Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Started my new Job at Seed Savers.

I took the job at Seed Savers. They are an internationally known heirloom seed producer.
My first few days I worked in shipping and processing garlic. 
It wasn't that hard. I was tired but I felt that I could get used to it.
Today was different. I went out to the field with a crew to harvest tomatoes. I almost passed out. I was out of breath and sweating profusely. There were several times that I was dizzy. 
I worked an hour and a half and took the rest of the day off.
I think part of my problem is that I've had pneumonia several time and my lungs have a lot of scar tissues. I also had to do a lot of squats to get to the tomatoes on or near the ground. I don't have the strength in my legs that I used to. 
I'm going back to work tomorrow. I hope they keep me; I need the money.
Talking about money; I sold one of my etchings on Ebay today. I sell them through a place called The Game Exchange. I'll get a little more than $30. I really need it now. 
With the few days that I've worked, and payment for my motor home, I should be able to make my bills for this month. After that, I'll have to find another job. 
If I can get through to the end of November, I'll make plenty of money, shoveling snow. 
We'll see what happens.
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