Thursday, November 10, 2016

I've been Busy

I put in a 16 hour day (working at a poll), Tuesday. I wasn't too surprised to see Trump win; the only reason it was close in my opinion was that the Democrats cheated and tried to rig the election.
I hope we hear more about that later.
Then I got a job at a place called RotoCast. We make coolers and cup holders.
I'm working on changing some tags for cups that were mislabeled. Maybe someone just wanted to change things, I don't know.
It looks like I'll be there for a week or two. It should help me get through the time of year that doesn't have enough snow to make any money shoveling.
I've got an over draft on my checking account but I'll make that good next week.
Talking about politics, I was happy to see that Trump is considering Trey Gowdy for Attorney General. I hope he prosecutes Loretta Lynch and that Comey guy at the FBI for obstruction of justice. They were obviously shielding Clinton from being put in jail.
I also saw that Obama is shooting down the TPP. That is just a crooked trade deal that the Clinton's set up to benefit their donors to the Clinton Foundation. That came out in the Wikileaks emails.
There was enough in those and other email leaks to keep the FBI and the Justice Department busy for years if they really want to start enforcing laws in this country.
In other news, it looks like George Soros is behind all the anti-Trump protests in this country. With his record of toppling other governments I suppose that isn't too surprising.
Tom is at the piano so I think I'll sign off for now.
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