Saturday, January 28, 2017

Comments on My Latest Project.

I'm hoping to get a trailer and buy some land to live on.
I'm making progress on my trailer.
I priced a trailer that would be ideal for me at Camp Site RV in Cresco. It would only cost $12,500 with the work done on my van to tow the trailer thrown in.
If I can get the financing for a 10 year period it would cost less than $150/month.
My credit union wouldn't finance me yet but they told me they might when I have the van paid off in 3 months. I might be able to get it financed through another bank; we'll see.
The next thing is to get some land to live on.
I've been trying to find an RV park where I could live year round. I'm having no luck with that. Around here the RV parks are only opened in the Summer. I haven't found any place to park it in the Winter or year-round.
If I had my own land I could just live in it there.
I was hoping to buy some land from Lynne. She made it clear that her land wasn't for sale.
That leaves Jim's place in Harper's Ferry. It's about an hour drive away from here but it looks good to me. I would just have to live there.
It has enough space to have a garden and to raise a little livestock. It's mostly trees on a steep slope.
It goes up a bluff that is near the Mississippi River.
At least I would have a lot of wood for a wood stove. I would also be within a mile and a half of the river so I could catch some fish.
People say that the river is too polluted to eat much fish from there but I don't think I'll be that fussy.
That's all I have for now.
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