Friday, August 12, 2016

I've been thinking about opening my own prepper store.

Actually it's more like day-dreaming; but it seems like a good idea.
Right now, I don't know where the money for such an endeavor would come from. I think we'll be able to get loans for almost any purpose when it is obvious that quantitative easing isn't working. There is talk about "helicopter money". That is just money that is loaned out for almost any purpose.
They'll probably use it to build roads and such; but maybe I could get some as well.
It's worth a shot. Maybe I can make some money at that and take that money and go prospect for gold.
I had an application for an IT job today. I didn't fill it out because I felt that my qualifications weren't up to the job. For someone with no college degree they wanted 8 years of experience. I just forgot about it.
I got water on my good laptop, yesterday. I spilled about half a glass of water on the keyboard. I tried drying it out by leaving it upside down for a day and leaving it in a dry room. It's going to take more of a fix than that. The space key, the enter key and the shift keys aren't working.
Tomorrow, I'll take it apart and find a fan or heat gun to put on it. I don't think I have a heat gun. It may be beyond repair. I'm afraid I may have damaged a chip on the motherboard. The keyboard itself would be pretty hard to really damage but it goes to the motherboard which would be easy to destroy.
Silver went crazy today. There were 2 or 3 swings of over 60 cents each. CNBC tried to blame moves in the dollar for silver's move but the dollar never moves that much. Maybe there will be a better explanation tomorrow.
That's all I have for now.
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