Saturday, February 11, 2017

Don't have much to Say Tonight.

Well, I've got 4 computers working and ready for sale. I need one for myself so I could only really sell 3. Another computer could be working as early as next Monday. I'm waiting for an AC adapter so I can really check it out.
I need to get them listed on That's Liz's website and I've had a lot of success with selling old laptops there. I'll do that tonight.
Not much else is happening, tonight.
I'm making progress on the bitcoins; or maybe I should say that my friend Dustin is making progress. I'm not a coder and that is what it takes to really make headway with getting my bitcoins back. Dustin is a coder.
I'm at Java John's waiting for Conner the piano player to come to work. I'm the only customer, now.
I'm going back to Manpower this coming Monday to see about a job that's 60 miles away. It's stacking lumber for 12 hrs. a day. I don't know how they get away from paying overtime, but I'm sure they will have a way.
I'm not making any progress on getting a trailer.
That will have to wait until I either get the car paid off or I get another job. Maybe it'll wait until both of those conditions are met.
I'm having a heck of a time getting my bills paid, this month.
Three people owe me money. Two owe me for computers and another one owes me for the motor home. If I could get paid it wouldn't be that bad.
I think I'll call one of the people that owe me for a computer, now.
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