Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Vlogs

Tonight, I thought I would mention a few of my favorite vlogs. A vlog is a video blog.
I go to see what Troy is doing on "The do it Yourself World", quite often. He's building a tiny home on wheels at his homestead in New York state. It's kind of like what I want to do by getting my RV and going prospecting for gold, next year.
I went to a good vlog that Chris Martenson at "ChrisMartensondotcom" had, today.
He was interviewing Kirk Sorenson about Thorium reactors. It sounded really hopeful. He does a lot of presentations about exponential graphs. He makes it look like everything is falling apart. Maybe he's right.
Peter Schiff has a good channel. I watched him talk about the situation in Ferguson, MO, today.
Stefan Molyneux always has a lot to say. I agree with him more often than not; but he is very long-winded.
Fernando, at the "Modern Survivalist" has a lot of level-headed information about how to survive the coming bad times. He's lived through a couple of currency collapses in Argentina so he knows what to expect with ours.
I always like to talk about Ebola. Not much is happening on that front, today.
More countries are talking about spending big money fighting it in Africa. I think the world leaders are awakening to the fact that it's better to fight it there than at their home countries.
China and the U.S.A are talking about spending a lot there. There are also some world health organizations that are getting involved, like the U.N.
The quarantine in the West Point suburb of Monrovia, Liberia has been lifted. With all the bribery to get people in and out of there and the troubles getting food in; maybe it makes sense to lift it.
Talking about getting food moved around Western Africa; it's starting to mess up every one's economy, there. We might not be able to get our fill of chocolate. Also food isn't moving like it used to in Western Africa.
It's not affecting the world's economy yet; but it probably will.
On that note, I'll sign off for the day.
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