Monday, January 26, 2015

Changing Plans

Dan isn't going with me to Happy Camp, Ca. I was hoping that he would drive the van whilst I drove the motor home.
He's got a new job so he won't be able to leave with me. I'll have to do it alone.
I'm now thinking about driving the van out, first. I'll live in it while I learn to prospect for gold.
Later, I'll come back on a plane and jump in the motor home and drive it out.
I bought more options on silver; I now have $250 invested.
Last week silver was going through the roof; this week, not so much. I think Harvey Organ was wrong about the world running out of silver. But the news out of Europe seems to be driving gold and silver to levels not seen for several months. There is still hope that I'll have a lot of money for my move by April. I would like to leave earlier but that doesn't seem to be happening.
Recently, I've been thinking about delaying the move since it would cost so much. My solution is to simply park the motor home and pile a tent and camping gear into the van and live out of it.
That will be a lot cheaper and I have to get the van out there anyway. If I find a lot of gold I will be able to afford an airline ticket back to here and then I can pick up the motor home.
I still need to find more income; especially since I tend to spend so much buying more silver. I've got to get focused on making the move happen. I simply don't have the money to invest in silver no matter how much of a good idea it is.
Well, I finally made some money (yesterday and today) shoveling snow. In those 2 days I made almost as much as I would have made at the Peace Center for a week.
I am expanding my snow shoveling. I've got 2 new customers.
I'll put off job hunting until next Spring. Maybe my options will come through and I'll have plenty of money for the move. Maybe I'll also sell some of my etchings.
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