Monday, February 22, 2016

I've Been Meaning to talk about this for a while.

I think I've been watching too many negative YouTube channels.
Today I was convinced that silver had to break out because the guy who does the "Web bot" videos said it would happen, today.
Well, it didn't happen; in fact silver went down by about 20 cents. He shouldn't have gone so far out on a limb with his predictions.
I'm beginning to think that the people who are predicting the end of the economic system and that silver and gold will go through the roof don't know anything more than I do. And I'm really uninformed about this stuff.
I think they cater to the fear that is inherent in all of us. We are trying to be prepared for what is coming up. I think that fear for the future is normal for Northern European people. Since we are from a place with a bad climate we have centuries of preparing for a negative future. It's in our genes.
I think that is why I've always been a sucker for someone saying that the world's economy is about to collapse and we all have to stock up on food and silver in order to be ready for it.
That's why I buy silver options and stock up on food and guns.
I've been played for a fool. I could have saved an expensive trip to California when I was looking for gold. I'm paying for that now.
I think I just need a job, here and pay off my debts. If I forget about preparing for something I can't do anything about I'll have a lot more money for just living. That's the main thing, anyway.
I'm so poor that there is nothing I can really do to prepare for anything, anyway. After all I have to beg for food from a church just to get by on a monthly basis.
I'll just have to concentrate on getting along and forget all this preparation bs.

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