Thursday, December 15, 2016

Long-term Goals

I was just watching a video by someone named Brian Tracy.
He made the point that people need long-term goals in order to move towards a vision.
It helps us keep pointed and focused on what we do in our everyday life.
Since I failed to find any gold in California, I need to get refocused on something that will keep me going in a long-term basis.
There are two things that interest me; and they are not mutually exclusive.
The first is to start a small business selling prepper items. One of the main advantages is that I'll be stockpiling items I could use during a currency collapse or something similar.
The second is to have a small acreage to become self-sufficient. At least I would have a source of food and such during an emergency.
The trouble with having a store is that it would take financing and nobody, here, has any faith in me. I am an acknowledged schizophrenic and everyone see whatever I do as a symptom of my disease. Coming up with hundreds of thousands of dollars is probably out of the question. I also have no experience with business.
Maybe I could combine things and have a store on my acreage.
I have two friends who have acreages that they would like to sell. Maybe I could swing something with one of them; like asking them to write the mortgage.
The next step would be to get a camper to live in.
My old motor home didn't work out since it cost too much to repair; a new camper would be better. I could make payments on it and it would work out.
Tomorrow I should be busy, shoveling snow.

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