Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cryptos are Quiet.

Not much is happening with cryptos today. I'm in litecoin, unleveraged, while nothing is moving much. I'm waiting to get back into ether at 5 to 1 leverage.
I guess it just has to calm down for a while; at least it's not going down.
I went to Onalaska, today. I went to church and afterwards I went to Gander Mountain.
The metal detectors were gone at Gander Mountain. I was tempted to buy some store-able food. It was still a little pricey for me. They were also out of ammo for the Mosin. I guess their sale is moving along pretty well.
I went to the RV place but I forgot to stop at Lansing to price apartments.
The RVs I was interested in were too expensive. I could buy something at about the same price in Cresco.
I forgot to go to Manpower to see about the job in Lansing. My job search needs to be kicked into gear.
It looks like I won't be able to make any money in cryptos; so I'll have to actually work to bring in income.
I just need to find and easy job; I'm getting too old for most of the factory jobs that are available.
It's open mike night at Java Johns and the music just started. I think I'll listen for a while.
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