Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jim Willie says that the "reset" will be delayed by a year.

That changes everything as far as my investing is concerned.
I was thinking that the markets will collapse in a few weeks at the direction of the group commonly referred to as "the club".
Willie said that he heard that the Chinese don't have enough gold to make a new currency yet. Therefore they are delaying the reset.
I watched a CNBC video about oil prices. It seems to me that if they are delaying the reset they will have to prop up oil prices. Bankrupting oil companies will bring about the collapse quicker than anything else; so now might be the time to buy oil ETFs, particularly USO. When my money hits E-trade tomorrow that will be the first thing that I will buy.
After that I'll buy call options on IWN. That means I'll be betting that the Russell 2000 index will go up.
I'm going to leave my silver options alone since I still feel that they are running out of silver.
The big thing is that I'm not going to jump in with both feet since I don't know what is really happening.
In fact I might use my borrowed money to go back to Decorah. I just need to find a place to park the motor home.
Jim Willie is a very persuasive speaker; I hope he's right about the reset.
So many times, I base my financial decisions on what I heard from the last person I listened to on YouTube. They can be very persuasive.
Oh well, I'll invest small amount and have the rest for my move back to Iowa.
Well, tomorrow will be a big day for me.

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