Saturday, February 4, 2017

Made Progress on Getting my old Bitcoins Back

I was watching Bix Weir being interviewed on one of my favorite financial Youtube channels the other day.
Bix mentioned that nobody knows how many bitcoins were lost by early users because they didn't think they had any value.
I was one of those people, so I wrote to that effect in the comments.
Someone named Julian replied to my comment.
Apparently he is a teacher of bitcoin. There is some hope that he can help me get my bitcoins back. At least we are communicating. I saw by his website that he is having a seminar in Las Vegas in a few weeks. Maybe I could go there and find out about my bitcoins.
On the fixing old laptops front, I bought a couple of old HP laptops last week. I got one working by heating the graphics chip.
I'm having troubles with the other one. It has the same problem but by the time I got it apart I realized that it's too complicated for me to get it back together even if it does work after reflowing the solder on the graphics chip.
Well, I've got all day tomorrow to work with it so I'll just plug along and see if I can get it fixed.
I only spent $20 for the both of them so I'm ahead by getting one of them working. I just hate having so many parts around and not being able to get the machines working.
I am concerned that with all of these computers I'm fixing by heating up the graphics chip that many of them will break again. On Youtube there are a few people who say that the fix I'm using is just temporary.
We'll see; only time will tell.
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