Saturday, December 12, 2015

Catherine Austin Fitts Come out Against "Fear Porn" .

I was watching a lady named Catherine Austin Fitts being interviewed on one of the channels I watch on YouTube, tonight.
She came out strongly against "fear porn". She made the point that if everybody who watches that stuff just takes off to the mountains of Idaho to hide out, they are not being a threat to the establishment. We are just avoiding standing up to the evil which confronts us.
Not only that but we are using our money and energy just avoiding the fight rather than being involved in it.
In fact that might be just what our rulers would like us to do.
I think she might have a good point but I see little choice in the matter. Over 95% of the people are oblivious to what is going on and there is no way to get them to see things differently than how things are portrayed on mainstream media. I feel we are just beating a dead horse when we try to tell people the truth about what is going on. It's not worth the effort.
I'll still collect gold and silver and I'll stockpile food but I feel that a lot of my money and energy has been wasted in trying to get ready for something I just can't get ready for anyway.
I have a tendency to buy Bitcoins. It turns out that, that market is just as manipulated as any other market. I saw that today when Bitcoins gave up a day and a half worth of upward movement in just 5 minutes. I can't play that game.
Gold and silver keep going down in spite of a surge in demand for precious metals.
I'll keep buying them but I have to get my bills paid down, first.
I went deep into debt to go to California and then deeper into debt to come back.
I just can't afford being a prepper.
Of course, I'm fearful of the coming currency collapse but I can't afford to get ready for it in a meaningful way. All I can do is to get a month's worth of food and hope for the best.
I can't even afford a gun. I'll just have to hope that laws will be enforced during a collapse.
I've had it with spending all of my money trying to get ready for something that there is no way to prepare for anyway.
I have to spend the next 2 years or so just paying down debt.
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