Thursday, September 3, 2015

Getting Things Done

I didn't find any gold today but at least i tried. I spent over an hour digging at a spot that my metal detector said there was something there. I got worn out and when I came back from the claim a light came on that said there was something wrong with the engine.
I took the car to a dealership (Ford) and they found that the computer code said that I had a misfire on cylinder 6.  I went to a car parts place and bought a spark plug and a set of wires for the spark plugs.
Since I haven't had the oil changed for a long time; I took it back. They changed the oil and lubricated the car at a reasonable price. Then they told me that I needed new rear brakes.
I told them that I couldn't afford the over $300 that they wanted.
I went home and bought a kit for the rear brakes for around $80 on Ebay.
I then went to Craigslist and E-mailed a mechanic and asked him if he would take a computer or a gold coin in exchange for installing the brakes.
It looks like something I could do. I looked it up on Youtube and it really doesn't look that hard. The problem is that since I don't have power wrenches; it would be a lot harder than it looks like on Youtube. I would also need a few specialized tools.
I figure that it would make sense to hire a mechanic.
At least the light didn't come back on, but I do need to fix the brakes. I wish I had found that before I left Decorah.
Oh Well,
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