Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fleeced on Ebay, again.

Well, my greed got the best of me on Ebay again.
I saw some coins from Zambia that apparently were silver. It turned out that they were only silver plated. I was bidding on several auctions but by the time it was over I only had to pay on one. That was bad enough; I'm out $45 for what I consider to be garbage.
They are pretty coins so I'll give them to my sister. She might appreciate them.
I'm also bidding on a "year of the horse" coin. It is 3 ounces of silver so I probably won't get it. It also has an amber carving of a couple of horses on the front. It's really fancy. I hope I get it.
On other news, I'm getting a small trailer from Harbor Freight. It'll be for hauling my belongings out to California. It only costs $230; since it's on sale.
That raises the question of where will I assemble it. I live in a downtown apartment. I simply don't have a place to put it together.
It will also need a floor and sides put on it; that's more assembly and costs.
I'll have to ask around and see if someone  will let me use their yard or garage.
I was thinking about hiring someone but that would be too expensive.
The move is coming along. I got the financing together.
Now I just need to get out there and find some gold.
Taking one step at a time; it will come together.
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