Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Failed now I have to Suffer the Consequences

Yesterday I was talking with a loan officer about transferring the balance on one of my loans. He said that by his calculations I only have $25/month to live on.
I've got to do desperate things to get out of the hole I dug myself. Here is a list of measures I feel I need to take:

  1. Get a job.
  2. Sell the car.
  3. Sell the motor home.
  4. Sell my membership to the "New 49ers".
  5. Sell the etchings. 
I haven't worked for more than minimum wage for the last 20 years or more, so there is no reason to feel that I'll find something that really pays. I'll just have to canvass the gas stations and McDonolds and see if anyone is hiring.
I'll have to wait on selling the car until I see that I don't need it for the job.
I could save more than $300/month by getting rid of the car. That includes gas and insurance as well as the payment. I could live on that.
Selling the motor home means giving up on the idea of living cheaply in a motor home. I was thinking I would just park it on claims and live for free. That's not happening. Motor home park spaces would probably cost as much as I'm paying for apartment rent anyway.
Giving up on gold prospecting probably makes sense. I didn't have the energy for it, anyway.
I'm still waiting to hear from Bonham's about whether they want to auction off my etchings. It's been over a month since I asked for an appraisal. It doesn't seem to be happening.
In desperation, I'm trying "Law of Attraction" manifesting. Tomorrow, I'm going to church to pray and find a practitioner to work for me. Nothing else has ever worked. It's worth a try.
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