Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I did lose my job.

I lost my job for one day when I told them I wouldn't work the new program.
They called Manpower within a couple of hours and hired me back at the old program.
I still have to drive 1 hr. one way for a telemarketing job but at least I can pay my bills for a while.
I'll be looking for a new apartment in Monana, next month. It's too far to drive and maybe I could sell the car if I could walk to work.
On a different topic, Dan is paying me $100 of the $200 he owes me.
If I can get a cash advance on a credit card I'll be able to catch up at the credit union to the point that at least I'm not over drawn.
I'm waiting to hear from Dan; he's driving from 50 miles away. He's in Winowa.
I'm going to see about the cash advance.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

i may lose my job tomorrow.

I got put on a different program today.
Basically we are brow-beating little old ladies into paying hundreds of dollars for skin cream that they claim the never ordered.
I tend to believe them when they say they never ordered the product. I'm thinking that someone has hacked the web page where they allegedly bought the product.
I told Lori at Manpower that I wanted off of the program. I'll stay there if they want me to on other programs; but I think they'll let me go.
At least I got a week and a half of work in. I'll be looking for another job, soon.
The lack of snow this year really messed me up. I have to remember that "God provides".
I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

I got my First Sale.

I started my telemarketing job last Tuesday. The first couple of days were spent in training and doing paperwork.
Friday afternoon I finally got a sale. Actually I'm doing pretty well. It's hard to get people to buy anything over the phone, so getting 1 sale for a day and a half of work isn't doing all that badly.
Things are looking a lot better for me, financially. I've got a tough week ahead while I'm waiting for my first check, but I'll get through it. I've got food and enough money for gasoline to get to work.
This year has been bad for me because there was just no money to be made, shoveling snow.
I feel that I'm caught in a "debt trap". I keep borrowing money to pay bills but I don't have enough money to get out of debt. Instead of paying off debt I'm just paying the interest on that debt.
The United States government is in the same situation. There doesn't seem any way out of debt. I'm a "debt slave". All I'm working for is going to credit card payments and such.
On a related topic, I would like to sell my etchings for bitcoins. I have a bunch of etchings, done by Malcolm Childers, that I would like to sell. I've had them listed on Ebay. I go through the Game Exchange here in Decorah to sell them. I don't really have the time to watch the auctions myself so I pay a commission to the Game Exchange to list them for me.
If you are interested in buying some nice etchings, especially if you want to use bitcoins to buy them just leave a comment here and I'll arrange something.
That's pretty much all I have for now.
I haven't mentioned that I have 3 computers ready to sell. I almost had 4 but one of them gave up the ghost. I need a battery for a couple of them but I'll buy them with the money from the new job next Saturday.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Two Miracles

Two miracles have happened recently.
The first is that the currency didn't collapse as scheduled. Silver went up sharply but that was the only indication that something was happening with the interest rates and the debt ceiling.
The interest rate hike was expected so maybe it was already baked into the market.
The debt ceiling doesn't really take effect until the government runs out of money by the end of April. We'll see what happens then.
The other miracle is that I got a job. I should be able to pay my bills for as long as I have a job. It'll take a couple of years for me to get out of debt but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Yesterday there wasn't even that.
The new job (which I worked at last year) is a telemarketing job in Monona. That's about 40 miles away.
I think I'll move to a town named Prairie du Chien. It's in Wisconsin, about 15 mile from where I'll be working. I'll be looking for a year-round trailer park there.
I hope to buy a small trailer to live in and to have for either living on my own land or traveling west to prospect for gold.
I like to have open options. Having a trailer opens up a lot of options; like I could travel and always have a place to live. I could also put it on my own acreage or lot (which I don't have right now) and be able to live there.
For now I'll be looking for a trailer park in Prairie. If I find one that I can live in year-round I'll move forward on getting the trailer. Otherwise I'll be looking for a place to live near where I'll be working.
Brian came into Java Johns so I guess I'll talk with him for a while.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So, Will the World's Economy Collapse Tomorrow?

If you are into watching the gloom and doomers on YouTube (and I am) the world's economy will probably collapse tomorrow. That is based on the combination of an interest rate hike (by the Federal Reserve) and the debt ceiling. 
People are saying that the combination signal the end of the world's economy. I'll be pacing the floor tonight.
I'm afraid that thinking like this is influencing my job search. I'm not getting spiffed up when I go looking for work. I'm unshaven and wearing dirty clothes. I've given up. There just don't seem to be any jobs any more. 
I told Lori at Manpower to put me in for the telemarketing job in Monona. It's about a 40 minute drive from here and I hate telemarketing. I just have to take any job that is available. 
I'm overdrawn by $115 at the credit union. Nobody is paying me the money that they owe me, and there isn't enough snow to make serious money shoveling it. I have to do something. 
I've been thinking about it and I feel that I'm in a debt trap. I have to borrow money at high interest rates in order to pay my credit cards and debt. There is never anything to save or get out of debt. The only way to keep above water is to work and collect Social Security as well. 
If I can hold on to a job for a couple of years maybe I can get to a point where I can buy a trailer and some land. 
I don't see any way to prepare for the collapse. I just don't have the money and I never will. 
I keep grabbing for straws. I keep buying options on silver in the hopes that I will make a fortune by betting against the economy. 
I also listen to all sorts of things on the internet about positive thinking. One of my favorite sites is T. Harv Eker; I also like to listen to a guy named Kyosaki.
I also get books; the last one was "The Nine Things You Must Do". It was good but nothing changes the reality that everything I've ever done has ended up with me in the depths of despair and hopelessness. 
I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself because I'll be telemarketing, next week; if I'm lucky. 
If I don't get a job soon I don't know what I'll do. If the world's economy collapses tomorrow that may not matter much. 
On that dour note I think I'll sign off.

Friday, March 10, 2017

I'm Disappointed with Myself.

I haven't been looking for a job like I should be. I went online and sent my resume to a couple of places, but most of the time I've been fixing a computer.
I've got 3 ready for sale and I'm waiting for a part for a fourth.
If I sell them it would help my finances but all I can do is wait for someone to call my add in
I've had good responses from the add that I run there but all I can do is wait until someone calls me. It's taken a couple of weeks between sales on occasion.
I'm worried about where the money will come from for next month's bills. I guess I need to have faith that everything will work out as planned; as in a divine plan for us all.
It looks like there will be plenty of snow this weekend and early next week. After that, maybe I'll get a job. It always has worked out and it will next month as well.
I'm concerned about the economy next Wednesday. Not only is the debt ceiling being reached then, but Janet Yellen may raise the interest rate the same day. It could collapse the economy. We'll see. I would be buying bitcoin, gold and silver but I'm too broke to do anything.
That reminds me, bitcoin went down today because the ETF was declined. I think that is a buying opportunity. It'll come back and then some. It might not go to the moon like it was looking like it would last week but it's a good "long term" investment.
Maybe I'll make enough, next week, shoveling snow, to buy a silver coin. I'll try, if I can.
Pray for snow.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

I need to get Serious about Getting a Job

Next Monday I'm going to all the gas stations and convenience stores to seek employment. I'll even go to Wal-Mart. I hate applying at Wal-Mart because their software to apply for a job messes me up
Manpower isn't finding me any jobs. I think it's because I told them that I'm 69. That was a mistake; now they see me as too old and infirm to do gainful employment.
I was talking with my counselor at the VA last Thursday. She wants me to stop watching all the negative YouTube sites that I watch.
I admit that I take in a lot of negative information about rigging the metals markets and Pizzagate.
She said that when her clients would come back from a war she would have them avoid war movies.
I think she has a point. In fact, I would include myself with the war veterans.
With me it was probably all hallucinations, but I have horrible memories of all sorts of wars. If it turns out that I was a time traveler, then the Marine Corps sent me to battles in World War II, the Korean War, the Civil War and the Revolutionary War; at least I have those memories. It was all real enough for me that war movies trigger strong emotions. I've got to quit watching those movies.
The thing we talked about most was the YouTube sites about the end of the currency. They are getting a little repetitive anyway. The same people are usually saying the same things only it's on different days.
I told her that I would take up watching more  things about prepping and homesteading. I think it would be a better use for my time. I'm also going to take up bicycling and fishing. I need to get serious about providing for myself during a currency collapse. Being in shape is one of the best things a person can do to be ready for anything.
Well, it's Saturday night and Mike is starting to move tables around to get ready for Connor the piano player to come. I think I'll sign off.