Friday, March 11, 2016

A Job Came and Went'

I had a job for 2 days. That's all I could handle.
My biggest problem was bending over and getting back up. If I had to get down to the ground I couldn't get back up.
At least I got a couple of days in. It'll help with the bills.
I found myself counting all the money that I hadn't earned yet and I was thinking about how I would spend it all; now I'm back to poverty and wondering where it will all come from.
I've got to sell my etchings and motor home. I guess I'll sell the membership to the gold prospecting club "The New49er's" as well.
I hate to sell things that are important to me but it has to happen.
I'm sending in applications for IT jobs.
They'll pay better and won't require stooping over.
I haven't heard from any of my applications yet but I have hopes. In a worse case scenario I could sell the car and get by with a bicycle.  I see the mail deliverers doing that, now. The recession is just getting worse.

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