Saturday, December 5, 2015

No Excuse

I have no excuse for not posting more often on my blog.
Maybe I'm a little despondent for not succeeding in my search for gold.
Maybe I'm a little concerned about my finances; or lack thereof.
For some reason I just haven't been keeping up the blog. I'm sorry.
Things are going pretty well. I made over $150 last week, shoveling snow.
This week there is nothing but good weather on the way. Darn it.
I'm moved into the new apartment. My stuff is stacked up but it's there.
The car is working. I had to replace the fuel pump but it's up, now.
There is work being done on the motor home. At least I got my stuff out and maybe Dan will get around to doing something with it.
I decided to keep the motor home. It fits with my survivalist thinking. And I may make another trip to California to look for gold.  That might take a year and a half.
On a different topic, I sent some pictures of my etchings off to a company named Bonham Auctions. They are in California. I'm waiting for an appraisal of my collection. Maybe I can have them auction them off. I might hear by next week. If they sell, that would solve my financial problems.
There are 2 other things I might sell:

  1. The motor home. I think it fits with being a survivalist so I don't think I'll sell it.
  2. The membership to the "New 49er's". That's the club I belong to to pan for gold. I could go elsewhere so it might make sense to sell it. Chris in Yreka might buy it on a time basis. 

I'm concerned about my finances after April. The snow will be gone but my bills won't be.
Later, I'll try to get back more often. Thanks
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