Friday, March 4, 2016

I got a Job!

It finally happened; someone hired me at over minimum wage. 
I'll be working at a place called Roto-Cast. I start next Monday.
I'll be working with plastics and chemicals which is probably why nobody else wanted the job. 
That's fine with me; I'll have the money to pay down my debts and I'll buy more gold and silver. 
I'm rather happy about this development. 
Here I am 68 years old and happy as Hell to be working full time.
On a different track; silver and gold seems to be breaking out. Jsnip4 on YouTube said that the IAU etf quit taking new orders. I tried to buy some GLD and SLV options and I got a mysterious message that said I couldn't go to those sites on Etrade today. 
I later went back and bought some SLV options. At least I got some options. I also bought a couple of coins (Austrian Philharmonics).
I did what I could. Gold and silver went through the roof, today according to CNBC.
I called Gary and told him to buy now since he might not ever be able to get precious metals after next week. 
I'm probably wrong but it looks like we are finally running out of precious metals. We'll know next week. 
This might be your only notification that the world is out of gold and silver so I would buy now.
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