Saturday, March 25, 2017

I got my First Sale.

I started my telemarketing job last Tuesday. The first couple of days were spent in training and doing paperwork.
Friday afternoon I finally got a sale. Actually I'm doing pretty well. It's hard to get people to buy anything over the phone, so getting 1 sale for a day and a half of work isn't doing all that badly.
Things are looking a lot better for me, financially. I've got a tough week ahead while I'm waiting for my first check, but I'll get through it. I've got food and enough money for gasoline to get to work.
This year has been bad for me because there was just no money to be made, shoveling snow.
I feel that I'm caught in a "debt trap". I keep borrowing money to pay bills but I don't have enough money to get out of debt. Instead of paying off debt I'm just paying the interest on that debt.
The United States government is in the same situation. There doesn't seem any way out of debt. I'm a "debt slave". All I'm working for is going to credit card payments and such.
On a related topic, I would like to sell my etchings for bitcoins. I have a bunch of etchings, done by Malcolm Childers, that I would like to sell. I've had them listed on Ebay. I go through the Game Exchange here in Decorah to sell them. I don't really have the time to watch the auctions myself so I pay a commission to the Game Exchange to list them for me.
If you are interested in buying some nice etchings, especially if you want to use bitcoins to buy them just leave a comment here and I'll arrange something.
That's pretty much all I have for now.
I haven't mentioned that I have 3 computers ready to sell. I almost had 4 but one of them gave up the ghost. I need a battery for a couple of them but I'll buy them with the money from the new job next Saturday.

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