Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's Been a While.

I haven't posted a blog for around a week, now.
My schizophrenia has been acting up. I've been fantasying about things that never happened and I've also been having rather sexual fantasies.
I'm getting over it. My energy is up from where it's been and I got out to the claim yesterday. Mostly I just looked for the missing utility trailer. I didn't get down to the river.
I intend to simply get on a swim suit and walk around the river, dowsing. I need to find out if there is any gold to be found in the river.
I'm giving up on climbing the hill where I feel some 49ers might have dropped some coins. It's just too steep for me. I went shopping for a walking stick, today. It was $70 and I might get it later. That will help me get up the hill. I feel there might be coins up there because it would have made a good place to get out of a downpour. There is an overhang where people could have taken shelter. Maybe someone dropped a coin there. We'll see.
I'm still trading Lite Coin. I don't think the crisis in Greece is over, yet.
I keep buying gold and silver. I can't really afford it but I want to get to where I was with metals before I came out here. I had to sell everything but at least I had something to sell. When I'm trading options or stocks I lose it all.
I need to get serious about prepping. I've got all sorts of cabinet space but I haven't put anything in them yet.
I also need to get serious about getting a job. I've got the forms and college transcripts for the social work job. I need to get that filled out tonight.
It looks like I'll be shoveling snow this winter. I'll have to find places to do that, as well.
The temperature has gone down, here. It's cloudy and we are getting some smoke from a fire north of here. Maybe that is moderating the temperature. It's been so hot that it has discouraged me from prospecting.
Well, that's all for now.
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