Saturday, October 10, 2015

Harry Dent Says the Market is going Down.

I saw an interview of Harry Dent (an analyst who uses demographics) where he said the market was going down, this week. I respect Dent's opinion so I placed an order for some put options on the Russell 2000.
I already had options on the Russell but I was leaning towards the buy side per Jim Willie. He said that the "reset" will be delayed by a year so the Chinese can buy more gold.
They'll need that to back their new currency.
It was too late in the day for me to get my order filled so I'll have to wait until Monday. The best thing for me is to have the market go up which would simultaneously make my call options go up; while it would make it more likely for my put options to have the order filled at a good price.
On a different topic, I went to Sawyer's Bar yesterday. It's way up in the mountains.
It's so hard to get to and hard to find that I feel not many prospectors have been  there.
It looks like a good place to dowse. There is a large, rocky, flatland. I feel that I should be able to find nuggets there since I talked with a person who found 2 large nuggets there in the sixties.
I may go there tomorrow: but I'll definitely take Chris there Monday.
I'll have to get my camera working because the scenery around Sawyer's Bar is gorgeous. Maybe I'll use the camera.
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