Saturday, May 14, 2016

Still Hanging on to Telemarketing Job

I'm still working as a telemarketer. I hate the job but it helps me financially.
I don't know what I would have done without that job. Apparently I've made over $2,000 there. I spent over $600 on repairs for the van. The rest just went to normal bills. It shows me how deep in the hole I am financially. I can't hope to leave there until I find something else.
I applied for a couple of jobs at Luther College, today. They're janitor jobs and involve shoveling snow as well. I hope I get one. All I can do is to keep applying for jobs. Here I am, 68 years old and trying to get any job I can.
I sent in some forms for a class-action law suit the other day. It involved a silver company that kept important information from it's investors. I don't think I'll get anything since I made money on that trade. The same thing happened with Enron. I wasn't eligible for compensation since I didn't lose anything.
I have hopes that there will be more lawsuits over silver. I've invested heavily in it over the years and I mostly lose money on those investments. After Deutsche Bank admitted to manipulating the gold and silver markets the road is opened to filing class action lawsuits against the manipulators.
Gold and silver have been moving a lot, recently.  At one point silver was over $18/ounce and gold was around $1300/ounce. They both fell from those highs but they seem to be coming back.
I applied for and got a line of credit for over $3,000 today. At least I'll have some money to bet on gold and silver options if they go through the roof.
Before I do that I'll get some currency for the collapse. If the banks close, it will be important to have currency for daily needs.
Well, the piano player is getting set up at Java John's so I'll sign off for now.

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