Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Haven't Posted for a While

I'm sorry that I haven't posted for  a while. I don't know why I haven't. I just got busy with other things like shoveling snow.
It's been a terrible year for snow removal. There just hasn't been much snow. I am making enough to pay my bills but I'll have to find some sort of job for after the snow season is over.
If I can make it through the next year I'll be in good financial shape. The expense of going to California to pan for gold put me into a bind.
Maybe I'll sell the van. That would get me out of the loan and I need something like a Jeep that I could tow behind the motor home, anyway.
A Jeep would be ideal since it has a stick shift transmission and I could use it better for "off road" traveling. Most of the places I drove around  in the mountains of California needed an off road vehicle.
That still leaves me with the problem of finding someone to go with me since I don't have the energy to actually work a claim. Raymundo said that he would go, if they shut down the school system and he wouldn't be able to teach Spanish. That seems unlikely, but it's progress. Nobody else has shown any interest at all in panning for gold.
I got a couple of laptops from my sister for Christmas. One worked right away but the other one is giving me troubles. When I first got it, the sound on the left speaker didn't work. I bought a couple of similar computers for parts. One of them, I got to working and it's better than the one my sister gave me. I'm going to keep it.
I'm going backwards on the computer my sister gave me. Now neither speaker works. The headset works fine. I think I'll get it running and give it away to Community Action. Joan (down there) finds homes for my computers. I can't sell them anymore. Laptops are just too cheap to sell and I have to give them away.
That's all for now.

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