Saturday, November 22, 2014

I've got Plenty of Time, for a Change

I've got plenty of time to sit at Java Johns and write my blog, today.
I was hoping for some snow or ice for me to shovel; but it didn't arrive. It's Saturday and I don't have to work.
I probably should be doing something with my motor home but I don't know what. I need to get my etchings out of Gary's house and into my van. That will have to wait until I see Gary.
On a different topic, I was talking with a fellow at the Co-op, this morning. He has lived for a long time in the area of California that I'm heading to.
He encouraged me to look for valuable rocks while I'm out there prospecting. He knew of several rocks that were quite valuable that I could find in Northern California.
I'm going to talk with him again and see if I could take him with me. Maybe he could drive the van out there. Then I could pick his brain for finding valuable rocks. He also said that there is plenty of gold to still be found on the Klamath. That's encouraging. At least I won't be wasting my time; I hope.
The news on Ebola is either being suppressed or maybe it's good. An article on the Internet said that Ebola is declining in Liberia. Apparently people are avoiding sick and dead people. That seems to be lowering the spread of Ebola. If they isolate it enough maybe it will go away like it did every time it broke out in the jungle.
Maybe it will all blow over. It remains to be seen.
The currency collapse seems to be right on track.
I think it's showing up in the sale of silver coins. The U.S. mint keeps running out of coins to sell.
Normally when the price of silver goes down, the sales of coins goes down as well. That's because people are afraid of owning an asset that is declining.
This time, people are rushing in to buy the coins. I think it's because we aren't fooled by the price manipulators. We all know that the currency is collapsing and we are running out of silver.
Millions of coins are being sold in a few hours. In a week they are selling as many coins as are normally sold in a month. They've sold out several times, this month.
I just wish I had some more money to buy silver with. I expect it to get to $1000/ounce in a few years. I'll be wishing that I had bought more of it, then.
I'm watching the referendum in Switzerland. They are voting on whether or not to go back to the gold standard. If it goes through the price of gold will be affected.
I also saw that the Dutch are getting their gold returned from the Fed. I don't know why they got their gold back and the Germans didn't. At least it looks like there might be some gold at the Fed. Everybody was saying that the Fed had sold all of the gold that they were keeping for other nations.
The referendum in Switzerland is the 30th of November. The counting will be the 1st of December.
People are saying that the vote will be rigged in such a way as to not pass. That would be to the benefit of the ruling class. The same people who are saying that also say that the Scottish Independence vote was rigged. There is no way to prove it. We'll see.
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