Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Defending my Trip to California

I had a dream last night. I found myself defending my thinking in going to California.
Here are some of the points I made:

  1. I felt that the currency was about to collapse and gold would be the only thing worth anything.
  2. I could accumulate gold and not declare it on taxes.
  3. I would be able to live on the claims that I have a right to be on.
  4. I bought a membership to a club that has the rights to mine gold on over 60 claims in Northern California.
  5. I bought a motor home so I could live comfortably in California.
My mistakes were:
  1. Buying the membership; it's too expensive and I didn't use the mentoring help that it promised.
  2. Buying the motor home. I never did get it running and it's too expensive anyway.
  3. Living in Yreka; it's too far from the gold fields and I ended up renting an apartment that I couldn't afford.
  4. I didn't get out to the claims enough. I wasn't expecting the 110 degree heat and the hard work.
  5. I was just too broke to make it work, last year. I still am too broke.
  6. I spent a lot of time going to Ashland, OR and spending money at the Starbucks.
Maybe I'll try again but it would be after I've got some money together and a motor home or trailer working.
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