Saturday, April 16, 2016

Three Jobs in Three Months?

I had an interview for a custodial job at McDonald's yesterday. I hope I get it; I really don't like telemarketing. 
I would be working in the middle of the night but that's alright by me since I could watch the markets in the daytime. 
If I get the job, it will be my third one in under three months. 
I might not get as many hours in but it pays better per hour and I won't have to travel an hour and a half a day to get to work. In fact I could ride my bicycle to work. I could stay in Decorah.
I don't look forward to moving since all of my friends and favorite coffee shops are here. 
I'm getting turned down when I apply for credit card credit limit raises and loans. I'm going to close down most of my bank accounts and credit card accounts if they don't give me loans at low interest rates. I don't see any reason to fool around with those people. If I can't get more money out of them I'll just close my accounts. 
My van is giving me troubles. The brake light came on. The broken emergency brake cable is the problem. It's going to cost over $350 to fix it. That is more than a week's pay. It turned out that there is a cheap way to fix it that includes patching up the cable. I should have asked around before committing to fixing it at a car dealership. Well at least it will be done right, and it should last the life of the car. 
I'm buying a lot of silver on Ebay as well as Amagi Metals. I still can't get enough to make me feel at all secure during the currency collapse. I need to either sell something for some real money or keep working at a job that pays well. I need a lot of money for prepping (such as buying dehydrated food) and stocking up on precious metals. 
It looks like the collapse is coming quicker than I thought it would. I'm seeing things on the Internet that makes me thing we are in the middle of the collapse right now. 
Maybe it will blow over like the Ebola scare. I hope it does. I need a couple of years to get prepared at all. Poverty makes it impossible to really get ready for the inevitable collapse. 
Oh well,
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