Monday, November 21, 2016

It's about time I posted something.

For once, things are looking pretty good, financially.
I sold 2 laptops recently; and got paid for one. I could sell another one but the ac adapter went bad.
I got my bank account caught up with the money I made working at Iowa RotoCast.
I put in my last day there last Friday, so I'll get a check this Friday.
With the money I made working at the poll and the last payment for my motor home I'll be all set for my bills this month.
On top of all that, it looks like it's going to start snowing this week. It already snowed north of us and maybe we'll get some from the next storm that comes in tomorrow. After that it might snow Thanksgiving day; and I make money shoveling snow.
Right now, I'm too poor to go to Onalaska, WI. to go to church on Thanksgiving. Most of my money is yet to arrive.
I will miss church; which is a big thing for Christian Scientist on Thanksgiving. We have a testimonial meeting, that day, where people express their thanks for things that happened that year. I was going to say something about how grateful I am just to be able to make my bills.
When I came back from California things were looking rather grim.
Now, a year later, I'm within a few months of getting my biggest bills paid off. A couple of months after the snow shoveling season, I'll have most of my most costly bills paid off. That will amount to a reduction in my monthly expenses of around $1000. I'll be able to simply live cheaply and pay down everything without having to work.
I think a little work is good for me so I'll probably go to Manpower and get some sort of job anyway.
On a totally different topic, Ebola may be back.
It turns out that some people get Ebola and don't show any signs of it. So there may be all sorts of people spreading it throughout Africa without knowing it.
I read an article in Yahoo about that. I'll watch for more and keep my faithful readers informed of any new developments in that regard.
I would like to go back to California and look for gold. I would live in a tent and have my car for my home. It would help if I could get someone to go with me; but I think the main thing is to just avoid motels and apartments. I could keep my expenses down out there.
I would have to get some equipment but that expense could be kept down as well. If I make enough, shoveling snow, I'll be tempted to go back.
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