to close down most of my bank accounts and credit card accounts if they don't give me loans at low interest rates. I don't see any reason to fool around with those people. If I can't get more money out of them I'll just close my accounts. 
My van is giving me troubles. The brake light came on. The broken emergency brake cable is the problem. It's going to cost over $350 to fix it. That is more than a week's pay. It turned out that there is a cheap way to fix it that includes patching up the cable. I should have asked around before committing to fixing it at a car dealership. Well at least it will be done right, and it should last the life of the car. 
I'm buying a lot of silver on Ebay as well as Amagi Metals. I still can't get enough to make me feel at all secure during the currency collapse. I need to either sell something for some real money or keep working at a job that pays well. I need a lot of money for prepping (such as buying dehydrated food) and stocking up on precious metals. 
It looks like the collapse is coming quicker than I thought it would. I'm seeing things on the Internet that makes me thing we are in the middle of the collapse right now. 
Maybe it will blow over like the Ebola scare. I hope it does. I need a couple of years to get prepared at all. Poverty makes it impossible to really get ready for the inevitable collapse. 
Oh well,

Saturday, April 9, 2016

I got out from under my worst loan

To get back from California, I borrowed almost $4000 at around 100% interest. That loan was killing me.
I got it paid off by borrowing against my van. I now owe over $5,000 on the van but it's at 12% so I'm saving over $200/month.
I was able to use my new job as more income against my loan; that made it possible to get the loan.
I feel much better, now. I was worried about what I would do if my income went down and I didn't have the money to pay the loans and credit cards.
The next step is to pay off credit cards and maybe get loans to do that at a lower interest rate. I'm hoping for something around 11% which would be better than the 20+% that I've been paying.
I think I'll just pay off my First Premier card. It has a bad reputation for extra charges.
The next thing I'll do is to pay off my credit cards with low interest loans. In the next 6 months or so I should be in a lot better shape, financially.

Friday, March 25, 2016

My Second Day of Telemarketing and I Almost got a Sale.

I stayed home from work yesterday and shoveled snow. It was some of the worst weather that we've had this winter. The snow was wet and heavy; it was hard work. I didn't make much money but at least I didn't risk having an accident driving to work.
I'm feeling drained from all the shoveling. It all melted, today; but it had to be shoveled yesterday.
I got in my first full day of telemarketing today. I'm still nervous and making mistakes but I almost had a sale. I just screwed up taking the information about where to send the book I was selling. I sent the customer some information and we'll get back to him next week. I feel certain that I'll get that sale.
I'm glad to get a job that will last a while. I was really worrying about finances. Now I'll just refinance some of my worse loans and credit cards since I have a new job; and I can show some more income. That should turn things around. I also hope to sell some things like etchings and my motor home. That will really help.
I'm still thinking about going back to California and search for gold. This time I'll have more money to work with. I might just be too old for all the hard work that, that entails. I would probably be better off selling books on the phone and buy gold with my income.
I'll probably do something that involves having an increased income and finding gold. If I found enough gold I could certainly justify going back to California and prospecting again.
The first time I went out there I didn't find enough gold to go back; but I have some new ideas about how to look for gold. If things work out I may go back in a year or two.
On a different topic; Raymundo is going  with me to church this Sunday. He must be facing a lonely Easter Sunday as well as myself. I hope that Barnes & Noble is open that day. I'll have to check on that. I've got a coupon for a 20% discount; I'll use it for food.
That's all for now.

Monday, March 21, 2016

I Broke a Tooth and I Start Telemarketing Wednesday

I broke a tooth last week. I was concerned that it would mess me up with telemarketing this week.
I went to the dentist this morning. He simply ground down the sharp places and said that it wasn't in danger of getting infected. I'll be at work this Wednesday; come Hell or high water.
That reminds me; it's supposed to snow this Wednesday. I kind of hope that I can get off of work so I could shovel snow. I can make more money at that than I can telemarketing. Oh, well. The snow will probably melt before I can get to  it.
Tomorrow I get my taxes done. It's free at the Library. An organization called RSVP does it for poor and retired people. I think I have every thing I need for it.
I went to a gun show in Onalaska, WI, yesterday. I was going to go to church but I forgot about that.
I was surprised to find that the guns in Wisconsin were a lot cheaper than the ones in Waterloo, Iowa. Maybe people in Wisconsin don't have as much money as Iowans. I was too broke to buy anything but I'll keep my eyes open for more gun shows when I have money.
What I really want is a mini-14; that's a smaller caliber version of the M-14. It's chambered in .223 instead of .308. It's a common round but I am a little afraid that it might piss off any bears I encounter in the mountains of California. A .308 would put them down for the count. I sold my Mosin-Nagant a few weeks ago. I needed the money.
Oh well, I didn't see any bears last summer so it's probably an unreasonable fear, anyway.
According to a guy named Bo Polny gold and silver were supposed to take off today. It didn't happen. I was probably to only one surprised by that. I'm beginning to think that gold and silver prices can be held down forever. When markets are so manipulated there is no telling when the manipulation will end. Maybe it's a forever thing.
I should just pay off my bills and buy some dried food and forget about precious metals.
That reminds me. I was cheated on some supposedly silver coins last week. The mint at Niue made some coins commemorating Disney princesses. These coins had the very same front as the Niue coins but they were labeled as being from New Zealand on the back. I reported the counterfeiting to Ebay. I doubt that anything will be done about it. I'm out about $40. I should have done more research. I did Google New Zealand Disney coins and I came up with no indication that they were counterfeit.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I got another job.

I found another job today. It's telemarketing and I'll be working through Manpower for a while.
It's in a town named Monona which is about 45 minutes of driving time away.
I'm figuring on working there for a few weeks to make sure that it's a good fit.
Gary told me that there is nothing in Monona so I'll always be coming back here for coffee and ice cream.
Maybe he's right. All of my friends and favorite coffee shops are here in Decorah. I'll be very tempted to come back all of the time.
I don't start working until next Wednesday so I'll be tempted to simply find a job at a gas station or McDonald's and avoid driving so much. I have a week to accomplish that. McDonald's seems serious about hiring people. I could also work there on weekends while I also work the other job.
At least it looks like I'll get the money to get out of debt and to set up for another trip to California.
One of my biggest problems in California was poverty. I borrowed heavily to get there and then I didn't have the money to do a proper job of prospecting. If I work hard and save my money I should be able to go back in a year or two. The next time I'll be more ready for what I have to spend and do to find gold.
In spite of being very broke I find myself buying more silver on Ebay. I bought 3 silver coins minted by New Zealand's mint the other day. They look real to me but the seller said that they were silver plated. If they were, I'll turn them into the New Zealand national police since they are obvious counterfeits. We'll see by Saturday.
I called a precious metals dealer about a gold coin that I bought last Summer. It turned out that it hadn't been delivered because the company had been bought by someone else and my order got lost in the shuffle. They said that they would deliver it. It will be a couple of weeks before I see it. I'm glad to be getting it.
That's all for now.

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Job Came and Went'

I had a job for 2 days. That's all I could handle.
My biggest problem was bending over and getting back up. If I had to get down to the ground I couldn't get back up.
At least I got a couple of days in. It'll help with the bills.
I found myself counting all the money that I hadn't earned yet and I was thinking about how I would spend it all; now I'm back to poverty and wondering where it will all come from.
I've got to sell my etchings and motor home. I guess I'll sell the membership to the gold prospecting club "The New49er's" as well.
I hate to sell things that are important to me but it has to happen.
I'm sending in applications for IT jobs.
They'll pay better and won't require stooping over.
I haven't heard from any of my applications yet but I have hopes. In a worse case scenario I could sell the car and get by with a bicycle.  I see the mail deliverers doing that, now. The recession is just getting worse.

Friday, March 4, 2016

I got a Job!

It finally happened; someone hired me at over minimum wage. 
I'll be working at a place called Roto-Cast. I start next Monday.
I'll be working with plastics and chemicals which is probably why nobody else wanted the job. 
That's fine with me; I'll have the money to pay down my debts and I'll buy more gold and silver. 
I'm rather happy about this development. 
Here I am 68 years old and happy as Hell to be working full time.
On a different track; silver and gold seems to be breaking out. Jsnip4 on YouTube said that the IAU etf quit taking new orders. I tried to buy some GLD and SLV options and I got a mysterious message that said I couldn't go to those sites on Etrade today. 
I later went back and bought some SLV options. At least I got some options. I also bought a couple of coins (Austrian Philharmonics).
I did what I could. Gold and silver went through the roof, today according to CNBC.
I called Gary and told him to buy now since he might not ever be able to get precious metals after next week. 
I'm probably wrong but it looks like we are finally running out of precious metals. We'll know next week. 
This might be your only notification that the world is out of gold and silver so I would buy now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Defending my Trip to California

I had a dream last night. I found myself defending my thinking in going to California.
Here are some of the points I made:

  1. I felt that the currency was about to collapse and gold would be the only thing worth anything.
  2. I could accumulate gold and not declare it on taxes.
  3. I would be able to live on the claims that I have a right to be on.
  4. I bought a membership to a club that has the rights to mine gold on over 60 claims in Northern California.
  5. I bought a motor home so I could live comfortably in California.
My mistakes were:
  1. Buying the membership; it's too expensive and I didn't use the mentoring help that it promised.
  2. Buying the motor home. I never did get it running and it's too expensive anyway.
  3. Living in Yreka; it's too far from the gold fields and I ended up renting an apartment that I couldn't afford.
  4. I didn't get out to the claims enough. I wasn't expecting the 110 degree heat and the hard work.
  5. I was just too broke to make it work, last year. I still am too broke.
  6. I spent a lot of time going to Ashland, OR and spending money at the Starbucks.
Maybe I'll try again but it would be after I've got some money together and a motor home or trailer working.

Monday, February 22, 2016

I've Been Meaning to talk about this for a while.

I think I've been watching too many negative YouTube channels.
Today I was convinced that silver had to break out because the guy who does the "Web bot" videos said it would happen, today.
Well, it didn't happen; in fact silver went down by about 20 cents. He shouldn't have gone so far out on a limb with his predictions.
I'm beginning to think that the people who are predicting the end of the economic system and that silver and gold will go through the roof don't know anything more than I do. And I'm really uninformed about this stuff.
I think they cater to the fear that is inherent in all of us. We are trying to be prepared for what is coming up. I think that fear for the future is normal for Northern European people. Since we are from a place with a bad climate we have centuries of preparing for a negative future. It's in our genes.
I think that is why I've always been a sucker for someone saying that the world's economy is about to collapse and we all have to stock up on food and silver in order to be ready for it.
That's why I buy silver options and stock up on food and guns.
I've been played for a fool. I could have saved an expensive trip to California when I was looking for gold. I'm paying for that now.
I think I just need a job, here and pay off my debts. If I forget about preparing for something I can't do anything about I'll have a lot more money for just living. That's the main thing, anyway.
I'm so poor that there is nothing I can really do to prepare for anything, anyway. After all I have to beg for food from a church just to get by on a monthly basis.
I'll just have to concentrate on getting along and forget all this preparation bs.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I Would have thrown away $247 if I had it.

I was watching a webinar today.
It was one of my positive thinking things. Sonia Ricotti (I may be misspelling that name), interviewed a group of people who were telling me how to change my thinking and therefor my life. It was rather long and it really was good; there were a lot of good stories and a lot of insight.
Every half hour or 45 minutes they tried to sell a package of books and DVDs. It also included personal coaching for a couple of months.
It sounded good to me. I just don't have any money left after my trip to California.
It got me to thinking about how I'm always trying to get something for nothing; or in this case $247.
When you are poor you find yourself grabbing for any straws that appear. That's why most of the lottery tickets are bought by poor people. There really isn't much else that holds out the hope of breaking out of the working class rut.
That's probably why I ran off to California, last year. Yet another get rich quick scheme that bit me in the behind.
That leads me to talking about something that's been in the back of my mind for a few months.
Should I write off gold prospecting as another wild goose chase or should I continue to work towards going prospecting again.
It feels good to have something that I'm working towards; as in having a plan for my future. Gold prospecting fits in pretty well with my survivalist thinking.
In my future scenario for a future after the economic collapse, people will still be using gold for money. Therefor it would makes sense to have some. I could also be living way out in the "boonies" and be self-contained in my motor home.
The troubles are that I'm not young anymore and I don't get enough actual work done. I need someone to go with me. I spent too much money and I still don't have a way to do it any cheaper unless I live in a tent. If I don't find a job I may go back to California and live in my car and tent.
I was disappointed with how little gold there actually is to be found. I watch Youtube videos where people get all excited about finding little specs of gold. For me to be interested, I need to find some real quantities of the yellow metal. I have doubts that I'll ever find enough on those "played out" claims in Northern California.
Either way, I think I'll sell the motor home. It's just a giant "money pit" I don't know how much I've already spent on it and there doesn't seem to be any end to it. It's time to cut my losses.
I'll talk to Dan about unloading it as soon as I see him.
If I go back to California I can live in my van.
Well, it's time for a bite to eat and a refill on my coffee.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Failed now I have to Suffer the Consequences

Yesterday I was talking with a loan officer about transferring the balance on one of my loans. He said that by his calculations I only have $25/month to live on.
I've got to do desperate things to get out of the hole I dug myself. Here is a list of measures I feel I need to take:

  1. Get a job.
  2. Sell the car.
  3. Sell the motor home.
  4. Sell my membership to the "New 49ers".
  5. Sell the etchings. 
I haven't worked for more than minimum wage for the last 20 years or more, so there is no reason to feel that I'll find something that really pays. I'll just have to canvass the gas stations and McDonolds and see if anyone is hiring.
I'll have to wait on selling the car until I see that I don't need it for the job.
I could save more than $300/month by getting rid of the car. That includes gas and insurance as well as the payment. I could live on that.
Selling the motor home means giving up on the idea of living cheaply in a motor home. I was thinking I would just park it on claims and live for free. That's not happening. Motor home park spaces would probably cost as much as I'm paying for apartment rent anyway.
Giving up on gold prospecting probably makes sense. I didn't have the energy for it, anyway.
I'm still waiting to hear from Bonham's about whether they want to auction off my etchings. It's been over a month since I asked for an appraisal. It doesn't seem to be happening.
In desperation, I'm trying "Law of Attraction" manifesting. Tomorrow, I'm going to church to pray and find a practitioner to work for me. Nothing else has ever worked. It's worth a try.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Haven't Posted for a While

I'm sorry that I haven't posted for  a while. I don't know why I haven't. I just got busy with other things like shoveling snow.
It's been a terrible year for snow removal. There just hasn't been much snow. I am making enough to pay my bills but I'll have to find some sort of job for after the snow season is over.
If I can make it through the next year I'll be in good financial shape. The expense of going to California to pan for gold put me into a bind.
Maybe I'll sell the van. That would get me out of the loan and I need something like a Jeep that I could tow behind the motor home, anyway.
A Jeep would be ideal since it has a stick shift transmission and I could use it better for "off road" traveling. Most of the places I drove around  in the mountains of California needed an off road vehicle.
That still leaves me with the problem of finding someone to go with me since I don't have the energy to actually work a claim. Raymundo said that he would go, if they shut down the school system and he wouldn't be able to teach Spanish. That seems unlikely, but it's progress. Nobody else has shown any interest at all in panning for gold.
I got a couple of laptops from my sister for Christmas. One worked right away but the other one is giving me troubles. When I first got it, the sound on the left speaker didn't work. I bought a couple of similar computers for parts. One of them, I got to working and it's better than the one my sister gave me. I'm going to keep it.
I'm going backwards on the computer my sister gave me. Now neither speaker works. The headset works fine. I think I'll get it running and give it away to Community Action. Joan (down there) finds homes for my computers. I can't sell them anymore. Laptops are just too cheap to sell and I have to give them away.
That's all for now.