Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We're not out of the Woods, Yet.

I'm quoting President Obama, tonight.
That's what he said about the Ebola outbreak as he was asking Congress for money to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. I concur.
Lately, the press has been downplaying Ebola. I think they are trying to avoid stock market crashes like we had when the bad news about Ebola came out of Dallas, a few weeks ago.
Somebody went so far as to say that you were more likely to be killed by flaming pajamas than die of Ebola. Right now, he might be right but flaming pajamas aren't increasing at an exponential rate. There is a set limit as to how many people are likely to die from flaming pajamas; the only limit to Ebola deaths is the population numbers on the planet Earth.
I feel that the information coming out about Ebola is being contained. The "powers that be" know better than to let the sheeple know how many cases are already in the U.S. It would crash the stock market if we knew.
I did read something encouraging, yesterday. There was an article on either AOL or Yahoo that said drinking a lot of water helps the survival rate for Ebola victims. I guess I'll set up something in my motor home that will enable me to drink gallons of water without getting up from my bed.
I was told that I'm losing my job at the Peace Center this December 12th. That's a little more than 2 weeks away.
I'm still trying to get a job at the Community College a bit south of here. That will only last a few months but it would be worth it. I could make enough money to get to California.
I love my new car. It's great to have heat in a car and I feel that I can go long distances without worrying about getting there.
I'm giviing up on selling my etchings. They aren't moving and I'll wait until I can get Bitcoins for them. I don't trust fiat money.
Well, Later
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