Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I got another job.

I found another job today. It's telemarketing and I'll be working through Manpower for a while.
It's in a town named Monona which is about 45 minutes of driving time away.
I'm figuring on working there for a few weeks to make sure that it's a good fit.
Gary told me that there is nothing in Monona so I'll always be coming back here for coffee and ice cream.
Maybe he's right. All of my friends and favorite coffee shops are here in Decorah. I'll be very tempted to come back all of the time.
I don't start working until next Wednesday so I'll be tempted to simply find a job at a gas station or McDonald's and avoid driving so much. I have a week to accomplish that. McDonald's seems serious about hiring people. I could also work there on weekends while I also work the other job.
At least it looks like I'll get the money to get out of debt and to set up for another trip to California.
One of my biggest problems in California was poverty. I borrowed heavily to get there and then I didn't have the money to do a proper job of prospecting. If I work hard and save my money I should be able to go back in a year or two. The next time I'll be more ready for what I have to spend and do to find gold.
In spite of being very broke I find myself buying more silver on Ebay. I bought 3 silver coins minted by New Zealand's mint the other day. They look real to me but the seller said that they were silver plated. If they were, I'll turn them into the New Zealand national police since they are obvious counterfeits. We'll see by Saturday.
I called a precious metals dealer about a gold coin that I bought last Summer. It turned out that it hadn't been delivered because the company had been bought by someone else and my order got lost in the shuffle. They said that they would deliver it. It will be a couple of weeks before I see it. I'm glad to be getting it.
That's all for now.
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