Friday, March 17, 2017

Two Miracles

Two miracles have happened recently.
The first is that the currency didn't collapse as scheduled. Silver went up sharply but that was the only indication that something was happening with the interest rates and the debt ceiling.
The interest rate hike was expected so maybe it was already baked into the market.
The debt ceiling doesn't really take effect until the government runs out of money by the end of April. We'll see what happens then.
The other miracle is that I got a job. I should be able to pay my bills for as long as I have a job. It'll take a couple of years for me to get out of debt but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Yesterday there wasn't even that.
The new job (which I worked at last year) is a telemarketing job in Monona. That's about 40 miles away.
I think I'll move to a town named Prairie du Chien. It's in Wisconsin, about 15 mile from where I'll be working. I'll be looking for a year-round trailer park there.
I hope to buy a small trailer to live in and to have for either living on my own land or traveling west to prospect for gold.
I like to have open options. Having a trailer opens up a lot of options; like I could travel and always have a place to live. I could also put it on my own acreage or lot (which I don't have right now) and be able to live there.
For now I'll be looking for a trailer park in Prairie. If I find one that I can live in year-round I'll move forward on getting the trailer. Otherwise I'll be looking for a place to live near where I'll be working.
Brian came into Java Johns so I guess I'll talk with him for a while.
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