Friday, November 14, 2014

I'm Back

I've been gone for a while. I've been busy with a new car and visiting my sister who came out from California. I also worked at the poll, last week. I've been too busy to keep up my blog; sorry.
There hasn't been much in the news about Ebola, lately. I feel that the news  is being suppressed. Every time that something really ominous happens with Ebola the stock market collapses. Therefore the "controlled press" is doing what it can to withhold any real information about Ebola. The 1%ers are just hoping that it will go away.
Maybe it will.
The numbers coming out of Liberia look better than they have for a long time. At least the number of deaths and newly sick doesn't seem to be doubling every 21 days.
I don't know what the new rate is but it seems to be lower than last month.
Maybe people are being more careful about handling the bodies than they were. People are avoiding the dead and sick, now. Maybe that is lowering the rate that Ebola is spreading.
I have the feeling that I'm just too influenced by the main stream media to really know what is going on.
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