Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I'm Down in the Dumps

My finances are hurting and I'm depressed, today.
I forgot about a loan I had from a bank back in Decorah. They had an automatic payment and now I have even $200 less than I thought that I had.
I'm going to have to sell guns and gold tomorrow. I hate doing that but I don't think the guns are that important since we'll have a "reset" rather than an economic collapse. I'll hang on to my .22 and air rifle in case I have to eat squirrels. If there is a total collapse, I'll rely on getting out of town on my motor home, somehow.
Maybe I should wait for a few weeks since people are saying that the collapse will come on the 23rd of September. That's only a couple of weeks away.
I have doubts about all of what those people are saying. They've been saying these things since the early 1970's and they've been wrong so far.
I think the main reason I was in such a hurry to get the motor home was to hide out during the Ebola epidemic. It turned out that it was a false alarm.
I doubt that the collapse will be as bad as people say and I have doubts that it will happen at all. After all, they've held things together for years by simply printing more money and throwing it at the stock market. Why wouldn't that work again?
I've got to find gold. I went to a different claim, this morning. There are plenty of places to metal detect and dowse, there. I'm going there, early tomorrow morning. I intend to give it a good go and get out and dig places that I feel there is gold. I might throw the air mattress into the van and camp out there; since it costs so much to drive around. The claims are between 11 and 15 miles from my apartment. The gas costs add up over time.
Just to remind myself: I was thinking about getting a loan from Mary at Java John's in Decorah. If I can find a cheap place to stay; I could make some money there shoveling snow. That should enable me to pay back the loan and I could see about getting the motor home out here for the next gold panning season. Maybe I could stay at Gary's or Jim and Sherry's.
Well, I'll look into it tomorrow.

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