Saturday, March 4, 2017

I need to get Serious about Getting a Job

Next Monday I'm going to all the gas stations and convenience stores to seek employment. I'll even go to Wal-Mart. I hate applying at Wal-Mart because their software to apply for a job messes me up
Manpower isn't finding me any jobs. I think it's because I told them that I'm 69. That was a mistake; now they see me as too old and infirm to do gainful employment.
I was talking with my counselor at the VA last Thursday. She wants me to stop watching all the negative YouTube sites that I watch.
I admit that I take in a lot of negative information about rigging the metals markets and Pizzagate.
She said that when her clients would come back from a war she would have them avoid war movies.
I think she has a point. In fact, I would include myself with the war veterans.
With me it was probably all hallucinations, but I have horrible memories of all sorts of wars. If it turns out that I was a time traveler, then the Marine Corps sent me to battles in World War II, the Korean War, the Civil War and the Revolutionary War; at least I have those memories. It was all real enough for me that war movies trigger strong emotions. I've got to quit watching those movies.
The thing we talked about most was the YouTube sites about the end of the currency. They are getting a little repetitive anyway. The same people are usually saying the same things only it's on different days.
I told her that I would take up watching more  things about prepping and homesteading. I think it would be a better use for my time. I'm also going to take up bicycling and fishing. I need to get serious about providing for myself during a currency collapse. Being in shape is one of the best things a person can do to be ready for anything.
Well, it's Saturday night and Mike is starting to move tables around to get ready for Connor the piano player to come. I think I'll sign off.

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