Friday, March 25, 2016

My Second Day of Telemarketing and I Almost got a Sale.

I stayed home from work yesterday and shoveled snow. It was some of the worst weather that we've had this winter. The snow was wet and heavy; it was hard work. I didn't make much money but at least I didn't risk having an accident driving to work.
I'm feeling drained from all the shoveling. It all melted, today; but it had to be shoveled yesterday.
I got in my first full day of telemarketing today. I'm still nervous and making mistakes but I almost had a sale. I just screwed up taking the information about where to send the book I was selling. I sent the customer some information and we'll get back to him next week. I feel certain that I'll get that sale.
I'm glad to get a job that will last a while. I was really worrying about finances. Now I'll just refinance some of my worse loans and credit cards since I have a new job; and I can show some more income. That should turn things around. I also hope to sell some things like etchings and my motor home. That will really help.
I'm still thinking about going back to California and search for gold. This time I'll have more money to work with. I might just be too old for all the hard work that, that entails. I would probably be better off selling books on the phone and buy gold with my income.
I'll probably do something that involves having an increased income and finding gold. If I found enough gold I could certainly justify going back to California and prospecting again.
The first time I went out there I didn't find enough gold to go back; but I have some new ideas about how to look for gold. If things work out I may go back in a year or two.
On a different topic; Raymundo is going  with me to church this Sunday. He must be facing a lonely Easter Sunday as well as myself. I hope that Barnes & Noble is open that day. I'll have to check on that. I've got a coupon for a 20% discount; I'll use it for food.
That's all for now.
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