Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back to Normal

Well, I'm  back to trading options again. I just don't feel right without risking credit card money on options or Bitcoins.
The thing that I miss when I'm not gambling is the feeling of hope.
Of course, it is probably a delusion. After all, I've never really succeeded with any form of gambling.
All the markets are rigged and it's practically impossible to really make anything by trading.
I feel that I have to try, anyway.
Maybe one of my problems is that I tend to base my trading decisions on what I last saw on the Internet.
That's why I'm into silver options; Harvey Organ said that the world is running out of silver.
Last night I was watching Jim Cramer. He said that oil was due for a massive move up; so this morning I bought oil options.
I moved my money out of Rubles, yesterday, when I saw the minor crypto-coins move up. So I bought Litecoins. That hadn't moved yet.
So I'm all in. That's my usual condition. Basically, I'm using credit card money for my investing.
If I win I'll have plenty of money for my move to California; which is probably betting that I'll be able to find gold.
Everything I do is a gamble; but isn't that true of everyone?
Life is a gamble. If you don't take chances you condemn yourself to a life of boredom and complacency.
I don't think I could stand it. At least I have hope when I'm gambling.
Working for a living certainly didn't work. I feel that I'll have to get lucky and actually win a little money for a change.
At least, I'm trying.
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