Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Different Idea about buying Land.

I've been thinking about buying an acreage to put my trailer (which I haven't bought yet)  on. It would be between 4 and 8 acres.
I'm now thinking that it's too much. I'm just me so having any more than a couple of chickens and a garden would be about as much as I could manage.
I was pricing lots in a small town a few miles from here. They are asking around $10,000 for 1/3 acre.
I have to see if I could just live in a trailer there. I wouldn't have to bother with a well and septic system since it's in town.
I'm going to a real estate office and see about legalities in that town. Maybe I'll offer them $5,000 since $10,000 seems high to me.
About other news, I'm having trouble getting my income tax filed.
I had it done for free last year although it turns out it never got filed.
I went to an organization called RSVP. I can't remember what the initials stand for but it's retired people helping us poor folks.
During the tax rush last year, my taxes were set aside since I didn't owe anything and I wasn't expecting a refund.
Then the tax worker got sick. He didn't get to my taxes because of his health. Then he died.
I don't know how to get my information. I got online to the IRS but since I didn't have the right phone I couldn't get a copy of my last return emailed to me. I have to wait a couple of weeks for them to send me a verification code by mail.
I don't expect to get my refund for a month or two.
If it would snow or people would pay what they owe me things would work out.
Oh well, I'll keep looking for a job.

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