Saturday, April 25, 2015

I Should just Drop Everything and Go

I'm tired of waiting for the stars to align before I head out to California.
I think I'll just throw a tent in to the van and drive out there. I can sleep in the back of the van or in the tent. That way I can find out if there is really any gold to be found in the Klamath River without making a major outlay of money. I might find out that it's all  a delusion of grandeur, after all.
I'll have to make a list of camping supplies that I'll need and make a trip to Wal-Mart and Gander Mountain.
I'll have the money from the sale of my silver by the end of next week. I think I'll go then. There is really nothing keeping me back but my own feeling that I have to have the comforts of home. Since I'll have the van I'll always be able to go to a motel room if it gets too rainy for me.
Maybe I'll be able to get Brian to stay at my apartment and forward my mail to me.
If I find a lot of gold I can get a trailer there and set up a permanent address at a trailer park, there.
I could also take a bus back here and pick up the motor home to drive out there.
I need to get a trailer hitch put on the van so I would be able to load a bicycle on the rear as well as be able to tow a trailer. I'll get that done this week.
If I wait a year before buying a trailer maybe I'll be able to get it at the prices a depression will cause.
It might go for a fraction of the cost, now.
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