Monday, February 2, 2015

Finally, some snow money

I finally made some money shoveling snow. We had a storm on Sunday and it drifted overnight.
I made almost as much as I would have made at the Peace Center for a week.
I just need to keep from spending it on silver and spend it towards getting my motor home working instead.
I also got my passport. I can now go to Canada or the Bahamas. I got the cheap passport since I doubt that I'll go anywhere except for Canada. The one that permits air travel costs over $100 more than the cheap one.
Nothing is getting done on the motor home but I think I'll use the van instead. That will be much cheaper and I can always come back for the motor home.
I figure on leaving for California by the end of March. The season at the mining claims really doesn't open until April anyhow.
I gave Mary at Java Johns a laptop, today. She gave me $50 for a Christmas gift so it was nice to give her something back. It has a missing key on the keyboard but it's the "insert" key so I doubt that she'll ever miss it.
Yesterday a young man named Ken helped me with shoveling a sidewalk by snow-blowing it. I was at the point of exhaustion. I was glad to pay him $15 to do it. I'll be talking about how someone came through for me for years to come.
I'm still wondering how long the financial world can keep it's act together. I was watching Gregory Mannerino on Youtube. He said that we are already collapsing financially. It's just that other places such as Europe and Latin America are where the collapse is starting. Apparently it won't be a massive collapse that closes down all the banks at once. It's shaping up as a long series of events that will cumulate in a major world-wide collapse.
Today it's Europe, next year the US.
All I can do is to try to get as ready for the inevitable collapse.
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