Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Still Haven't found any Gold

I'm rather disappointed with my self. I haven't found any gold. I went to two places this morning.
The first place (Fort Jones) I went to because of a rumor that gold had been found there recently.
I asked about it at a coffee house. They had good coffee and cinnamon rolls but hadn't heard anything about gold.
The other place is the same one that I've been going to. I hoped to improve my dowsing technique. I decided to use a pendulum for closing in on gold nuggets.
It didn't work. It turned out that the pendulum doesn't have the range that I thought it did.
The dowsing rods get me over the gold but I don't know how deep I have to go for it. The penulum only picks up on the gold if it's within 6 inches. I experimented with my gold coin at Starbucks.
I feel that the dowsing rods are getting me over the gold but it might be 6 ft. deep for all that I know.
The metal detector is worthless since there is so much wire and metal garbage in the soil. With the metal detector I end up spending all of my time digging up junk.
I'm doing research on going back to Iowa to bring out the motor home. I'll go by bus. It's cheaper. Dan isn't done with the motor home, yet, so there is no hurry. I'm having troubles with the Greyhound website. You have to figure out how to get to where you are going by yourself.
Apparently Greyhound doesn't travel on Interstate 90; I'll have ;to go on Interstae 80 instead.
Starbucks is closing.

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