Friday, June 10, 2016

Not much is Happening, Lately

I'm at Java John's; listening to a cello player. He's really rocking out.
I was going to watch some of my favorite gloom and doomers on Youtube; but the music is too good to ignore, tonight.
Not much is going on in my life. I might get the motor home sold next week. One guy wants to give me $750 for it if it runs. Another guy might give me $500 as is. I hope to get it moved next week.
I'm going to a hypnotist next Wednesday. I still hope to find my Bitcoins. I'm tired of working and being poor as well. It's time that some good things happen to me.
I gave away a computer to the guy who wants to buy my motor home. I've still got 3 more working and one I'm waiting for parts.
I bought another (parts machine). I hope that I can't get it running because I'm tired of accumulating computers and needing parts for another one. I've got to get out of the computer repair hobby.
I end up putting $50 or more into each machine and then I give them away because there is no market for old laptops. It's a bad habit like drinking or something.
Well, that's all that I have for now.
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