Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hard Drive Doesn't work

The hard drive that I was trying on the Macintosh at work didn't work. It was just too new of an operating system for that old computer. I took it home and I may install it on my Dell. I put the old hard drive back in and it works on the Mac. It's just too old and slow of an operating system to really be useful. I asked Julie about putting Linux on it but we'll have to wait until Ruth lets us.
We had a misplaced flash drive this morning. Apparently I misfiled it. We were looking for it for at least half an hour and it finally turned up in a file cabinet.
We've been experimenting with Google Drive and other Google applications. I think we could go with that and replace our Libre office stuff. I am afraid that it might not be complex enough for our uses though. We were able to transfer files and print easily with it today. It's a cloud-based system and everything seems to be going that way. Cloud-based means that instead of having applications here they are on a server somewhere.
I got another old Ibook G4 today. It's a 14 inch screen. That's rather large for me. It seems to be working. It had a problem that was similar to another 14 inch Ibook that I have. When you turn it on it beeps 3 times and the hibernate light comes on and flashes but the screen stays black. The other one got progressively bad. It got to the point that I gave up on it. Now I have to wonder if there was something wrong with it's hard drive. I ran fsck on this one and it seems to be working fine. Of course, intermittent
problems can be that way. I'll play with it for a while.
The old printer broke. I think it happened when I had the ink cartridge out and turn off the computer. The printer went into a shut down mode with the cartridge opened. It broke some plastic and I threw it out.
The new printer only cost me $43. It's a Canon scanner, copier and printer combined. I got it working by loading a new form of Linux on the desktop. It was time to do that anyway. I don't think I've had an operating system on any of my machines for more than 6 months, anyway.
My running has been taking a back seat to the cold weather that we've been having. I don't have very warm running clothes. It's been bitterly cold so I've said to heck with it. I'll start in a few days.
Not much else is happening. I guess I'll go to Ebay and write some feedback for things that have gotten here lately.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Overeating at Culvers

I am such a sucker for free ice cream. I just finished a hamburger and a dish of ice cream even though I wasn't really hungary. Those coupons are getting to me. I now have two more to use. Every time I come in I get one or two coupons. I'm going to be adding weight.
At least I started running. I'm trying to get into shape by jogging. I run from my home to the bank which is on top of the hill from where I live. Maybe it is 300 yards away. It's not far but it's a start. I'm only running every other day to give myself a little time to recover.
The black Dell desktop at work is giving me troubles. I replaced the CMOS battery last week and it seems to be better. I also replaced the CD player. The old one wouldn't even eject at all. At least the new one ejects but I've only been able to read a disk once or twice. I'm going to try loading a live form of Linux Mint on it and see if everything will work. A live version means that it runs from the flash drive or the CD and doesn't touch the hard drive. If it works, I'll load the whole program. I think it will work. It's possible that the hard drive is damaged as well. Only time will tell.
I hope to get the new hard drive into the Mac at work as well. I was hoping to get it in the mail, yesterday. But it didn't arrive. Maybe it will be here tomorrow. If that works I'll be able to take the Mac's hard drive out and use it in the Dell. I'll find out if I can do that when I remove it. I hope that it used an IDE hard drive. Those are pretty common now. I might be a scuzzy drive. That is the type that Mac used a long time ago. The cables will be different if they are incompatible.
I also hope to get the ink cartridge for my printer, tomorrow. If it comes from China, I won't be seeing that for another week. I got my printer to work with Linux as far as the utilities are concerned. I had a problem removing the ink cartridge. I played around with it and it works now. I need to print 22 pages of tax information from Etrade before I can do my taxes. it would cost $.25/pg to print it at the library. That's over $5.00.
Well, tomorrow its supposed to snow again. I'm tired of it. It probably won't amount to much but I'm just burned out on snow. That is especially true now that I have another job. I'll be making enough money at the Peace and Justice Center. I don't really need the snow money.
I don't really have anything to add. Not much is happening today.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bought the wrong hard drive

It's a snowy day in Decorah. I made some money, this morning, shoveling snow. It didn't interfere with my job at the Peace and Justice Center. I'm working there, on a part time basis, to learn about IT work.
Anyway, while there, I got into looking for a newer operating system for an old IMac that they have. I went home and got on EBay. I ended up looking at hard drives that had an operating system pre-installed. I got to thinking about my worst old Ibook G4. I can't load an operating system because the plug for the CD player is broken. I tried using firewire but that didn't work. So I bought the hard drive. Only after I payed for it did I notice that it is a 3 1/2 inch drive. The Ibook takes a 2 1/2 inch drive. That makes it useful for a desktop only. Maybe I can install it in the old IMac. We'll see.
Other than I'm spending too much money at the new job, it is going well. I spent $30 last week for a firewire cable. I can use that at home as well as at work but I couldn't get the operating systems to work. I think it might be that Macintosh simply rejects anything that isn't a Macintosh operating system. I know that it's that way with the flash drives. I'll have to try loading some of the old Macintosh operating systems on my home computer. That might work.
Culver's is loading me up with free coupons. Each time I come in they give me a coupon that I have to take a survey with. Then I get free ice cream the next time I come. I'm a sucker for free things. I'm going to get very fat. Not only do I eat the ice cream but I end up ordering something else as well. I guess that I don't want to look like the cheap skate that I really am. Anyway, tonight I had chile french fries as well as ice cream.
Tomorrow it is supposed to snow again. The last weather report I saw had it snowing from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. That may mess me up with the job at Peace and Justice. The snow that came down today melted as fast as it came down. I only had to deal with the snow that came overnight. That was bad enough. It was wet and heavy. I doubt that tomorrow's snow will amount to anything but I've been wrong before.
Well, I've got a survey to fill out.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Quiet Day at Java Johns

Not much is happening today. I'm just hanging out at Java Johns and reading the paper.
I asked Mary, here, if she would like a desktop computer for her customer's use.
There is an old Imac at the Peace and Justice Center, which is something of a spare. I'm thinking of swapping it for one of my old laptops and taking it to Java John's. I would like to get $50 out of it. I put a lot of time and money into these old laptops and I feel I should get something out of them.
The new job is going pretty well. I'm having trouble getting the web page to work with the editor for the  calendar. CenturyLink hijacks the program in the middle of things and doesn't let me do anything. I have to get with them to straighten it out.
A beautiful young lady named Sonya moved into an office associated with the Peace and Justice Center, yesterday. I have to check if she is married. That's definitely worth hitting on if she's not.
I got an old laptop from Ebay, yesterday. Most of the time it's dead as a doornail. Every so often it chimes when I boot it. I'm going to replace the display and see if that is dead. It might only be good for parts. It had a good AC adapter, battery, and memory module. Well, today's project is to try to get it working.
Well, that's all for today.
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