Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting an Apartment

I haven't given up on finding gold; but I have given up on moving my motor home out here to live in.
It's just too expensive to bring out the motor home, right now.
I'm debating going back and picking up the stuff that's in the motor home with my van and maybe bringing it out, later.
I don't know what I'll do with the motor home; but for now I'm getting an apartment. It's a subsidized thing. So I'll be limited on my income or I'll lose the apartment.
I don't know why I decided to get an apartment; it probably has something to do with always taking the path of least resistance. Getting the motor home out here would not only be expensive but it would be a hassle to travel to and from Iowa as well. It would cost at least $800 in gas alone to bring the motor home out here. I would also have to spend $200 to $300 in bus fare to get back to Iowa. That is not even considering the difficulty of driving a motor home through the mountains. I had a hard enough time driving a van with a small trailer over all of the mountain roads.
The apartment that I'm applying for is really nice. It has free internet access, a pool, and a community center as well.
I'm a little disappointed with myself for not getting out and looking for gold more often. I'm spending more time filling out forms for the apartment and such.
I'm listening to Jesse Ventura on RT right now. I think I'll sign off.

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